Health Freedom Threats: Codex, FDA, Vaccinations, GMOs

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"Dear Dr Rima Laibow, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for everything you are doing in efforts to save Humanity from Codex Monstruozity. I am a Romanian woman living in Ireland and just about two weeks ago I found out about CODEX Alimentarius. I am stunned by how away from reality I was and I am glad I am back in it. I have a 12 years old son and I don't want him to live in a world with Codex Rules. I want to get involved in this campaign of TRUE Freedom for Health and I don't know where to start. I am very upset to find that the majority of Irish population don't care of what is happening around the world. I am devastated to find out how misinformed and Ignorant are my fellow Romanians. There are few people which are alert and maybe we can do somenthing to change the situation. I would like some advise from you in how to start a campaign for FREEDOM FROM CODEX Alimentarius in Romania. Romanian people are still very much into holisic approach and they are still pro natural medicine. My dad was diognosed with cancer some years ago and he got cured only with healthy diet and natural medice (he didn't believe in chimo). Thank God he is alive and healthy! I believe that our poor health today is the result of our ignorance towards greedy pharmaceutical corporations actions. We are so much away from reality that is scary...our minds are so entretained we have no time to Think. We are giving away our Liberties and Freedom for few coins, comfort and "security"."

best wishes, D.


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