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Email Newsletter from November 20, 2009

New News, Threats and Triumphs, Oh, And Holiday Ideas

Food “Safety” Bill Push Back Working!
Stop the Shot Litigation Report: AF Plaintiffs Needed
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Is Codex the Law in the US? Ask Sen. Harkin

Nano Silver and Other Holiday Stocking Stuffers!

PUSH BACK IS Working… Food Bill Put Off to 2010

It’s a Long, Hard Job:
Much More Needed!

Urgent Action Item: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26714

Congratulations to us, well, sort of! We asked you, the Health Freedom NetRoots, to create Push Back against the horrific Food Fascism Bill, S. 510, misnamed, of course, a Food “Safety” Bill. The U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP Committee) “marked-up” S 510, getting it ready for speedy, and quite disastrous immediate passage.

This bill gives the FDA yet more dictatorial power over our food, our lives and our deaths, yes, our deaths. We have been fighting this bill back when it was HR 2749 and we defeated it twice during the last days of the Congressional session. But at the last possible moment before the House broke for its August recess, it was rammed through, ready to go to the Senate.

Agribiz, Big Pharma, Big Biotech and Big Medica love this bill because it gives the dangerously corporate-controlled and famously corrupt FDA the power to destroy your ability to access clean, healthy food. You’ll be sicker and more dependant on industrial food while the FDA kills what is left of the farming and growing opportunities that bring you clean, unadulterated, non irradiated food.

Done deal, right? NOT SO FAST! Reuters reported yesterday that because ‘there was too much going on’, the vote would not take place, most likely, until 2010. They can spin it any way they like (Congress is currently mired in debate about overhauling the U.S. healthcare system”).


But what really happened is that you pumped 486,474 Action Item emails out! Riding your Mighty Freedom Computer Mouse, YOU told the august US Senate that they have a serious problem on their hands. So they are delaying, disseminating, backing-off to our Push Back!

Thank you! But as the old joke goes about the young woman on a first date with a man she had been warned would ruin her reputation by taking serious advantage of her (as they used to quaintly say!) when she told him how surprised and pleased she was by how nicely he had treated her all evening, he smiled and said, “You ain’t home yet!”

We won this battle twice in the House: the bill was defeated in two floor votes. But at the 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second, it was rammed through by the minions of the industries I have mentioned above. That could happen again UNLESS you and I put forth such a barrage of opposition that the bill must be abandoned.

That means that this Action Item MUST go to your Senators once for every member of your household and MUST be propagated by you, and you alone, to YOUR list because your list trusts YOU.

Here is the crucial Action Item again: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26714

What’s at stake? Nothing more than your total access to clean, unadulterated food and the freedom to grow it.

Read the full Senate bill here:

S 510 has an even weaker Family Farm and Ranch, Community and Home Garden exemption than your protests forced into the bill (HR.2749) which was rammed through the House at the end of July.

We need to rally people immediately to submit this letter to the Senate and contact their Senators to demand accountable voting on this bill.


The Obama administration is pushing new farm controls which will drive small and independent farmers off the land, literally leaving the field to Agribiz, (implementing all of Codex through complete HARMonization and allowing the FDA to declare Marshal law) through Congress as fast as possible. They have coordinated the bills so there will be no debate and committee meetings are closed.

The Senate bill actually includes a clause instructing the FDA to advise Congress on how to HARMonize with Codex!

Read more and take urgent action here:


Protect Farm, Food, Freedom from the US Senate and AgriBiz


Do it Now, Then Forward
This Blast Widely


Click here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4005

to lean how our Push Back forced biotech giant Monsanto take a backward step and pull applications for European approval of two dangerous GMO corn types off the European docket, to the tune of multibillions in profit.

Your continued Push Back can make it unlikely S.510 will pass in the Senate. More Push Back is needed for more protection for farmers, gardeners, community farming, all local food production (including yours!) and food processing.

Or go to this Action Item to stop Farm to Fork Food Fascism from coming to America.

Click here:

http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=2287, to send an unmistakable message to your Senators and the White House.

This is your future and your freedom and its on the line, right now. We may have until after Christmas Recess to build the pressure. But suppose the news is merely a feint to get us to back off. That kind of game playing happens all the time and Reuters is hardly free of globalist control. So let’s take the safe path and push back for all that we are worth – we, together ARE the Global Voice of Health Freedom™.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD

Update on the Stop the Shot
Case in Federal Court

Air Force Parents Vitally Needed

Ralph Fucetola, JD
Natural Solutions Foundatin Councel and Trustee

Your intrepid lawyers, healthcare experts and legal researchers continue to prepare the second round in the litigation challenging the FDA’s approval of the uninsurable, un-safety tested 2009-H1N1-A “Swine Flu” influenza vaccines. These are the vaccines the Federal Government bought for $6.4 billion and then approved and recommended and is now distributing across the country…

To have standing to challenge the approvals the Court told us we must have Plaintiffs who are at risk of harm from being mandated to take the vaccines. Our original New York healthcare Plaintiffs prevailed in that the regulation which would have forced them to take the vaccines has been suspended, but that meant they no longer had standing in the Federal case.

So we’ve found another State mandating flu vaccines: New Jersey is requiring all toddlers in child care to take a flu shot, starting by the end of this year. A dozen brave NJ families with children in the mandated group have agreed to be Plaintiffs.

You can read about these Plaintiffs here:


But that’s not all… we understand that the US Air Force is requiring ALL children at its schools to take the flu jabs – no exemptions. We are looking for a few Air Force spouses (who are NOT themselves members of the military) who object to their children taking the vaccines and who are willing to join in the legal action against the FDA vaccine approvals. Participation does not have a fee attached.

Please let me know if you fit the criteria, ralph.fucetola@usa.net — we need to act quickly and want to file the Complaint this coming week.

Ralph Fucetola JD
Foundation Counsel

The Freedom to Choose

Featured Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=G44NCvNDLfc

Senator Roberts of Michigan says in this clip that the Health Care Bill will punish us all. And, indeed, he is quite correct. But the punishment is far deeper than he speaks about. It is, simply, the loss of all fundamental freedoms to decide what is right for your body and those of your children. Nothing more, nothing less.

Action Item:

Donate to Defray Health Freedom Expenses

You know we need your help to defray the costs of this Action Item, our Stop the Shot Law Suit against the FDA, attending Codex meetings and keeping up the good food and freedom fight. All donations are tax deductible. Your recurring donations, large or small, make our work possible since we are 100% supporter supported.

Please Donate Here http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189

Is DSHEA the Law in the USA…
Or is Codex?

While offering lip service to public concerns about protecting family farms and organics, Sen. Tom Harkin, Chairman of the Senate Committee considering the fake Food “Safety” bill, made some interesting comments about Codex and DSHEA:

He confirmed that Codex Alimentarius (the so-called World Food Code) does not trump DSHEA — Dietary Supplement Health and Safety Education Act of 1994 (the law that allows the USA to have the most potent nutrients and most vibrant nutrient market in the world) — “DSHEA … governs the law here, not Codex standards…”

Chairmen Harkin further stated: the provision in S 510 (see above) that requires FDA to “make recommendations including whether and how to harmonize with Codex does not signal any intent to move in a different direction on DSHEA…”

Read more…


You can follow us on Twitter



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Nano Silver Liquids, Gels
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Nano Silver is a universal antibiotic. The last thing Big Pharma wants is to loose the multi billion dollar antibiotic market for humans and animals. And the last thing the genocidalists want is to provide the world with a safe, non-toxic universal anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-Morgellon’s and anti-mycoplasma substance that is cheap, lasts for practically ever and cannot be patented. That is why both the National Organics Board AND the EPA are seeking to get rid of Nano Silver.

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Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation


The Natural Solutions Foundation created on-going Congressional education campaigns, meeting with Congressional staffers and Members several days each month resulting in the request from several congressional offices to provide legislative language in support of health freedom measures, anti-harmonization provisions, including the DSHEA products protective language in the 2007 FDA reauthorization law.

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