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Links: Information for Change

  • Politically Outspoken
    Politics = quality of life. Involve yourself.
  • Just say Know!
    When it comes to drugs, make sure you know what you are putting into your body.
  • Michael D. Ostrolenk
  • GoodSearch cause banner
  • The Campaign - Grassroots Political Action
    Do you know what is in your food? Is it genetically engineered? You don't know -- because they won't tell you...
  • Marty Kleva - GemFireAir
    Photography, writing, poetry, and a not-so-weekly article about whatever is up...from politics and mythology to sex and spirituality.
  • Journey In Spirit
    Enjoy Images and Insights from a three month Sacred Site Journey. The site includes: Sedona Synchronicities, Dolphin Swim Photos, Living Naturally, Water Healing Ritual, and Creating the Life You Desire.
  • The Alternative Health Daily
    An alternative health news website which is updated daily with around 15 articles and links on alternative treatments to diseases.
  • MCS Beacon of Hope
    Please, help STOP the Poisoning, stop the injuries, illnesses, disabilities and premature deaths caused from senseless toxic exposures and pollution by signing and then making others aware of the “World~Wide” Toxic Injury Awareness & Education Petition for Proclamation at:
  • Natural Health Show Blog
    Searchable useful info from Debra Ray, Gary Null, and Dr. Ronald Hoffman. How to listen to research based streaming audio natural health shows, not infomercials. Inspired by Carlton Fredericks, the pioneer health show host.
  • Omega News
    Health information, German/English website.
  • Health Advantage
    An educational/nutritional supplement site that melds historical with contemporary health research and information, then organizes it into a three step plan. This plan encourages consumption of local, unprocessed, sustainably grown foods which are then bolstered by judicious use of high quality, personally appropriate supplementation. Personal consults are offerred for those interested.
  • Join us @ Enlightenment Engine
  • - Healing the planet of the new world order.
  • - Politics = quality of life. Involve yourself.
  • - We live in a world of abundance. Create your own reality. Liz Lipski's website.
  • - Independent Newspaper telling the truth -- no matter what. Dr. Laibow writes feature stories and a regular Health Freedom Column for the "FREEP", the the LA Free Press is affectionately known.
  • - AltNews.INFO - Exposing the false doublethink in today's media. Fighting the New World Order, awakening one mind at a time.
  • - 2006 Hollywood Stars for Charity and World Health- Fitness-Wellness Expo! March 25-26, 2006 at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, Michigan.
  • - Community Bridges Integrated Healthcare welcomes you to a new era in medicine, the era of comprehensive multi-disciplinary health care facilities and practitioners focusing on disease prevention, early detection, healthy lifestyle coaching, holistic as well as allopathic therapeutic options,nursing and integration of eastern and western modalities, including Tele-Medicine.
  • - Art you will love - People you will never forget
  • is a public service informational project of Data Search Worldwide, Inc., a public records retrieval company founded by Ken Kramer in 1998 and located in Clearwater, Florida.

    Our mission is to provide journalists, law enforcement, criminal investigators, government agencies and the general public with governmental records concerning psych abuses as efficiently as possible.

  • The Power of ParentsNational Force
    We are parents of, and people who love, a child whose illness may have been preventable.
  • The Power Hour
  • The Michael Dresser Show
  • Free Speech Network
    By exposing the public to perspectives excluded from the corporate-owned media, FSTV empowers citizens to fight injustices, to revitalize democracy, and to build a more compassionate world.
    Critical perspectives on politics by experts that you wont find in the mainstream media.
  • The Corporation
    A fascinating movie about how the pursuit of profit at the expense of people and planet is causing great harm. Free enterprise has been usurped by autocratic corporations that trump innovation and change. But we can reclaim free enterprise. The causes of corporate corruption are complex. A holistic solution is needed that takes into account the capacity of the human being for more authentic living, which could replace incessant greed. In truth, change begins with the man or woman in the mirror.
  • Food Chain Radio Program
    An audience-interactive syndicated newstalk radio program on topics such as "Outsourcing the American Cowboy", "Free Speech Vs Government Speech", "Codex Alimentarius", "Playing God with Life", and other lively and interesting discussion points.
  • Beyond Treason

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