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Natural Solutions Marketplace Terms & Conditions

Natural Solutions Foundation
Marketplace Terms and Conditions

[1] These terms and conditions, as they are modified from time to time by the Foundation Trustees and posted on these web sites: and  shall govern the Foundation’s marketing websites and these terms and conditions are the sole articles of agreement with marketers using the sites.

[2] The purpose of the Marketplace is to further the Mission of the Foundation, to discover, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems facing us and threatening our health and freedom. Further, any excess funds generated by the Marketplace, which is operated primarily as a nonprofit cooperative effort for the members, will help fund the activities of the Natural Solutions Foundation.

[3] There are three types of participation in the Marketplace:

[A] Organics4U Featured Sites. This applies only to direct distributors of their own product who enter into a special partnership arrangement with the Foundation to share proceeds and drop ship the products directly to the customers. Contact for details. The products or services must meet Standards [Ai], [Bi] and [Bii]

[Ai] “We always recommend certified organic products when available. At times when certified organic materials are not available we may accept uncertified organic-levelor better materials. These are materials that are grown organically without pesticides or herbicides but are not certified. We consider wild-crafted products to be as good or even better than certified organic, as they are grown in the wild away from any source of pollutants in virgin soil. Ingredients should never be genetically modified, with herbicides or pesticides, treated with antibiotics, fumigated or irradiated. The labeling should state the actual natural status of the product."

[B] MarketPlace Affiliate Partner Sites. These “Affiliate Program” sites do not need to meet the strict provisions of the Organics4U sites Standard [Ai] and will not be featured on that page (although there will be cross links between Organics4U and NaturalSolutionsMarketplace). These sites must meet these Standards:

[i] Statements about these products and services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products and services on these sites are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and should not be used to replace consulting with a licensed medical provider in the event of a disease, illness or condition requiring medical treatment. The Natural Solutions Foundation shares these products and services with interested parties but makes no warranties or representations of efficacy, safety or treatment or therapeutic benefit, whether expressed or implied. Interested parties are urged to conduct their own due diligence and use common sense and caution when purchasing or using these services and products.. Therapies and products that may benefit: not offered to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions, nor to make recommendations for treatment of disease or to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, or apply medical, mental health or human development principles. Testimonial results are not typical; your results may vary.

[ii] The MarketPlace Partner is aware that Natural Solutions Foundation promotes and recommends products which are free of genetically modified, herbicide, pesticide, antibiotic, fungicide or irradiation.  The Partner will make every effort to meet these specifications in all products listed on the marketplace. All products will be drop-shipped by the distributor directly to the customers.

[iii] Marketplace Partners agree to post a Natural Solutions Foundation banner which will include a link, at the partner’s discretion, to either donations or Organics4U or both; the Organics4U link would be in the form of an affiliate membership which entitles the partner to a ten percent commission on all the Organics4U and Marketplace products sold through the link. Marketplace partners agree to remain members of the Health Freedom eAlert list.

[C] Network Marketing Partners. This provision covers “MLM” upline marketers. Products must meet Standards [Bi] and [Bii]. The MLM upline partner is responsible for arranging for the Foundation to become a member, paying all Foundation sign-up costs and working the downline. We are unable to do this for these products, but we will let our eAlert members know about the Marketplace and feature some announcements about the products available.

[4] All participants in the Organics4U and Marketplace web sites indemnify and hold the Foundation and its Trustees or agents harmless from all claims arising from the use or misuse of the products and the marketing thereof. The participants agree not to circumvent the Foundation with regard to customers introduced by the Foundation. The Foundation reserves all rights.

© 2008 – – rev 08.14.08

We invite all suggestions for making our store easier to use.


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The Natural Solutions Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to protect and promote health freedom in the USA.

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