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Dr. Rima Tells the Truth: GMOs Cause GDS! Childhood Liver Disease and GDS.

Dr. Rima Tells the Truth: GMOs Cause GDS
New Entry Page: www.SaveMyLifeDrRima.com

GMOs are Like Rat Poison: They Kill Living Organisms!

Dr. Rima continues her discussion of GDS and Childhood Liver Disease, and the Natural Solutions she recommends, in her new White Paper, Children and Liver Disease: A Tragic Example of GDS, available here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=13000

Also visit http://www.GDS-Therapy.com, enter your email and get our previous free White Paper on GDS and Self-Assessment Tool. Do it Now! And then send the link to everyone about whom you care very much.

GDS, the disruption of your genetic material, making it impossible for the body’s normal repair function to operate efficiently or effectively, is the multi-symptom expression of that poisoning My co-trustees and I at Natural Solutions Foundation tell you the unvarnished truth and give you action steps you can take to protect our food supply and yourself.

Still Don’t Believe that Your “Internal Environment” Is Under Attack?

Our kids are dying from a disease they should never have: Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Fructose, High Fructose Corn Syrup from GMO corn, and other bad fats and oils are killing our kids. Fatty liver very often progresses to cirrhosis of the liver and is a frequent breeding ground not only for liver failure, but for liver cancer as well. And right now, about 1 adolescent in 10 has NAFLD.*

Your Internal Environment, and your children’s Internal Environment, also known as the “biological terrain” — is at risk of being overwhelmed by GDS incitants like GMOs, Roundup™, radiation, foreign DNA and poisons in vaccines, toxins in your food, mercury in your teeth, Chemtrails and so forth. No news there. But what might be news for you is how many ways the body has of expressing that disruption.
So what about the upsurge in NSFLD in our kids (and, of course, in us)?

“From 1988 to 2008, the prevalence of NAFLD rose from 3.6% to 9.9% among children ages 12 to 18 (P<0.001), Miriam Vos, MD, of Emory University in Atlanta, and colleagues reported during a press briefing at Digestive Disease Week here.” http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/study-reveals-1-10-teens-suffers-liver-diseaseA?utm_source=www.GreenMedInfo.com&utm_campaign=ac296a7ad5-Greenmedinfo&utm_medium=email Do you suppose wide-spread disease of the liver, a primary organ of detoxification, might suggest something wrong in the larger environment? I suppose (and know) exactly that, and I have named it Genome Disruption Syndrome -- GDS. http://www.GDS-Therapy.com Now this may seem like pretty dire information, and, in fact, given the rate at which we are sickening and dying younger and younger, you could see it that way. But we are focused on solutions, not despair. Never, however, lose hope. That is the philosophy which has allowed me to treat so many “incurable”, “hopeless”, “terminal” and “end-stage” patients so that they lost their diseases and gained lives of health and vitality. I am after all, here to tell you the truth, and to discover develop, document, demonstration & disseminate natural solutions to this terrible threat to people like you with families like yours.

It simply isn’t fair for me, and a very few others, to have this information and not share it with you.
Right now, you can click on this link http://www.GDS-Therapy.com. When you enter your email address you’ll get a confirmation letter and then, after you respond to it, our GDS White Paper and Self-Assessment Tool. Because it is in pre-publication, we are making it available without cost so you’ll want to download it before October 1, 2012, while there is still no charge.

Now let’s talk about the kids. Our immune and repair mechanisms are designed to function at peak levels during childhood and adolescence. As far as Mother Nature is concerned, we are supposed to be vital, healthy organisms who need to live to reproduce and nurture our young. After that, she has a lot less use for us. We, of course, get pretty accustomed to the idea of being around and tend to believe that we have a lot to offer after we reproduce. But Mother’s plan is focused on keeping us healthy and reproductively competent so we can get the jobs of species perpetuation and propagation done. After that, she sort of loses interest in us.

Turns out Mother Nature has an evil twin, an environmental slime mold, so to speak, named “Malignant Nurture”, who has very different plans. Malignant Nurture wants exactly the opposite: you are not supposed to live and be well, and certainly not reproduce. According to this guy, you are supposed to allow the chemical, radiological and conceptual contamination of your body and your environment for short-term profit and long-term genocide. AND you are supposed to pay for it, vote for it, endorse it and revel in it.

The weaker your immune system, the more drugs you need (increasing profits). The more chemicals applied to your food system (increasing profits), the more ill you become (increasing profits). The more damaged your genetic matter, the sicker you become (increasing profits). The weaker your reproductive vitality, the smaller the population (increasing domination and elite ownership).

This latest statistic about kids who should be at the peak of their biological life developing serious liver disease is a particularly frightening one to me. You see, the liver is the regeneration champion of the body. It is so important to us that it has built in repair mechanisms unmatched by any other organ. Given half a chance, the liver can regenerate and repair itself astonishingly rapidly and effectively.
So if kids, who are supposed to have great immune function and great nutrition (after all, the human impulse is to make sure that the young are nourished, even if the others go hungry, isn’t it?) have livers that cannot regenerate themselves at a rate of 1 adolescent in 10, we are looking at nothing short of a biological cataclysm.

Think about it: if you have enough nutrients on board, and your toxic burden is manageable, your liver can repair itself.

If, on the other hand, you do not have the vitamins, minerals and proteins which come from real food, you cannot repair your liver (or much of anything else, of course).

If your toxic burden is too high, your liver, which carries out more than 500 discrete functions in the body, is primarily the major detoxifying organ, cannot operate well because it is overburdened and begins to break down instead of clearing the poisons. The “downstream” results are varied and can become life threatening very easily. GDS. But there is hope…

Dr. Rima continues her discussion of GDS and Childhood Liver Disease, and the Natural Solutions she recommends, in her new White Paper, Children and Liver Disease: A Tragic Example of GDS, available here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=13000

Here is the Index to the new White Paper:

GMOs are like rat poison: they kill living organisms.
Still Don’t Believe that Your “Internal Environment” Is Under Attack?
I am after all, here to tell you the truth.
Codex is Killing Our Kids.
Malignant Nuture vs Mother Nature.
Adolescent Liver Disease is, in Fact, a Perfect Example of GDS.
Natural Liver Therapies.

For more GDS information, visit http://www.GDS-Therapy.com

Dr. Rima Tells the Truth: GMOs Cause GDS
New Entry Page: www.SaveMyLifeDrRima.com

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