A Letter From Our Attorney


Email Newsletter from 10/4/06

A Letter From Our Attorney

Natural Solutions Foundation's lawyer, Ralph Fucetola, has provided us with a copy of the letter with which he responded when some people asked similar questions about the Natural Solutions Foundation activities.

He has authorized us to share it with the folks on our list. Please feel free to copy, share or distribute this letter as you see fit. We do ask that you do not edit or change it in the event you forward it on.

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Ralph Fucetola JD
58 Plotts Road – Newton, NJ 07860
973.300.1519 – Fax: 300.5486

October 6, 2006
Dear Rima,

Several people have raised questions which I have answered in the attached
letter. Please feel free to share it with your elist and on your web site.

Ralph Fucetola, JD
All Rights Reserved

Ralph Fucetola JD
58 Plotts Road – Newton, NJ 07860
973.300.1519 – Fax: 300.5486

September 26, 2006

Dear Allan:

I urge all Natural Solutions Foundation supporters to respond to this call for emergency help and support. The Foundation’s growing international alliances are proving to be the most effective opposition to the Codex Alimentarius anti-nutrition, anti-health agenda. The international situation is critical and Natural Solutions Foundation needs immediate financial support so that we can attend the upcoming Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses where the Global Strategy is on the agenda. The Foundation needs Health Freedom Angels this week.

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Natural Solutions Foundation is a nonprofit research and public policy, nongovernmental organization active in the international health care community. The Foundation and its leadership are very well respected in the healing community. Later this month, the Foundation’s President and its Medical Director will jointly receive the prestigious Dr. Carlton Lee Award from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. The AAEM gives this award to those who have done the most for natural medicine in the past year.

Natural Solutions Foundation is not tied to any company, industry or special interest. All funding comes from your private donations. Our ability to attend international meetings and pursue the International Strategy depends entirely on Foundation supporters to provide the necessary funding.

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As general counsel, I am responding to questions that have been raised regarding the work of the Natural Solutions Foundation. The recent attacks are akin to the Pharma-Cartel funded “Quack-Buster” attacks on pharmaceutical medicine's most effective, natural (alternative) competitor therapies, and the unfounded criticisms voiced by the Chairman of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Dr. Claude Mosha, at recent Codex meetings (see: orchestrated campaign appears designed to undermine and marginalize Natural Solutions Foundation.

Smear, ridicule, slander and liable are used against all effective opponents of the pharma-driven world order. These attacks are a validation of how effective The Foundation’s International Strategy has been in creating a pro-health consortium at the international level. These baseless smear tactics are intended to divide the health freedom community and isolate one of the most effective and sophisticated international forces for consumer health and natural health options – the Natural Solutions Foundation. We reject these attacks as unworthy of further response. I think we can all agree that our focus must be on actions that engage Codex Alimentarius, the World Food Code, in supporting good nutrition and natural health solutions.

It has been falsely asserted that I disagree with the leadership of the Foundation about impact of steps taken at the Codex CCFL and the implementation of the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.

My article about the events at the Codex CCFL meeting in Canada earlier this year reported that the committee took significant steps toward a more nutritionally sound international food trade. Specifically the committee included the South African principles for implementation of the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health in the committee’s official meeting report. I also reported the ongoing jockeying between major forces in Codex, especially, the US and EU.

The report of the meeting posted by the leaders of the Natural Solutions Foundation, who were also present, made the same points as my article. The Final Committee Report states …

"24) The Delegation of South Africa, supported by the observer from NHF, put forward several proposals for consideration: recognizing that nutrients are not toxins and that their assessment should reflect acknowledged benefits and desired impacts from their use in order to achieve positve outcomes and that they should generally be recognized as safe; banning the addition of partially and fully hydrogenated trans fatty acids in foods; allowing the enrichment of dietary supplements in foods in order to optimize nutrient density to compensate for a decline in micronutrients in various foods; ensuring that global legislation prevent the use of industrial toxins and additives that are not supported by biochemistry and clinical experience; supporting nutrition and health claims and advertising for those foods that contribute to a healthy life style, while banning such claims for those foods which do not contribute to a healthy life style, especially as regards advertising as directed to children, all in the context of optimal health."


This is unique and important step in insuring the inclusion of nutrition standards in international food trade rules. The South African representatives at the meeting concurred with us in our interpretation of these events.

We at the Natural Solutions Foundation believe that the inclusion of the essence of the “South African principles” in the CCFL Committee Final Report advances our two-pronged strategy for the implementation of an international food trade standard that focuses on organic food and natural health options which tracks the Health Freedom principles of the US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, that Supplements are Foods, not Toxins.[4],[5] The strategy consists of persuading countries to adopt a health promoting revised guideline or standard based on better science than the corresponding Codex guideline or standard and then enact legislation which makes this revised guideline or standard national law. With respect to the Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements, this template would be manifested in the following manner:

1. Establish the international guidelines for food supplement trade developed by Natural Solutions Foundation in conjunction with the Citizens for Health Codex Working Group as their domestic nutritional guidelines, rather than the scientifically flawed Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements (ratified July 4, 2005, Rome, Italy).

2. Adopt domestic national food supplement laws that apply the principles of the US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

Natural Solutions Foundation and the Citizens for Health Codex Working Group have developed a Model International Food Supplements law to assist countries interested in adopting DSHEA-type legislation based on the principle that nutrients are foods to serve as the precedent for other corrective guidelines and standards to replace those which support an industrialized food supply over a natural, organic one. You can find our proposed guidelines and Model law on our web site at: Codex e-Book.

Natural Solutions Foundation representatives have had great success in pursuing this agenda in meetings with senior national officials, including cabinet members and heads of state, in several African and Asian countries and at Codex meetings. The actions of the Codex CCFL in Canada have been helpful in these efforts. But the favorable discussions held so far are only the first steps in creating sound nutritional standards for international food trade. The next step is to persuade countries to act on the information that they are treating positively in these early conversations.

For your records, to allow comparison with what the CCFL included in its Report, here are the South African Principles as proposed to the CCFL:

South Africa presented eleven points for the implementation of the Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Exercise and Health:

1. Formally recognize and accept that nutrients are not toxins. They should be subjected to sound assessment procedures which take into account empirical, clinical, statistical and peer review processes and which take acknowledged benefits and desirable impact from the use of them in order to achieve positive outcomes, into consideration;

2. Formally accept nutrients as generally safe and encourage the unrestricted sale of that category of food called "dietary supplements" at all levels, including optimum potency levels, throughout the world;

3. Ban all added trans fats derived from industrial hydrogenation in the production of food;

4. Ensure that countries are encouraged to add, and do not place restrictions on the addition of nutrients which are supported by biochemistry, clinical nutrition, clinical experience, empirical observation and customary usage to food;

5. Ensure that countries enact strong legislative restrictions on the addition of industrial toxins to food, which are not supported by biochemistry, clinical nutrition, clinical experience and customary usage;

6. Allow and encourage enrichment of foods through the addition of that class of food called dietary supplements in order to optimize nutrient density of foods. Require that countries compensate for the decline in micronutrients in agricultural produce (e.g., fruits and vegetables) as a result of the depletion of trace nutrients in soil by commercial agriculture practices through the incorporation of that class of food called dietary supplements in order to optimize nutrient density of these foods;

7. Encourage and support the development of national and international policies which, enhance local, national, regional and global optimal nutrition through life-style modification (including diet), fortification and supplementation with that category of food called dietary supplements at all levels, including optimum potency levels;

8. Identify foods that do not contribute to, conflict with or are not essential for a healthy lifestyle (”junk food”). Similarly, identify foods that can support a healthy life-style. Support nutrition and health claims in labeling and advertising for those foods that do contribute to a healthy life-style and ban nutrition and health claims on the labeling and advertising of those foods which do not contribute to a healthy life style in order to encourage health-supporting foods and discourage ones that do not support health;

9. Ensure that countries encourage truthful, full and accurate labeling and advertising on all foods, which contribute to health and ban advertising and health claims on those that do not;

10. Ensure that countries develop a ban on junk food advertising to children (birth to 18 years);

11. Require that the Chairpersons of CCFL and CCNFSDU report to the Codex Alimentarius Commission every other year on the status of the implementation of the WHO/FAO GLOBAL STRATEGY ON DIET, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND HEALTH and items 1-10 listed above. [6]

I trust that this letter clarifies the role of the Natural Solutions Foundation and myself in the campaign to include sound nutrition principles in the regulation of international food trade. I encourage all individuals who support or are interested in the activities of the Natural Solutions Foundation to contact us directly on any matters of interest or concern about the Natural Solutions Foundation.

I am proud to be a Natural Solutions Foundation supporter. On behalf the leadership and the other good people at NSF, I invite your continued support. We need your donations to succeed.

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I thank you for your inquiry about the role of the Natural Solutions Foundation and for your continuing support of the Natural Solutions Foundation.


Ralph Fucetola, JD


[2] Report of the Thirty Fourth Session of the Codex Committee on Food Labeling, Ottawa, Canada May 1-5, 2006, Alinorm 06/29/22, p 9

[3] Ibid

[4] Codex eBook

[5] International Decade of Nutrition,


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