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Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Easily send emails to your State and Federal Representatives, Here:

Dr. Rima on Being a Vaccine Refuser

Vaccines Are Designed to Depopulate!

More Dangerous Flu Vax

General Bert’s Pandemic Flu Warning

What You Need to Know About Your Legal Rights as a Vaccine Refuser
Ralph Fucetola JD – Foundation Counsel

Why are YOU a Vaccine Refuser?
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SMOKING GUN! Vaccines Designed for Depopulation

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

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Tell Decision Makers You Reject Mandatory Vaccines!

The Vaccine Smoking Gun!
“They” Want you Sick, Infertile and Dead.

 You MUST read this article.  In it, we present the first hand testimony of a proud International Monetary Fund former employee that vaccines are a depopulation strategy used to “control” the population.  So an insider admits that what I have learned during my 40+ years in medical practice, that vaccines damage and destroy health, reproduction and life, makes them an ideal tool for depopulation.

Once in a while someone leaves the halls of power and tells the truth. Sometimes the code of silence is broken.

This has happened in a remarkable way. A “bean counter” in the World Bank, a demographer who follows the numbers… and who tells the truth without the usual Aesopian language of bureaucratic obscuration. He is a depopulationist and proud of it.  I am a vaccine refuser and proud of that!  Click here to view my video statement on my position as a proud vaccine refuser: http://youtu.be/0N31XZKrnbw

Note well this inconvenient, but indisputable truth: despite the fervor of their often-rabid supporters, both paid and simple, good-hearted dupes, vaccines are a primary factors in damaging your health and shortening your future because they play a huge part in developing “Genome Disruption Syndrome”  or GDS.  Vaccine damage is inevitable: the question is just how, and how fast it shows up.  Autism?  Cancer? Premature Aging? Diabetes? Leukemia? MS? ALS? Chronic Fatigue? Alzheimer’s Disease? Or, as intended by Bill Gates, WHO, the IMF and other genocidalists, unborn millions through stealth sterility and infertility.

Vaccines literally drain the life out of you and cause you to die younger and to have a much lower quality of life (and higher economic unit value to Big Pharma) during the years you have left, post vaccination. In the beginning of my career I believed that vaccines were just bad medicine, based on a bad scientific model. I thought the foreseeable harms of vaccination were just a by-product of an illness industry with enormous power and no conscience. Frankly, it never occurred to me that they were an intentional tool for causing harm, no, health disaster and depopulation. 

It turns out, however, there is something much more sinister behind vaccines and the propensity of politicians to want to force you and your children to take these toxic shots.

Here is the source article: http://www.riseearth.com/2012/10/leading-world-bank-demographer.html#.UHPE_Bh9mSN

October 2, 2012: …a retired demographer at the World Bank admitted that vaccination campaigns are an integral part of the World Bank’s population policies. John F. May, the Bank’s leading demographer from 1992 to 2012, told the French web journal Sens Public (and in turn transcribed by the think-tank May works for) that vaccination campaigns, especially in so-called “high-fertility countries”, are means to achieve population reduction in those countries. May: 

“The means used to implement population policies are “policy levers” or targeted actions such as vaccination campaigns or family planning to change certain key variables.”

The genocidal agenda General Bert and I have identified
has not often been stated as baldly!

Have you and your family already been targeted for extinction.  Now, there are those who will accuse me of being an alarmist. After all, they say, How could “they” want us dead? But I know, from the evidence that General Bert and I have examined, and from the matter-of-fact confession I heard in 2002 from a head of state I was treating at the time, that this is precisely the case.  Precisely.

One day she casually said, “It is almost time for the Great Culling to begin.” She explained that ninety percent (90%) of humanity is targeted for an early death. This, of course, after lots and lots of highly profitable-for-Big-Pharma-inoculated-illnesses.

Now we know the mechanism planned to cut off your genetic line. Vaccines will make you infertile, or at least so much less fertile that the human population will crash. So you see, Genome Disruption is not just what happens to you when you are subjected to GMO’s novel proteins, ionizing radiation from Fukushima, toxic metals from Chemtrails  and similar sources, vaccine, drug and industrial toxins. It is what happens to your genetic line if the Genocidal Globalist Elite get their way.

The first step to counter this insanity is to stop all vaccines, forced and voluntary. ALL. We must vigorously defend all exemptions from vaccines against the newly vigorous attack they are under, State by State. The Natural Solutions Foundation has established two “Action Items” for you to help us educate decision makers by telling them what you think. Click on each of the links below. Use them, “LIKE” them, forward them by email, twitter, facebook – reach out to every single person you can and urge their similar participation.


Take these Action Items every day for every member of your family; your representatives keep track of “trending issues.” Share these links with everyone in each of your circles of influence. We must inundate the powerful with our voices.

Should we choose not to succeed,
you and your children will, indeed,
perish from this earth.

Now, how is the vaccine catastrophy connected to the bitter financial pill that has been fiscally, rather than genetically, engineered for us? What will happen on the last day of December, 2012?

It is very simple: : if you haven’t made and executed  an expatriation plan for your assets, you will not be able to do so without facing potential penalties so large as to render that option null and void.

One of my mentors, Joel Bauer, teaches that when people have enough “money rolling in, the result is freedom rolling out”.  While it does not always work that way, it is true that if your financial assets are wiped out in a time of tyranny and hyperinflation, your quality of life and your ability to secure your requirements and those of your children may suffer significantly. You see, especially in a tyrannical time, with little or no deep respect for the rule of law, that extra asset base can mean the difference between helplessness and the ability to help yourself and your loved ones.

We are facing an unprecedented “Financial Cliff” on January 1, 2012.

Whether you will be able to expatriate your funds legally after that date without paying a 30% excise tax remains to be seen.  In fact, whether you can expatriate (i.e., protect by legally moving them offshore) your assets after that date remains to be seen, too.

As you know, the Natural Solutions Foundation is not content to identify problem.  We solve them.  And we do that on the personal level (for example, on our website www.DrRimaKnows.com, we tell you how to secure the finest universal antibiotic, Silver Sol, the powerful DNA-repair nutrients resveratrol and the radiation-quenching mineral boron).

But we also look beyond the personal solutions you need to stay healthy and the information and Action items you need to stay informed and free .

Below you’ll find a list of the current messages you can easily send to decision makers.  These messages are simple to use and the work!  Just personalize each one with your thoughts since they are far more impactful that way.

The Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation understands that the problems exist at several scales: the genetic, the personal, the environmental, the economic and the global.  To solve the larger problems we look to larger solutions that will literally stand the Globalist Genocidal Agenda on its head while helping investors make a profit and protect their assets. We’re not financial advisers, but if you want to expatriate assets while making them work for you AND for a brighter, equitable tomorrow, we have created the Fund for Natural Solutions which lets you do just that.

Let’s fact it: protecting your assets means getting them out of the US. Right Now.  Safely.  Legitimately.  Before we are all pushed over that January Cliff.

How? Through our highly innovative and solidly conceived Fund for Natural Solutions.

That Fund, filed with the SEC, allows me to do what I love, absolutely adore, doing: assisting you.  And derailing the Globalist Agenda at the same time.  Through the Fund our goal is to  protect those assets by bringing your values and your assets together for good, and for a good profit!

Write to me directly at DrRima@FundforNaturalSolutions.org with “Private Placement Memorandum” as the subject line and I will ask our Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, to send you the information you need to move forward if protecting your assets before it is too late.

Every financial pundit I know of says we are heading toward a massive financial cliff.  We don’t want to see our supporters wiped out. And, according to all predictions we know of, if people like you with families like yours do not take decisive action now to protect their conventional assets as well as their IRA’s, 401s, conventional and other assets, they will be, quite literally, wiped out financially in the coming, fiscally engineered crisis.

Email me so I can help protect your financial freedom with as much vigor as we protect your health freedom.

   Yours in health and freedom,

   Doctor Rima

Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD
Natural Solutions Foundation
Medical Director

The World’s Best All Natural Coffee

Help us educate decision makers by easily emailing your representatives. Please take these steps daily and forward to all your circles of influence! 

Emergency Action Needed to Protect YOUR Access to High Potency Supplements!

Dr Rima on the Horrifying GMO Rat Feeding Study

Dr. Rima: I am a Vaccine Refuser and Proud of It!

Dr. Rima Tells the Truth to Vax Pushers

Dr. Rima Tells the Truth: Save Our Supplements!

Dr. Rima Tells the Truth: GMOs Cause GDS! Childhood Liver Disease and GDS.

General Bert: Fukushima Risk Update

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Dr. Rima: I am a Vaccine Refuser and Proud of It!

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Vaccine Refusers Live Longer!

I am a vaccine refuser and proud of it.
New Dr. Rima Video: http://youtu.be/0N31XZKrnbw

Tell TPTB that you are one too, here: http://tinyurl.com/VaccineRefuser


I take pride in joining Dr. Rima and millions of others in declaring that I own my body and make the decisions about what goes into it. Vaccines are dangerous and ineffective as unbiased science demonstrates. Even if they did provide protection against the diseases they are designed around, the toxins in vaccines are nothing short of horrendously dangerous. So rather than damage my genes and shorten my life through GDS (Genome Disruption Syndrome) and other potentially lethal vaccine injuries, I choose to refuse all vaccines as is my right as a sovereign individual.

Are You a Vaccine Refuser? “A free person who, after conscientious consideration of the medical, philosophical and/or religious implications, intentionally refuses all vaccines.”

My immune system and I are great friends – I feed it with healthy foods and supplements and it recognizes me and never attacks me as if we were enemies. It keeps my free radical levels regulated. It repairs my body, from the master blue print in my DNA, whenever free radical damage, trauma or even if the dread cancer comes my way.

The scientific evidence is clear to unbiased researchers: the unvaccinated live longer, healthier.

I also protect my DNA pretty carefully, too. You see, when our genes are changed by vaccines (an major contender in causing distortion of the genes) their function changes. They start coding for new and often novel proteins which, in many cases, have never before existed in the physical world.

The results are nothing short of cataclysmic: cancer, asthma, auto immune diseases, diabetes,, tumors, depression, etc., etc., etc.

I take really good care of 80% of my healthy immunity by never, never taking pharmaceutical antibiotics. Instead I use only Silver Sol nanosilver, www.DrRimaKnows.com, so the good bacteria can keep bad stuff from leaking through my gut wall into my blood stream, creating 5 alarm response from my immune system, confusing and wearing it out.

I try really hard not to confuse it further with toxins from conventional, non-organic agriculture or especially GMOs and I do everything I can to stay out of harm’s way re: radiation.

Oh, of course, as a Vaccine Refuser I never, and I do mean never, allow any injections of any kind into my body.

I know perfectly well that the corrupt Center for Disease Creation, the CDC, and the Fraud and Death Administration, the FDA, would love to have me follow their bizarre and truly wacky Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Adult Vaccination Schedule.

Of course they would and, in short order, they will start trying to take away my right to refuse their “Advice”, just like they are trying really hard to take away the concept of a vaccine exemption based on personal belief, a philosophical object.

Right now there are bills working their way through the process before 6 US States legislators which have in common the attempt to remove philosophical exemptions for children (through their parents, of course) and for themselves. This is not even remotely consistent with health or, for that matter, with health freedom.

Click here http://tinyurl.com/StopForcedVax to tell your legislators that they must not, may not and dare not seize both your body and your children’s bodies.

By the way, I know you feel the same way that I do om this issue: your body belongs to you, not to some public health wonk or bought -and-paid -for regulator

Then I am asking you, as a personal favor to me, to click this link —
http://tinyurl.com/StopForcedVax — to make your requirements as a Vaccine Refuser clear and inform as many other people as you can!

At the head of this article you will see a link to a video I made in response to one too many attack from a Vaccine Worshiper, one of the adherents to that failed religion call “Vaccinism”.

Based on pseudoscience, Vaccinists cannot debate the issue fairly because they have no leg to stand on. So, in general, they attack.

Well, I got really tired of this nonsense so I decided to make a video answering the vaccinationist who was attacking me – again.

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it, visit the blog to read more here http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=13070 and then share it widely.

In short, even if vaccines did provide protection against the diseases they are designed around, the toxins in them are nothing short of horrendous and dangerous.

So rather than acquire GDS (Genome Disruption Syndrome) and perhaps die from it, I choose to refuse all vaccines, a prime cause of GDS. More about GDS: www.GDS-Therapy.com.

It is, after already, Your World, Your Health, Your way!

I wish you a wonderful relationship with your immune system.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E Laibow, MD

PS – Please share this link widely!

PS#2 – And if you are a Health Care Giver, please go here:

PS#3 – Previous Blog: Dr. Rima Tells the Truth to Vax Pushers

Petition for Redress of Grievances: Stop Vaccine Exemption Restrictions

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Petition for Redress of Grievances
A Petition to the New Jersey State Legislature

Delivered on September 20, 2012

Stop Forced VaxSpeak Truth to Power here:

There is a national effort afoot to restrict religious liberty by imposing impossible burdens on the free exercise of religious beliefs, with regard to State-mandated vaccines. This effort is spearheaded by state health and education officials and the pharmaceutical industry.

The undersigned, an ad hoc Religious Liberty alliance of New Jerseyans from several organizations and diverse backgrounds, urge the Legislature to defeat S.1759, the latest attempt to force what may be unwanted, unnecessary, uninsurable and unhealthy vaccines on our children.

Our focus is on the Religious Exemption itself. Religious freedom is protected by the First Amendment. Passage of this bill will make it much more difficult for parents to honor their deeply held religious beliefs. Some proponents of this bill believe that parents who claim a Religious Exemption may not be sincere in their religious beliefs. We strongly oppose any determination by the state to decide if parents’ religious beliefs are sufficiently sincere, reasonable, or bona fide to qualify for a religious exemption. This bill imposes significant burdens on religious belief, in violation of widely-held legal norms. These burdens will result in a process that is:

1. Expensive — parents must pay for extra doctors’ visits and notary services;
2. Intrusive and offensive — parents are required to disclose and justify private religious beliefs;
3. Time consuming — parents must take time off work and find doctors who will work with them;
4. Unresponsive to New Jersey voters — this bill was not requested by parents, it is sponsored by industry;
5. Illogical and unproductive — as there is no research proving that parents who claim a Religious Exemption are uneducated about vaccination.

We object to a bill that requires parents to pay for “counseling” that is meant to convince them to do something that violates their religious beliefs. This is repugnant to our traditional liberties. This bill mandates State-Sponsored, Official Speech (counseling) before parents may exercise their Constitutional right to religious liberty. It forces parents to associate against their will with State-mandated physicians. It compels doctors and nurses to recite government-mandated information about vaccination. These burdens on expressive association violate major legal norms regarding First Amendment Rights.

This bill raises many grave concerns. How are the growing numbers of pediatricians “firing” patients for not vaccinating according to AAP guidelines going to counsel the very parents they refuse to allow into their offices? How and where will doctors receive training about the risks and benefits of current and new vaccines? How will the state ensure that there is not undue influence from vaccine manufacturers and other special interests? Will parents be informed that they have the right to refuse vaccines on grounds of deeply held religious beliefs? Will religious beliefs be respected?

This bill is a significant threat to our First Amendment Rights – both religious liberty and free speech are violated by S.1759. We oppose State-Mandated Speech and restrictions on Religious Liberty.

September 20, 2012

The undersigned voters exercise their freedom of speech and right to petition the Legislature for Redress of Grievances. Organization names for identification only.

Ralph Fucetola JD – Natural Solutions Foundation, Newton – www.HealthFreedomUSA.org
Louise Kuo Habakus – Center for Personal Rights / NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice, Red Bank – www.centerforpersonalrights.org
Rev. Dick Weber – Lightwing Center, Denville – www.lightwing.org

Prepared by R. Fucetola JD, Natural Solutions Foundation

Further Information:

Directly Contact Your State Legislators here: http://tinyurl.com/StopForcedVax
Sign-On Online Petition: http://signon.org/sign/preserve-the-nj-religious
Counsel Phillips: http://www.naturalnews.com/037237_New_Jersey_vaccine_exemptions_health_freedom.html

Official Speech Laws: 1st Amendment Under Attack by Vaccine Mafia

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Natural Solutions Foundation
Dr. Rima Truth Reports every Sunday morning, 10 -noon, Eastern
Listen, Chat, Archive: www.HealthFreedomPortal.org
Please help us help you; DONATE HERE.

State Bills with Official Speech Requirements Violate the First Amendment — New Vax Religious Exemption Attacks in Several States. Easily send messages to your State Representatives and Governor here: http://tinyurl.com/StopForcedVax

This is of enormous concern to us all, whether we have children or not.

If parents do not have the right to make health decisions for their minor children, how long will it be before you no longer have the right to make these same decisons for yourself?

We all know there are serious risks from vaccination. That is why it is an uninsurable risk, imposed on people by law. A certain percent of children who are vaccinated will be harmed, even killed.

As such, questions of privacy, personal liberty, and religious belief are deeply involved.

Read more here – Petition for Redress of Grievances:

Right now, in several States of these United States, very similar bills are being introduced by the vaccine drug pushers and their political friends. These bills are like the bill just passed in California, but not yet signed by Gov. Brown, who is hearing from many opposed parents.

These new laws impose Official State-Sponsored Speech, the very anathema of the First Amendment with its absolute injunction, “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech…”. How they do that is described later in this article.

The battle being waged on the bodies of little children is an essential health freedom battle. We simply cannot affort to lose the right of each individual to assert religious or philosophical exception to vaccination. To many people the administration of these toxins violates their fundamental religious beliefs in the sanctity of the body.

Concerned parents and all who value liberty must call for an end to all mandated vaccination and the propaganda of vaccination benefit lies, as well as all other forms of forced medical treatment. The unnecessary scourge of autism spectrum disorders will not cease until the evil of vaccination is ended. This must happen now!

In particular, with reference to the State of California, we note with alarm the introduction in the State Legislature during February 2012 of AB 2109, “An act to amend Section 120365 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to communicable disease.” WHICH HAS NOW PASSED THE LEGISLATURE!


The bill interferes with religious liberty and philosophical opposition to mandated vaccines by requiring parents to obtain a propaganda letter from licensed physicians or registered nurses as agents of state-mandated medicine that they had been told of the alleged “benefits” of vaccination and the alleged “risks” of not being vaccinated (but the law does not mention the foreseeable harms which we know will be caused by uninsurable vaccination).

We call for an end to all such schemes aimed at perpetuating the official lies denying the evident risks of vaccination. We demand that the uninsurable vaccine industry, legislatively exempted from tort responsibility for the foreseeable harms vaccines inevitably cause, be finally held fully accountable.

It is a clear violation of the First Amendment rights (speech, redress and association) of the parents and the licensees. Mandated vaccines are now coupled with mandated speech to create official science which is the antithesis of real science. Like the horror stories that came from state-sponsored “medicine” and “psyciatry” in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the lies of official vaccines “science” condemn, if not millions, certainly at least thousands, to untimely maiming and even death.

Expert Vaccination Exemption Attorney Alan J. Philips JD explains why Califirnia’s AB 2109 is unconstitutional here: http://www.vaccinerights.com/pdf/3-10-12_CA_AB_2109_Memorandum.pdf –

“California’s statutory construction rules applied to § 120365 make clear that § 120365 encompasses personal religious beliefs as a basis for the exercise of the exemption. Federal courts have held that First Amendment protection for religious objections to immunizations requires only that the applicant hold a sincere belief that is religious in nature. Thus, AB 2109’s additional requirements involving healthcare providers, as they pertain to those persons exercising the exemption due to personal religious beliefs opposed to immunizations, violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

Easily send messages to your State Representatives and Governor here:
This Action Item is aimed at the all US State Legislatures and Governors.

California residents should also CALL THEIR GOVERNOR TODAY! If you are not a California Resident, you can make your voice heard by sending an email message here: http://gov.ca.gov/m_contact.php — California Residents, please use the form below to help educate decision makers! Please do so every day… they need to be reminded… until the bill is defeated or repealed!

New Jersey Residents: S.1759 similarly burdens religious expressive association. Please use the Action Item to contact your state legislators! Washington State and other states following suit. We need a tsunami of emails to PUSH BACK against this well-funded and well-planned state-by-state assault on parental choice and free speech.

Easily send messages to your State Representatives and Governor here: http://tinyurl.com/StopForcedVax

We all understand the power of PUSH BACK. If enough of us educate enough legislators about this matter, the carefully constructed plan to restrict religious and philosophical objections to the foreseeable and uninsurable risks of vaccination will fail!

Yours in health and freedom,

Counsel Ralph
Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Foundation Counsel

PS — Vaccine Truth Crusader, Gary Krasner has this to say about these bills:

> One thing the activists in CA complained about was that failure of a physician to make himself available and willing to write a statement for a parent would be an undue hardship.
>A court might find flaws in the law persuasive. So try exposing the flaw in the reasoning behind subsection 2.
> The proponents probably cited as their rationale (more like “pretext”) that their concern was that parents inclined to forgo vaccination are not receiving “competent” background information on vaccination, and that they should, before making this “drastic” decision.
> FLAW 1:
> What is competent information? Proponents would reply, anything citied by an MD. But there is no uniform consensus among MDs. Most support vaccination. A small number do not. Many limit the amount of doses in their own children, from concern about toxic load.
> If there is no uniform consensus, then there’s no ONE competent view on the matter. If proponents claim there is ONE competent view, then the statute as written would have some parents receiving incompetent or less than competent information.
> FLAW 2:
> If the DoH decides to draft the language for standard vaccine info that physicians should furnish parents, then physicians are placed in a conflict of interest by Subsection 2.
> The amendment wants them to dispense standardized information issued by public health agencies. But that information is broadly determined for the population as a whole. The mandate of the DoH is also to maximize vaccine compliance rates. So their “standard” information may also be biased, to boot.
> But pediatricians and all clinicians defined in sub 2 have a professional oath to serve the best interests of their patients. Their clinical judgment for particular patients might require that they depart from the standard vaccination information issued by DoH.

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With love from L. (Switzerland)


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