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Natural Solutions Marketplace Merchants

Welcome to the Natural Solutions Foundation Market Place. Our Market Place. Soon you'll be ready to move in and get started talking to your customers on the Natural Solutions Foundation Market Place unique Healthy Living Mall! You are among the pioneers who understand just how important it is for your sales, your health freedom, healthy products and services, and to the work of the Natural Solutions Foundation that we support each other in this way. We provide the market place to increase your sales and each of your sales helps provide support for the Natural Solutions Foundation's vital health freedom work so your products and services can continue to be available to consumers! As we go forward, your feed-back will be carefully received and responded to. The Natural Solutions Foundation Market Place is new idea and we'll learn together how to do it in the best possible way! So if there are some rough spots, just let us know! We are fully committed to making the MarketPlace a wonderful option for your customers,-- and a great experience you as the merchant and win for the Foundation as the sponsor. Please send all of your suggestions for other merchants, questions, comments or problem to me.
Gail Coba,
NSF MarketPlace Coordinator

So to get ready to move into the mall, here is what I would like you to do:

1. Review our Terms & Conditions.

2. Provide us with your complete company information:

Full name:
Company name:
Product or service:
Website URL:
E-Mailing address:
Phone number:
Teaser discription:
Long discription:

Affiliate Structure
No Affiliate Structure

Need Help?

3. Payments:

A. Payments to you will be made through PayPal unless

1. We are enrolled in your affiliate program (in which case your payment is direct to you) or
2. Your item is sold through an MLM (in which case your payment is direct to you)

B. Payments to us should be made through Paypal. Our Paypal email address is and you should indicate "MarketPlace Fee" in the box noting the purpose of the Payment.

PayPalThere is a one-time $100 setup fee and a $14.99 monthly fee for having your product(s) appear in the Natural Solutions Marketplace. Please complete the two step payment process by paying the $100 setup fee first, then coming back to this page and setting up the recurring $14.99 monthly payments. The monthly payments will be charged once a month on this day of the month. Both payment processes use PayPal and are secure. If you don't have a PayPal account, look for the link that says, "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)."

INSTRUCTIONS: Click Pay Now in step 1, then come back to this page and click Pay Now in step 2.

STEP 1: $100 setup fee

STEP 2: recurring $14.99 monthly payments

Amount $
(enter a number)
(enter a number)

A. My product or service is an MLM so Natural Solutions Foundation will be in my down line organization. I will enroll the Foundation and run the business for the Foundation. I understand that this tax exempt donation of time and money can be honored through a receipt for tax purposes. The Foundation cannot participate in any MLM which requires a monthly autoshipment to us so you will need to work out how to cancel that with your MLM company.

B. My product or service already has an affiliate structure so Natural Solutions Foundation will be an affiliate of my company.

C. My product or service does not have an affiliate structure so I will become an affiliate in Natural Solutions Foundation's affiliate program.

I understand that as a merchant in the Natural Solutions Foundation MarketPlace, I promise that I will provide prompt, efficient and helpful service to customers of the Market Place and that the Natural Solutions Foundation will not be liable for any damages arising out of the way I conduct my business or service or the items and services I provide. I understand that by returning my information and participating in the Natural Solutions Foundation Market Place I agree to these terms and conditions and will hold harmless the Natural Solutions Foundation the Natural Solutions Foundation MarketPlace,, and any trustees, agents, heirs and assigns of the Natural Solutions Foundation and its subordinate units. I will provide all necessary logos, links and other information to help Natural Solutions Foundation set up my booth in the Market Place and I will place reciprocal links as requested by Natural Solutions Foundation on my own websites related to this product or service.

That's pretty much all there is to it. Oh, yes, you will want to tell your entire list, both personal and professional, about the MarketPlace and your role in it. At the same time, please tell them to sign up for the Natural Solutions Foundation Health Freedom eAlerts by going to and sharing their name and email.

The next step is that we will set up your site, or a mirror site and announce your company or service in our upcoming launch! Thanks for being a health freedom MarketPlace Pioneer!


We invite all suggestions for making our store easier to use.


Stop Codex Alimentarius and Protect Health Freedom!

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