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Email Newsletter from 11/7/05

"Each time someone stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."

- Robert F. Kennedy

We CAN Win This Battle

There's So Much Good Stuff Happening on the Health Freedom Front It's Hard to Know Where to Start!

This is a Long Email because there is a Lot to Share with You. Please Read the Whole Letter: Your Freedom Is Worth It and I Promise You'll Feel Good!

Let's Start With the Bottom Line

Here's a very partial list of the expenses which General Stubblebine and I regularly incur in speaking out for your health freedom and mine. It does not include rental cars, gas, many meals, the cost of handouts, etc., etc. It is a rough and very scanty approximation of what this battle costs. After I tell you about the great things that are happening in the Health Freedom Battle, I will ask you for help and suggest several ways you can help to provide it while doing things you already like to do! I can assure you that the people who are fighting this battle on the other side are funded by the bigs. I can also assure you that we are not so instead of going to Big Pharma for a limitless check, we come to you, the supporters of freedom and ask you to donate in a variety of ways.

You see, I believe to my very core that we have both right and might on our side. The right? There is no doubt in my mind that being on the side of life and freedom carries a special weight which all the disinformation, slander and spin in the world cannot fully still or silence. And might? The might of a people standing up for truth and freedom not only for themselves but for the whole society is the source from which social innovation draws its strength. That's just another way to say, "Grass Roots!"

$ 494.86

Lodging, tolls, food, other expenses to present Citizen's Petition to FDA October 18, 2005

$ 1980.55

Economy Airline Tickets between New York, Ontario CA, Tucson, San Francisco, New York to address groups in Los Angeles area, American Academy of Environmental Medicine (Tucson), National Association of Nutrition Professionals, etc. October 19-31 followed by attendance and testimony before 2 day FDA Hearing, November 1, 2, 2005 and Codex Strategy Session, November 3, 2005

$ 820.60

Economy Airline Tickets between New York and Kansas City to address groups in Independence MO and Maryville, MO, November 10, 2005

$ 2000.00

Lodging, food, expenses Washington DC, California, AZ, Washington DC, October 18-November 4, 2005 (Approximate)

$ 1269.76

Economy Airline Tickets between New York and Bonn, Germany (attend Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses

$ 1100.00

Economy class hotel accommodations in Bonn

$ 1000.00

Food, transportation in Bonn

That's a quick $8700. Round it up for good measure and we are looking at $9000 or so. Let me be frank: living out of a suitcase, lecturing and attending meeting after meeting is NOT my idea of fun. It is, however, my idea of part of how we need to fight this battle. I know from your very important letters and emails that you understand how important this work is, so General Stubblebine and I keep on doing it.

And good things are happening like:

Good thing # 1:

The presentation of the Natural Solutions Foundation Citizen Petition, to the FDA on October 18, 2005. Dr. Barbara Schneeman was finishing up the public meeting which announced (as if it were a surprise) US policy on the items to be covered at the November meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) which were uniformly supportive of industry and harmful to consumer interests. The last item, Agenda Item 9, referred to the use of Risk Assessment, for determining doses of Dietary Supplements. It was at this point that we, the Natural Solutions Foundation spoke up.

I pointed out to the Public Meeting and to Dr. Schneeman that the use of toxicology to assess nutrient doses so low that they have no discernable impact on any human being is both scientifically wrong and detrimental to health and well-being since it mandates under-nutrition and preventable loss of life and increase of suffering. (Here's our press release.)

To solve the problem of World Trade Organization trade sanctions against countries which are not Codex Compliant, we have introduced the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (RVMG), as part of our Citizens Petition, and are working actively with members of Congress and the international community to press for its adoption by nations, including our own. That will allow the United States can exercise meaningful national and international leadership in ending world hunger and increasing world health by making the principles of DSHEA the world standard.

The result was nothing short of astonishing: total, unbroken, silence. Dr. Schneeman stared at me. The heads of two of the major opposition groups turned and stared at me. I knew before I spoke that what we were doing was important since it offers the first stroke in a strategy which will overturn the negative parts of Codex and replace them with pro-health ones. (Our job now, of course, is to convince Congress and our neighbors in the rest of the world that public well-being is more important than multinational approval: only grass roots will win this one!) This is why a continuing outpouring of public support for this strategy is so important. I had no idea until after I had spoken just how important it was: we had thrust a gauntlet down, to be sure, but from the response it would seem that we had also thrust a sword into the belly of the beast. After all, if Codex standards can be revised to make them pro-health, the entire intent of the program may be undermined if it is, in fact, about the negative outcome that many suggest it may be.

By the way, if you signed the Citizen Petition before, YOU CAN SIGN AGAIN SINCE IT HAS BEEN REVISED! PLEASE DO!


Good Thing # 2:

The FDA has assigned our Citizen Petition Docket Number 2005P-0433/CP1

That means that that FDA has provided a vehicle for you to enter your public comments on the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline. So what? If 26 people (or 260) write to the FDA, it won't mean much. But if 260,000 (or a half a million) people write it will mean that there are so many of us that we must be taken seriously. Send a letter noting your:

  • Support for the pro-health Citizens Petition
  • Opposition to Risk Assessment for nutrients (since they are not toxins)
  • Support for public fact finding hearings on these matters
  • Support for adoption of the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.

Send your letters, which must refer to Docket Number 2005P-0433/CP1 to:

Lyle D. Jaffe
Division of Dockets Management
Office of Management Programs
Food and Drug Administration
Rockville MD 20857

Don't forget to get everyone you know to send their comments to the FDA as well. It would be great if you would send us a copy of your letter, by the way.

Good Thing # 3:

Jim Turner, a life-long advocate of consumer power and choice spoke for Citizens for Health when he presented the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, our powerful strategy to reform Codex, to a health freedom meeting recently to great acclaim and support. In fact, it is my hope that the fractionated US Health Freedom community may come together around this strategic initiative. We hope so. Energy wasted on territorialism is energy not being spent on the battle.

We have previously been able to protest Codex, but this is the first time we have a viable alternative to Codex' pro-illness contents. Obviously, more revised Guidelines, Standards and Regulations will follow.

Good Thing # 4:

General Stubblebine and I spent 9 days in Southern California due to the dedication and good work of Rico and Jeri Martinez. We met with consumer groups, health food store owners (whose stores range from the tiny to the enormous), company presidents, etc. We did radio shows and we met with newspaper publishers and diabetes activists. We did a house party focused on spoon bending and Codex (!) to dispel the notion that only what seems possible can happen (if you can change the molecular structure of metal with your mind -- and you can, it's really quite easy -- what ELSE can you accomplish? Or, more precisely, is there anything you can NOT accomplish?)

Good Thing # 5:

I am a proud professional member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, an organization which teaches advanced nutrition to its physicians as part of environmental medicine. The AAEM has been a staunch supporter of health and health freedom and continues that tradition by its support of the Natural Solutions Foundation. In fact, the AAEM passed a resolution of support for the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline and for the work of the Natural Solutions Foundation when we presented both to the members' meeting on October 27 at their fall instructional meeting in Tucson AZ. By the way, if you go to their site,, and click on "Public" you will find a summary Codex article I wrote for AAEM members.

Of course, what that suggests is that any organization to which you belong can pass a similar resolution and add weight and support to our combined pressure for its adoption by the US. If you would like a sample resolution for your organization to consider, please contact me at or nsfmarketplace@gmailcom. If a resolution of support is passed, please send me a copy so we can add it to the growing dossier of support.

Good Thing # 6:

We left Tucson the day after we got there and flew back to San Francisco where General Stubblebine and I delivered the Friday Evening address (called "Nutricide: Death of a Profession and a Population"), to the annual meeting of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals. We were invited by the remarkable Dr. Ed Bauman, President of the equally remarkable Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, and found a community of warm and awake members of the NANP.

Now, we give a lot of talks under all sorts of circumstances but Ed had a surprise for us: our talk was professionally filmed by Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle, professional documentary makers (see, for example, Public Exposure, their important DVD on cell phones).

Here's a really good thing: Mary Beth, Jim and Ed (who donated the funds necessary to edit the DVD) have put their talents and resources together and the full lecture on a DVD will be ready within the next month! You can be sure that I will let you know when it is ready. Jim and Mary Beth have been working feverishly to get the editing done so that we have a detailed, professional educational DVD on Codex and its consequences.

Good Thing # 7:

Back in Washington DC, the FDA held a 2 day hearing on Direct To Consumer Advertising (DTC Ads). We attended because we feel the issue is vitally important in the drugging of America. Eileen Danneman,of NCOW asked if I would like to speak in her place. You can imagine how enthusiastically I accepted. After all, I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has practiced drug free psychiatry and medicine for 35 years. I will be publishing a short version of my comments on my blog, when I finish this entry.

Basically, I reminded the FDA hearing officials that since there are no long term studies on the psychoactive drugs and their safety, while we do know a great deal about their dangers, their use is experimental and constitutes a violation of both the Helsinki Declaration, and the Nuremberg Code. Their use, therefore, constitutes actions which can be properly classified as crimes against humanity since there has been no meaningful informed consent for this experiment. In this context, I want to thank Dr. Grace Jackson for her help and recommend her excellent book, Rethinking Psychiatric Drugs, a Guide for Informed Consent. I showed a condensed version of the very important "Comfortably Numb, the Movie". Check it out.



Support Strategy # 1: JOIN

Select a membership level by using our easy donation page.

Remember, tax deductible donations (check only) are available, too.

President's Club $1000 per month

Recognition Certificate
10 free Nutricide: Death of a Profession and a Population DVDs
Weekly 1 hour free Conference Call for health freedom updates and strategy development
Special Email Updates

Director's Circle $500 per month

5 free Nutricide: Death of a Profession and a Population DVDs
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NSF Supporter $50 per month

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Remember, donations of any amount are welcome!

Support Strategy # 2: DUMP!

DUMP stands for Dispose of Unwanted Merchandise Program and this innovative program allows you to turn your unwanted property into a tax deduction for you and support for us. Would you believe that an air cleaner was sold on eBay as part of DUMP and three people are happy?

The donor got rid of the working, but unwanted, air cleaner (and got a tax deduction in the process)

The purchaser bought it at a great price and Me, when I opened the envelope because we got a donation to help us keep on fighting. I am sure a lot of you have merchandise or collectibles you could provide to keep the NSF working for your health and freedom. The gift of an item for auction can help NSF generate revenue when the item is successfully auctioned on eBay! And you can follow the auction, to see how it goes… and maybe bid on a few items yourself!

Helping the NSF is easier than ever before! The DUMP Initiative is so simple. All you have to do is take the item(s) to any common carrier (Post Office, Federal Express, UPS, DHL), pack it up yourself (or have them pack it) and ship it to the D.U.M.P. Initiative, att: NSF, 297 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ 07004 (email us at Too heavy to carry or perhaps you are too busy? No problem. If you’d like, we can arrange for a common carrier pick-up – just email us. We offer you reimbursement of your items shipping costs, after it has been sold at auction (or you can elect to ship them at your cost). Make sure you include your name and address.

There are some restrictions. Items and services should have a potential value of $30.00 or more.

We cannot accept

1. Food or Drink, including perishables.

2. Plants or wildlife of any kind.

3. Clothing, with the exception of some fur or leather.

4. Anything moldy, rotting, rusty or non functional.

5. Health and beauty products, medications.

6. Adult materials.

So, if you have an “heirloom” or collectible gathering dust somewhere, it might just be the treasure for which some eBay buyer is searching. And that means that your collectible will help support the Natural Solutions Foundation without a cash outlay on your part. Check your attic, garage and basement! Don’t throw it, DUMP it!

The fun part is being able to watch your items offered on the Internet, and seeing how much support its sale will generate for NSF! You will receive a tax receipt showing the sale price, through NISLAPP, The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy. Items that do not sell online will be offered for sale through an auction house.

If you have special items for donation, such as vehicles, services, tickets to shows or other date sensitive items, please email us before sending the goods, so we can make special arrangements with the D.U.M.P. Initiative.

Just think how much support can mean to the Natural Solutions Foundation! Won’t you take a moment to identify and send off those unwanted items to help fund the battle for health and health freedom? Help us fight for your rights! Help us help you by acting today. Please don’t leave it to others. Send at least one item today (or more)!

Thanks in advance for recycling your collectibles, “nearly” treasures and all those wedding gifts you never got around to using! Consider books, DVDs and videos; unused small appliances, calculators, laptop computers or electronics of all sorts. Remember, freedom is not free and your support of the Natural Solutions Foundation through the D.U.M.P Initiative can make a big difference to us all.

Still haven’t found anything to DUMP? How about…

Categories we accept : Action Figures // Americana // Antiques // Art // Automobiles // Autographed Memorabilia // Board Games // Boats // Books // Business // Industrial Items // Beanie Babies // Cameras // Cast Iron // Cell Phones // Clocks // Compact Discs // China // Coins // Coca-Cola // Comic Books // Computers // Computer Software // Crystal Collectibles // Disneyana // Dolls // DVD // VHS // Fax Machines // Franklin Mint // Collectibles // Fur // Leather // Gem Stones // Glassware // Harley Davidson // Jewelry and Watches // Kites // Knives // Longaberger Baskets // Maps // Globes // Militaria // Model cars // Matchbox Cars // Model Planes // Model Trains // Musical Inst. // Music Accessories // Nativity Sets // Native American // Nick Knacks // Non Sports Cards // Rugs // Records // Pez // Phone Cards // Prepaid Cell Phones // Signs // Sheet Music // Stereo / TV’s // Sterling Silver // Sports Cards and Mem. // Sports Equipment // Stamps Collections // Star Wars // Tapestries // Tickets // Tools // Toys // Video Games ...

Thanks for your patience. General Stubblebine and I know how important your health and health freedom are and we know that you will support the Natural Solutions Foundation and its continuing efforts generously so we can continue to bring you the forward movement we need to win this battle.

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

PS: Don't forget to write to Congress and let them know that you will not accept compulsory vaccination and liability protection for the drug companies if you are harmed.

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