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Codex 101 – a crash course.

About Codex Alimentarius (the “World Food Code”):


Protecting Health Freedom from Codex Alimentarius:

Other Documents:

YouTube on Codex: http://www.YouTube.com/naturalsolutions

Dr. Laibow deconstructs Codex’s pretensions:

Counsel Fucetola explains the “Codex Two Step” – how countries can opt-out:

For a listing of our Accomplishments:


The Natural Solutions Foundation initiated a legal challenge to the pro-big business, anti-health Codex policies of the United States called a Citizen's Petition and submitted it to the US Codex Manager and the head of the FDA's Office of Nutritional Products. Using our Constitutional Right to Petition for redress of ill, we are using US law to bring U.S. policy into compliance. Three U.S. Congressmen have written a joint letter endorsing our challenge to the US Codex Policy.

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