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FAMINE IN AMERICA? GMO Corn Crops Failing in the USA

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Famine in America

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“…drought, the worst of its kind in 25 years…”

Natural Solutions Foundation has been warning for years about the dangers of GMO “phude” (looks like food, may even taste a bit like food, but it isn’t). Dr Rima E. Laibow, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, has pointed out that the human body has no evolutionary experience with the novel proteins in these “Frankenphudes,” thus the risk of cancer, dementia, infertility and other health problems. The threat, however, is not just to the harm caused to our bodies and our health. So our bodies fail under the burden of GMO PHUDE. So, in fact, does the entire farming system, perhaps the entire ecosystem.

Now it appears that GMO crop failures are growing. Do we face the risk of famine as well?

In 2009 the South African Corn Crop Failure was linked to GMO seeds(1). “On January 17 [2010], internationally recognized plant pathologist Dr. Don Huber, wrote a letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack warning of the discovery of a new pathogen and a possible link between Roundup Ready® (GMO) corn and soybeans and severe reproductive problems in livestock as well as widespread crop failure.”(2)This past March, scientists with the Natural Society called for immediate action to stop the GMO crop failure threat(3). The USDA did nothing. Just recently, the widespread failure of the GMO corn crop in middle America has been blamed on everything except the fake corn itself; even Alex Jones reported today, “All over America the corn is dying. If drought conditions persist in the middle part of the country, wheat and soybeans will be next.”.(4)

During the Cold War there was a standard joke about Soviet Crop Failures and how “drought” and “heat” had caused 75 years of crop failures; the system was never questioned. We believe that is what is happening here in the USA today. The Biotech system, that provides through “user fees” most of the FDA and USDA budget, can never be questioned.

Could it be, though, that GMO cloned monoculture itself is to blame? Are these chimeric species failing when they face stressed conditions? Could it be that these unnatural species, that are “new and unique” and thus patentable, but according to the Federal Govt, “significantly equivalent” to real food, so not requiring safety testing, are the cause of this Summer’s crop disaster? The Price of Corn is up 41% already.

And all of this, as the effects of Fukushima’s continuing irradiating of America’s croplands continues unabated. One well-known organic farm in Portland has stopped production since it cannot guarantee low-radiation output any more.(5)

Natural Solutions Foundation President, General Bert Stubblebine tells us that we must acknowledge the “facts on the ground” — in this case, mass crop failure — and then think strategically in order to develop tactics to respond to the threat.

Some suggest that we all need to focus on mandatory labeling of GMOs. Others want to agitate for a complete ban. Still others call for a boycott. We certainly favor all of these approaches. If someone is labeling something as “food” then it is fraud to sell “phude” instead. But even if the label said, “WARNING: GMO Contents” offering the stuff would still be selling poison to an unsuspecting public.

Yes we agree that action must be taken to rid our world of GMOs. Through our “Educate Decision Makers” system we’ve set up an automated email you can easily send your representatives telling them to not just label GMOs, but ban them as well. We need to demand redress for our grievances, starting with labeling.

You can send your emails here: http://tinyurl.com/No2GMO

Yes, we need to PUSH BACK here in the USA and around the world. But that’s not enough. GMOs literally invade natural species and infect them with “alien” DNA. We need to rid the planet of these dangerous species that could lead to famine if not checked.

In addition to educating decision makers, you need to protect your family and loved ones by sourcing low-radiation, non-GMO, organic or better food. We’re working with a group of health-conscious companies to bring you high potency nutrition, to better survive the threats emanating from GMO crops and from the ruined reactors at Fukushima. And we’ve created the Friendly Food CoOp — www.FriendlyFoodCoOp.org — where you can learn about those companies and where, over the next few months, we will be sourcing low-rad, high quality food for you from South America and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Together we can take the two steps that will matter: (1) Pushing Back with Decision Makers and (2) sourcing the best nutrition we can find for you, from the safest parts of this planet. Will America face famine? If so, it will have been produced by the extraordinary failures of Big Ag Biz and their cronies in Big Govt.

October 2012 Update
Wharton Warns of Food Cost Escalation

“The 2012 farming season may be in its waning days, but the consequences of this year’s drought, the worst of its kind in 25 years, are yet to be known.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that the drought will push retail food prices up by between 3% and 4% in 2013. That’s a higher-than-average number, but only barely: over the last 20 years, average annual increases have been between 2.5% and 3%. Next year, most of the cost increases will be centered on animal products, like eggs, beef and dairy, which were particularly affected by not only this year’s drought but a similar dry spell across cattle farm-heavy stretches of the southwestern United States in 2011.

The life cycle of American agriculture means that most drought-spurred food price increases won’t be seen until the first quarter of 2013. But the drought is already pushing up food prices globally: An August report from the World Bank recorded a 10% increase in global food prices in July compared to a month earlier.”6

If we work together, we can overcome these threats; we can not only survive in trying times, but we can thrive on the wholesome nutrition we need.

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"Hi Dr. Rima, My dear friend, this whole damn country, and world owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to you and the team. Thank you for your dedication to duty, your commitment to task, and your tenacious energy. And may God bless you and the entire team."

Love, NM


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