$20,000 per month lobbyist says: 'Congress WILL Listen!'

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Email Newsletter from 7/30/05


A famous person once said:

"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions,
that I wish it always to be kept alive."

Do you know who said that?

It was Thomas Jefferson. One of the most influential statesmen in America's history. Jefferson also said:

"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."

What is CODEX ALIMENTARIUS but an attempt of the state (government) to control our food and medicine choices, in the interest of the profits of corrupt corporations? CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is exactly what Jefferson warned us about in his quote! What a sharp mind he had.

What would he advise us to do in the face of the CODEX problem? Based on his quote, we can assume with certainty that he would ask the American people to get active and defend health freedom from CODEX.

Here are two things you can do right now:

First: Send Emails to Congress from the Comfort of Your Computer Chair

If you haven’t already, please click on the link below and send emails to Congress, asking our elected officials to protect health freedom by supporting pro-health freedom bills (currently 1) and opposing anti-health freedom bills (currently 5):

It is crucial that you send emails, because each email counts as the voice of 13,000 Americans. Congress estimates that 12,999 Americans feel the same way as you do, but simply did not bother to send a letter as you did. So click on the link and send those emails.

Second: Shake Hands With Your Local Members of Congress!

Another way to get active is to visit your Congress representatives (and Senators) in their district offices, while they are home this August, to tell them that your health freedom is vitally important to you. August is the best month to see them, because they are at home, away from the hustle and bustle of DC. If they see you in person, it will have a much stronger effect than receiving your letters only.

“Oh, they won’t listen to us” you may say. But they will listen to you. How can I be so certain? Well, I just came back from a lengthy interview with a US$20,000 per month lobbyist (asking to remain anonymous) who said, "It’s not like it was 15 years ago when Congress only listened to lobbyists and corporations. Now the single most powerful force are constituents in their home offices telling Congressmen and Congresswomen that they care and that they have friends who vote, too. In fact, there is nothing more powerful!"

Wow! This comes from a lobbyist. They sure know how politics in this country works. If you care about health freedom, visiting your local Congress representative is a must. How do you find his or her address? Easy. Click here and follow the instructions.

What to Tell Them

What would you tell them when you're there in their doorway, face to face? Simple: tell them how you want them to vote on bills related to health freedom. Be specific. Tell them the names of the bills and why you want them to vote for one and against another. Tell them how it would affect the families of Congressmen and Congresswomen if health freedom was lost (it would affect them as much as you and me). Remember, Congressmen and Congresswomen are our friends if we treat them as such. Most of them want to do good. We just need to remind them and inform them with the facts. Print the following page and take it with you for your visit:

Also, ask them to visit, a special page we've made to help Congressmen and Congresswomen gain easy access to information about Codex Alimentarius.

We’ve Won Before, in 1994, We Can Do it Again in 2005

You may remember how millions of Americans roared in 1994 to keep their nutritional supplements in the food category (to maintain free access without prescription). Because of the roar of the American people, DSHEA was passed with unanimous Congressional approval. 100% of Congress understood that if they got on the wrong side of this one, they would be out of a job, come the next election!

Newsweek described this fight for free access to vitamins as “the largest movement since the Vietnam war”!

We did it then. We can do it again today, with Thomas Jefferson's understanding of democracy to guide us. Congress holds the key to protecting America from CODEX. Take the message of health freedom face to face with those who hold the key. I’m sure they will appreciate your visit (it’s not everyday that concerned Americans show up at their door for honest dialogue on issues that affect our nation).

And I would really appreciate if you would send me an email with your story about visiting your local Congress representative. If you take pictures, send them in too. If you give me permission, I will gladly publish your story to the thousands who receive my newsletters. So go out there, use the tools provided in this email and make democracy come alive. Above all, remember to have fun!

Yours in Health and Freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

P.S. Here’s an idea: take your friends with you and make it a pleasant day out. Ladies, group together. Gentlemen, call your buddies. Let’s make things happen. Our Founding Fathers are reminding us: you are the people of the United States of America, and her future is in your hands.

P.P.S. By the way, we are redesigning our web site to make it much better, and the new version will be launched soon. We’ll announce the redesign in the week ahead.

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