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Green PolkaDot Box Organics Network

Direct link to our GPDB network page: www.GPDB.com/NaturalSolutions.

Over the past year or so we’ve mentioned several social marketing networks that specialize in Organic and/or non-GMO products. Our Friendly Food CoOp — www.FriendlyFoodCoOp.org — is intended to demonstrate the dissemination of food that is not just non-GMO, not merely Oganic, but is also of lower radiation level than is generally available in the Northern Hemisphere. That project, while advanced into the stage of field trials of novel technologies to enhance organic product values, has a number of months to go before food can ship. One of the networks we’ve had on our Company Sponsor page, and at the bottom of our eblasts, is the Green PolkaDot Box network.

I want you to consider what GPDB has to offer.

The CEO of GPDB is our Guest on the Dr. Rima Truth Reports for Sunday, December 2, 2012. The archive of that program will be posted at: www.HealthFreedomPortal.org. What appears below is from my recent discussion with Rod Smith and his description of a new program we can recommend as a good first step toward securing safer food for you and your family.

And, yes, we are discussing with GPDB the possibility of becoming their source of lower-rad, organic and non-GMO products from the Deep South: south America and Africa. So join now! – REL

Green PolkaDot Box

I had a long conversation with GPDB founder, Rod Smith, when his company was still on the drawing board last year. I asked him–pointedly–if he would honor a commitment to never promote or sell non-GMO foods and ingredients, and also encourage vendors toward independent 3rd party verification through the Non-GMO Project. He said he would (and he has); so we decided to work together.

Charter Lifetime Membership

GPDB already offers the lowest prices–guaranteed–for top brands and lesser known brands of non-GMO and organic foods. They’ve got beautiful fresh harvested organic produce and in the next week or so they will begin to offer a line of organic and 100% grass-fed beef, poultry, dairy, artisan breads, vegan and vegetarian meals. You will get back–on top of their lowest prices–$2,000 in purchasing power on a $1,000 Charter Lifetime membership and get a bunch of other benefits, including a FREE lifetime membership.

I highly recommend to you the Charter Membership, knowing that GPDB is trustworthy and that you are going to save a bundle if you take advantage of it. You can learn more and watch the video presented by GPDB CEO, Rod Smith, that explains all the details and benefits. We are not exaggerating when we write that the decision to purchase a Charter Lifetime membership could be one of the smartest financial decisions you’ll ever make. And at a time when food costs are going sky high it’s good to belong to GPDB where you know you’re getting the lowest prices–guaranteed!

We can’t out-raise and outspend Monsanto and friends. But with the help of millions of determined and passionate people like you we can also have a big influence on food growers, producers and manufacturers to avoid the use of genetically modified seeds, crops and ingredients. That’s why we strongly advocate for and support Green PolkaDot Box. GPDB is dedicated to building the nation’s largest buying collective for non-GMO foods, comprised of millions of like-minded consumers, to provide a distribution channel for farmers, ranchers, and food manufacturers; so they aren’t dependent on or limited to the current distribution monopolies of so-called healthy food retailers–you know who I mean–who aren’t particular about what they sell.

Green PolkaDot Box is the kind of Company we want to Support

I know that GPDB is one of the very few merchants who absolutely refuses to carry any GMO products and ingredients and we’ve witnessed them kicking brands off their website when they find out the truth about sources of ingredients. We back GPDB because we can trust them, but we don’t have to hold our noses while doing it because they guarantee the lowest prices including FREE shipping if your order is $75.

Back to the Charter Membership…I hope you will check it out and make an informed decision. I think you discover what we did: this is a remarkable deal! I also highly recommend GPDB’s Harvest Fresh program (attach Harvest Fresh photo). Commencing next week you’ll be able to get fresh harvested organic produce delivered to your door in most of the continental United States, (northeaster states excluded).

Join with us in the GPDB Buying Collective and Help Make a Difference

For those of you who can’t swing the $1,000 price for the Charter Membership we urge you to join the GPDB buying collective as a $50 Club or $125 Reward member. You’ll save from 20% to 60% off on the many products they offer…and, again, you’ll be joining with us and thousands of other IRT members who have joined GPDB fight against the GMO promoting giants.

Direct link to our GPDB network page: www.GPDB.com/NaturalSolutions.

Thank you for your Support.

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"Dear Dr. Rima,

I have appreciated your many writings I've viewed previously. The way you report what you know and frame up these pressing health freedom issues appeals to my way of thinking.

I felt this particularly in regard to, "The Psychology & Physiology of Change... The Brainwashing of the West" It was extremely insightful.

Thanks for offering a practical, concrete strategy for dealing constructively with my growing frustration of the senseless "stuff" (to use a nice word to sum up unscrupulous, unethical, venal, underhanded, appalling, offensive behavior) going on all around us.

Yep, it's pretty bad but my sense of hopefulness and resolve to keep my head is fortified after reading the above mentioned piece.

Thank you for all you're doing. It is inspiring to watch you in action."

Sincerely, GB


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