If not averted, Codex Alimentarius will adversely affect both people and planet, at the same time.

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Consequences to Human & Environmental Health

Implementation of Codex Alimentarius would result in severe repercussions for both human and environmental health. If implementation of Codex is not averted, here are a few of the damaging changes we will have to live with:

  • High potency nutrients? Illegal.
  • Valuable nutrients not on Codex list? Illegal.
  • New nutrients or herbs? Illegal.
  • Traditional medicines with nutritional value? Illegal.
  • Antibiotic and hormone-free milk, poultry, fish and meat? Not available from supermarket due to degraded organic standards.
  • Safe levels of pesticides, hormones, animal drugs and other toxins? Gone.
  • Labeling for GMOs? Illegal.
  • Non-irradiated food? Illegal.

Loss of Access to Natural Health Products Would Result in Huge Increase In Illness

This July 4, in Rome, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) ratified the destructive Codex Alimentarius "Vitamin and Mineral Guideline".

Vitamins and minerals in doses high enough to do have a therapeutic effect could become just a memory if America harmonizes with the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline. Other nutrients (such as amino acids and herbs) will, according to Codex, follow quickly. The driving force of the VMG is economic, not medical, and has nothing to do with consumer protection, as explained here.

High potency nutritional products are highly beneficial for health. Many people would suffer greatly if nutritional products were removed from their reach while health promotion and disease prevention would be nearly impossible without them.

Undermining Organic Farming Standards

Codex Alimentarius makes a farce out of organic farming. While "organic farming standards" do exist under Codex, they are extremely weak, vague and unenforceable. For example, Codex organic standards allow the use of veterinary drugs and the an unacceptably rapid conversion of conventional to organic, compared to current U.S. organic standards.

The spread of true organic farming, where no pesticides, herbicides, or animal husbandry drugs are allowed, would cut into the profits of the sellers of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones for animals.

Giving Free Reign to Unlabeled GMOs

Codex Alimentarius would forbid the labeling of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and permit their world-wide use in the animal and plant kingdoms despite their serious health consequences for both the people who consume them and the environment. Many GMO seeds cannot germinate without toxic pesticides or herbicides (they are intentionally designed that way to sell the pesticides/herbicides despite the fact that insects and weeds become resistant to these toxins after a while).

GMO's health hazards are significant but since they would be unlabeled in food under Codex Alimentarius, there would be no way to know which foods contain GMOs and which do not.

Mandating Irradiated Food

Codex Alimentarius mandates the irradiation of food (yes, makes it obligatory!) unless it is eaten locally and raw. Irradiation of food creates high concentrations of free radicals which cause cancer, degenerative diseases, premature aging, organ damage and immune damage. The only protection that we have against irradiation of food is antioxidants. But protective levels of these vital nutrients would be forbidden under Codex.

Planning to Eliminate Access to Herbal Remedies

Codex Alimentarius can be expected to forbid traditional herbal medicines. Herbs were abruptly removed from Codex's control when significant delegate opposition developed against eliminating all traditional medical systems and practices. Herbs were moved to the World Health Organization's (WHO) domain where they are being considered in a committee closed to public scrutiny. It is expected that shortly before the global implementation of Codex on December 31, 2009, WHO will return them to Codex which will declare herbs to be "untested drugs" and, hence, illegal substances.

This would leave more than 60% of the world's population without any legal medical care of any kind.

The European Union's "Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive" (ETHMPD) has issued a short list of permitted conditions for herbal treatment. According this this draconian directive, all other indications are illegal.

While ETHMPD is not Codex Alimentarius, it is "Codex friendly" and there are interpersonal ties between the organizations. We can expect similar restrictions by Codex. Under the ETHMPD, all conditions which are "allowed" to be treated herbally are trivial and self-correcting, and would not require the use of herbs anyway.

The ETHMPD has also created a short "Positive List" of permitted herbs and is currently accepting applications for consideration of other herbs based on toxicology data which, in most cases, do not exist. Even if toxicology data on herbs did exist, they would probably be highly skewed, because toxicology is not the appropriate science for assessing herbs.

Increasing Pollution

At the same time as Codex Alimentarius unscientifically considers nutrients to be dangerous toxic chemicals and seeks to limit nutrients to clinically ineffective doses, it permits veterinary drugs, hormones, herbicides, pesticides and other toxins at irrationally high, and very dangerous levels. This hypocrisy (treating nutrients as toxins and toxins as safe) can only lead to more toxic material in the Earth's soil, groundwater, and atmosphere.

Pesticides and other agricultural toxins like antibiotics and hormones are well known to produce great harm to human health. They lead to cancer, auto immune disease, ALS, Alzheimers and a host of other serious, life-threatening conditions.

Codex Alimentarius mandates the use of antibiotics and hormones in animals used for food, as if though these toxic substances are essential (they are not). This would pollute rivers and groundwater, as well as result in diseased meats, fish and fowl in the food chain.

As The Meatrix so fascinatingly demonstrates, instead of increasing their use, the wise would eliminate antibiotics, veterinary drugs and hormones in animals. Codex Alimentarius has nothing to do with wisdom or health. It exists to serve the interests of those who profit from the sale of antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, veterinary drugs and hormones.

Let Us Unite and Take Action

In short, unless massive numbers of Americans take action, DSHEA will be gutted and Congress will allows Codex to become our standard in the U.S. If that happens, we face consequences such as the following:

  • Elimination of nutritional medicine using therapeutic levels of nutrients to promote health and deal with illness
  • Elimination of clean, unadulterated foods which are crucial for health and optimal well-being
  • Elimination of herbal medicine and treatment
  • More pesticides
  • More hormones in meat and milk
  • More antiobiotics in meat and milk
  • More animal suffering
  • More human suffering
  • Further environmental destruction of our one planet


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