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Please sign the Natural Solutions Foundation Citizen’s Petition now, or if you need to know more, continue reading about it below.

What the Citizen’s Petition Is About

When you think about a petition, do you see yourself in front of the grocery store signing a piece of paper with some fifty-odd names on a card table, with a plastic table cloth and a hand lettered sign?

Well, a Citizen’s Petition is a very different tool for action. A Citizen’s Petition is a legal means to focus a government agency’s attention on an issue of concern to you. Once a Citizen’s Petition has been entered, a “docket” to debate is opened and public comment is accepted. A Citizen’s Petition does have one thing in common with the more familiar ones, though. Any number of people can add their names to it and become co-petitioners.

The current pro-Codex Alimentarius policy of the U.S. Codex Office is in violation of U.S. law. With our Citizen’s Petition, we are asking the U.S. government to change its policy on Codex Alimentarius to comply with U.S. law.

The Natural Solutions Foundation Citizen’s Petition is a ground-breaking legal approach to compel the US Government to amend its Codex Policies, hold public hearings and move from a pro-illness Codex position to a pro-health one.

If we don’t like the response, the law allows us to proceed to court.

So far, about 30,000+ people have joined our petition. And what’s more, three members of Congress have written a Congressional Letter in support of our Citizen’s Petition.

When you click on the link below, you will be sending this letter to the US Codex Manager, Dr. Edwin Scarbrough, and Dr. Barbara Schneeman, Head of the FDA’s Office of Nutritional Products:

F. Edward Scarbrough, PhD
US Manager for Codex
US Department of Agriculture
South Building, Room 4861
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington DC 20250

Barbara Schneeman, PhD
Director, Office of Nutritional Products
Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville MD 20857-0001

Docket No. FSIS-2006-0004

Dear Drs. Schneeman and Scarbrough:

I am deeply concerned about health and health freedom in the US under the continuing assault of both Codex Alimentarius and those domestic forces which seek to undermine my access to natural health promotion options (including nutritional supplements, natural remedies and clean, unadulterated food). Therefore I wish to join the Natural Solutions Foundation in urging you to support the adoption and implementation of international and national policies, through legislation and regulation that would promote consumer access to Natural Solutions and accurate information of their potential health benefits. Such an approach to regulation would strengthen and solidify the principles of DSHEA for the benefit of the health of both the populace and the Wellness Industry. Please direct Codex Delegates to foster those policies and do so in your domestic policy dealings as well.

I urge you to adopt US Codex policies which support the spirit and the letter of the protective tradition, regulation and legislation representing the best of public policy. Those policies should be strictly in line with US law preventing harmonization with any international standard or guideline which conflict or contradicts United States law as specified in the Citizen Petition and its Amendments provided to your offices by the Natural Solutions Foundation in 2005 in support of the positions, hearing requests and Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline presented in that Petition as delineated in the most recent Amendment (submitted to you on October 14, 2005 by the Natural Solutions Foundation), and to the Secretaries of Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Commerce, Transportation, Commissioners of the EPA and FDA, President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Majority and Minority leaders of both Houses of Congress.

I wish to join the Petition and add my voice to those of other Americans who want their health and health freedom supported by their government domestically and internationally

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. Codex standards, guidelines and regulations threaten our rights and laws in serious ways by lowering the protective bar to satisfy trade, not health, considerations. This is highly detrimental to us all and is a violation of the significant protection offered to us in this country by laws like DSHEA and similar statutes. If the FDA is too busy attempting to deal with the deadly mistakes of the pharmaceutical industry to promote access to safe foods, including those offered with health benefit claims for which there is any reasonable scientific evidence, then perhaps it is time to divest the FDA of its food safety and claims authority.

Please bring US Codex Policy and activities of the US Codex Office and FDA back in line with US law and the public’s demand for access to Natural Solutions.

Yours in health and freedom,

(Your Full Name)
(Your Full Address)
(Your Phone)
(Your Email)
(Today’s Date)

This important letter adds your name to the growing number of people who are making it clear that the US Codex policy violates their wishes AND violates US law.

Please sign the Natural Solutions Foundation Citizen’s Petition now.

Your Citizen’s Petition tells the U.S. government that you expect it to abide by US laws and remove its support for Codex Alimentarius Policy, which violates US laws.

Get Acrobat ReaderThe Citizen’s Petition and supporting documents are viewable and printable in either Adobe PDF or HTML web page format. We suggest you try the PDF version first since it looks better, but if PDF doesn’t work for you then please select the HTML option.

  1. Read the Citizen’s Petition.
  2. Once you’ve read the documents, please come back to this page in order to add your name to the Citizen’s Petition. (popup)
  3. Then send us your signed Citizen’s Petition. If you did not submit your Citizen’s Petition electronically (above) you can:
    • 1. Email your signed Citizen’s Petition to citizenspetition@yahoo.com (This works best for us)
    • or

    • 2. Scan the signed Citizen’s Petition and send it as an email attachment to citizenspetition@yahoo.com

Ready for more action?


Read FAQ’s about the Natural Solutions Foundation’s Citizens Petition here:

QUESTION: I sign petitions almost every day, and most of them only require you to add your name, address, etc. Is there some sort of legal reason why this particular petition is different?

ANSWER: Those “everyday” petitions were not part of an actual legal suit (which a Citizen’s Petition is). They were an outpouring of public support for a position or belief. Unlike them, a Citizen’s Petition is actually the first step in an organized legal challenge to policy of the government. In this case, we are insisting that the US Government abide by the law of the land in terms of its Codex policy.. When you submit the Citizens Petition it says that you are a concerned Citizen who is using your Constitutional Right to petition your government to redress wrongs. Thanks for your activism.

QUESTION: What happens when I submit my Citizens Petition to the Natural Solutions Foundation?

ANSWER: Your Citizens Petition will be counted and added to the growing number of submissions we receive at the Natural Solutions Foundation every single day. If you check the box adding your email to the Natural Solutions Foundation mailing list you will receive periodic email alerts. Your submission allows you to join the legal challenge to the US Government’s Codex policy but does not obligate you to anything further.

QUESTION: Who is paying the legal fees for this challenge?

ANSWER: The Citizens Petition has been created through the pro bono dedication of our team of lawyers and other experts who believe as passionately as everyone else here at the Natural Solutions Foundation that you have the right to make your own choices about your own health and health freedom! Your donations, of course, help make it possible to keep this challenge going since there are a multitude of other costs associated with making sure the US Government does not trample over our self determination concerning our diet, our bodies and our health.


The Natural Solutions Foundation inaugurated the International Decade of Nutrition in September 2006 to use what we currently know about nutrition and agriculture to eliminate world hunger and preventable disease and to demonstrate the massive impact and effect of nutrition on personal and national physical and health and overall economic well-being all over the world. Using simple strategies we can eliminate world hunger and promote optimal world health and health-promoting nutritional strategies while avoiding World Trade Organization (WTO) trade sanctions and correcting the dangers Codex could have imposed.

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