On to Africa!

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Email Newsletter from 12/11/05

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."

- Anatole France

This Has Been Quite A Weekend for Forward Movement!

1. The best Codex DVD available is here!

Nutricide: the DVD is now available. Order your copy now! Because we know that Congress is not well informed on Codex, we are offering Congressional Copies at a special price. Help Congress get the picture!

2. Africa is calling!

Early Friday morning (about 4:30AM, to be precise), I was on the phone with a gentleman from South Africa. He and I had spoken before about the importance of the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (RVMG) in protecting the lives and health of the people of his country and the Wellness Industry there, too. In the course of our discussion he invited us to address the South African supplement manufacturer’s organization at their annual meeting in January, 2006. "You bet!" I said. So we've got a date in Africa next month and the Natural Solutions Foundation will be there with, as they say, bells on!

The South African manufacturers have a double incentive in bringing the RVMG to their country: they understand very well how important nutrients and supplements are to the health and well-being of people in a toxic world and they have a vested interest in making sure that their companies can continue to sell those products to the people who need them.

But there's even more good news: The next African phone call was from our contact person in a well-established Non Governmental Organization with chapters in 131 countries. We are in discussion with this organization to have them take on national adoption of the RVMG as a project. If that happens, we will have a powerful ally in the global exportation of health freedom. This contact, by the way, developed because of our presence at the Codex Committee on Nutrition meeting in Bonn last month. How to determine if it will happen? Go to Africa and meet with the leaders of this organization.

How convenient! It just so happens that we had just agreed to go to Africa next month! And, oh by the way, the other part of what we need to do in Africa is meet with the superiors of the African Codex delegates we connected so strongly with at that same Bonn meeting. To make things even better, we are discussing a nutritional medical meeting with one of the countries in Africa. They would like us to share what we here in the natural medicine community know about using high potency nutrients to prevent, treat, mitigate and cure diseases of under nutrition with their doctors so they can begin using natural medicine instead of pharmaceutical approaches, where appropriate, of course. No one disputes that pharmaceutical medicine's toxicities are justified risks when there is a life-threatening emergency. Most of medicine is not about emergencies, of course. It is, or should be, anyway, about supporting the healing capacities that we humans come equipped with by using natural, non-toxic and effective strategies.

That, of course, is exactly what Codex is about preventing. We beg to differ.

The government of any country that cares about its people, of course, has a special incentive to adopt the RVMG: the huge amounts of money spent on allopathic treatment and prevention of the chronic degenerative diseases of modern society (e.g., cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, etc.) do not buy good medical care. They buy care for a small number of people with toxic, dangerous drugs that do not prevent, and do not cure those diseases in the vast majority of cases. That same amount of money would, I believe from my more than 30+ years in the natural medicine world, treat far larger numbers of people with non-toxic, natural, gentle and effective prevention, treatment and cure of these same diseases. Only national leaders and policy makers already in the pockets of the Big Pharma could fail to find this possibility worthy of significant investigation and consideration.

When we go to Africa we will take with us not only talks and briefing honed and polished for the various Ministers, Secretaries, Presidents and Prime Ministers, associations, NGOs and special interest groups we will be meeting with, but three other crucial items which the Citizen's Codex Working Group has been working hard to create:

  • Scientific dossiers on the efficacy and safety of natural treatment of the major public health problems the African nations are facing
  • Legal memorandum on the legislative and international legal issues involved in the adoption of the RVMG and the legal theory involved in its adoption
  • Draft Legislation which countries can enact which would support the optimal health and well-being of their people in accord with the RVMG
  • So how does that help health freedom here in the US?

Good question. The world is no longer a bunch of autonomous fiefdoms which have no relationship to one another. International pressures and trends exert pressures both internationally and within each country's borders. To paraphrase John Donne, "No nation is an island".

1. The more countries that adopt a DSHEA-based nutrient policy based on the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA, 1994) classifying nutrients as foods which, by definition, can have no upper limit to their use, the more of a leadership role the US naturally assumes in nutritional practice. We have experience with the consequences of this classification and understand the strengths of this approach. Our understanding of nutritional medicine is, among the remarkable health-care professionals who choose this type of medicine, both profound and extensive. We have the opportunity to export this knowledge globally when countries adopt the RVMG.

2. Reciprocally, the more outside pressure there is for a DSHEA type international use because of other countries adopting this health-enhancing public policy, the more secure DSHEA becomes. Maintaining our exceptionally valuable and health-promoting, health-pioneering legislation is supported by a world community which values and uses the DSHEA principles.

If we use this opportunity correctly, we can advance the principles of health and health freedom in Africa and build international support for our own vitally important DSHEA here in the US.

So, in sum, we have a magnificent multifaceted opportunity to bring the RVMG to manufacturers, governments and and an important NGO on a trip to at least 8 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. The countries are in the east, the west, the south and the north of Sub Saharan Africa. I feel humbled by the opportunity that has shaped itself for us to make progress with.

And that, of course, is the good news. It is very, very good news. But, like all good news, it comes with a price:

Approximately $20 K.


  • Round Trip US-Africa (economy) is approximately $1500, give or take) x 2 people =$3000
  • 7 economy flights between countries at approximately $500 per flight = $3500 x 2 people = $7000


  • $125 per night x 21 nights x 2 people = $5250

Food, Miscellaneous

  • $100 per day x 3 people x 21 days = $4200.

Total: $19,450. Throw in a few unexpected events (they always happen, don't they!) and you're looking at $20,000.

So we have the classic situation which we have all faced before: what needs to be done is essential and we are committed to doing it. In order to make these wonderful opportunities, we have to get there! We need your help.

So I propose...

The Amazing Natural Solutions Foundation Pill-A-Thon

You take supplements and herbs. The Natural Solutions Foundation is fighting for your right to keep on taking them (and for everyone else on the planet to have that right if they want it, too). Here's how the Pill-A-Thon works.

How many pills do you take in a week? Liquid doses? Servings of nutrition-rich functional foods? Count them up: that's your Pill-A-Thon number. Now multiply that Pill-A-Thon number the amount that each pill is worth to you, and then click here to donate. Of course, you can multiply your Pill-A-Thon number by $5 or $10 or whatever you think your health freedom is worth to you. If your Pill-A-Thon multiple totals more than $50 (you can make it a tax deductible donation by sending your Pill-A-Thon donation in a check made out to NISLAPP* (our umbrella 501-c-3). You will receive our thanks and a receipt for your tax records. Mail your check to

The Natural Solutions Foundation
88 Batten Road
Croton on Hudson NY 10520

Don't forget our other interesting and useful ways to support the Natural Solutions Foundation:

Another useful and innovated way for you to help us is to get rid of your unwanted treasures and send them off to us. That's how the DUMP Fund (Dispose of Unwanted Merchandise Program) works.

Give us your tired, your poor, your serviceable but forgotten, your unused, unneeded, outdated and outgrown goods. Send these, the useless, tempest tossed to me. We will turn your goods into cash for us and a tax deductible item for you. How's that for win-win? Just package up your goods, send them off to the D.U.M.P. Fund, at: NSF, 297 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ 07004. Make sure you include your name and address. If the item is too big or too heavy or if you are too busy, just contact us and we can arrange for a common carrier pick-up – just email us at

There are some restrictions on donations. Items and services should have a potential value of $30.00 or more and must be in working order. We cannot accept:

1. Food or Drink, including perishables.

2. Plants or wildlife of any kind.

3. Clothing, with the exception of some fur or leather.

4. Anything moldy, rotting, rusty or non functional.

5. Health and beauty products, medications.

6. Adult materials.

Thanks for your support of the important work we are doing. Tell your friends about the Natural Solutions Foundation and ask them to visit the 5 minute Codex tour. You'll be spreading the good word and doing well for the earth at the same time.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

*National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy

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