Canceling Codex Catastrophe

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Email Newsletter from 11/30/05

"A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed…When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker, a raving lunatic."

- Dresden James

Lifting the Codex Yoke

A New Day Dawns for Health Freedom

This email is long – and important! Please take a moment to read it and then forward it to your circle of influence when you have finished.

“Did you enjoy the meeting?” Dr. Barbara Schneeman, the US Delegate to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) asked me at the end of the meeting here in Bonn.

I told her that I did not believe it was possible to “enjoy the meeting” since it was alternately boring to an excruciating degree and literally horrifying but, yes, I was very, very glad that I had come. I explained that although I had read about the CCNFSDU process and the outrageous, autocratic behavior of its chairman, Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, until one sees him destroying any hint of a real democratic or consensus process, one cannot imagine how brutally intimidating he is. (Yes, I really said that.) I also told her that I thought that seeing our own country in action was instructive, too. And, I added, meeting members of other national delegations and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) was of critical significance.

What I did not tell her was the reason it was of such critical importance: The Natural Solutions Foundation is offering a legal and conceptual alternative to Codex’s deadly positions, policies and guidelines which are strongly endorsed, I am sad to say, by the US (along with the EU, Japan and Australia).

In addition to attending the meetings, of course, what the Natural Solutions Foundation spent our time on was connecting with national delegations and NGOs, and developing a common strategy for lifting the Codex yoke from the most vulnerable countries: developing nations which, alone, lack the voice, strategy, legal, clinical and scientific strength to reverse the impact of Codex on the health, lives and deaths of their people. We succeeded to a remarkable degree. Frankly, our success has exceeded even my most positive expectations.

In a moment, I will tell you why I am so excited by what we have begun, but please understand that I cannot share with you the names of the particular countries involved right now since our work together is new and the formation of our movement is still very much in progress. However, I will tell you what we have achieved and let you in on the excitement which lies ahead because you are a part of this change as much as General Stubblebine, our wonderful legal team and I are. Your letters, your emails to Congress and your dissemination of information created - and continue to create - the foundation upon which this new thrust rests.

As you may remember, we took the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline with us to Bonn so that we could offer it for adoption to countries not so firmly controlled by the Bigs that they are no longer interested in the well-being of their people. Naturally, this left out the EU, Australia, Japan and, tragically, the US. So, apart from being pleasant to their representatives (and why not? After all, they are just people who, for the most part, have been sadly misled with no idea what they have been seduced into bringing forward) we did not seek any meaningful dialogue with them.

Instead, we concentrated on making contact and developing connections with those countries whose delegates refused to be cowed by the hostile, insulting and demeaning Dr. Grossklaus and those countries which are

  • Not yet completely owned by the Bigs
  • Resistant to the impact of the Bigs on their national policy
  • Too poor and too natural-resource-poor for the Bigs to be playing in force yet
  • Resisting the Bigs’ policies for other reasons.
  • (To give you an idea of how Grossklaus controls the meeting, here is just one example of his intimidation: “Please try to limit yourself to constructive comments this time”, Grossklaus said snidely to a delegate who had disagreed with him. “I trust myself that ALL of my comments have been constructive!” said the delegate with great dignity. Despite that, he failed to get his objection to any of the toxic components allowed by Codex in baby formula, including fluoride (!), taken into account. Grossklaus simply shouted him down and ignored him although was, of course, unfailingly obsequious, polite and charming to the EU, US, Japan, Australia, etc... They, of course, were clearly on Team Pharma even if there were minor points of difference here and there.)

So we sought out members of delegations we either knew, or suspected, were open to an alternative to the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG) as ratified by the Codex Alimentarius Commission last July. We introduced ourselves and asked if they were aware of the deadly impact of the VMG ratified by Codex in Rome last July. We did a lot of sharing about the meaning of Risk Assessment, the fact that the Codex VMG does not permit the consideration of any benefits to the nutrients under consideration and that the impact of chronic under-nutrition on the populations of their countries would be massive preventable devastation. They "got it" immediately. We then presented them with the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline prepared by our team and began our real work at Codex: creating a team of countries who understand what Codex really is and how Codex will impact their peoples if they do not use the legal options available to them to pass national legislation correcting the deadly impact of bad standards, regulations and guidelines like the VMG.

The response was nothing short of fantastic. A week after we first walked into the meeting at the Bruchen Forum in Bonn, we now have a team of countries and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) entities which is determined to spread the international, inter-denominational gospel that nutrition is the basis of health and that mandating under-nutrition and a tainted food supply is for the good of corporations, but has nothing to do with meaningful human values and protective national strategies. We shared our analysis of Codex’ history as the brain child of Fritz ter Meer and the pharmaceutical connection, the impact of Risk Assessment on the health of their people, the action of Codex to increase, rather than prevent, contamination of the entire global food chain and, most importantly, what they can do to protect their countries.

And now the work begins. We have been graced with the potential involvement of a well-placed and well-regarded NGO with units in more than 130 countries which speaks unfailingly for the rights and well-being of consumers. We will be traveling soon to meet with the heads of our NGOs since their help in our global strategy will be of immeasurable value.

We will be helping our team member countries (and others that will join us) understand and implement the RVMG in place of the VMG so that they are Codex Compliant along this line (and therefore do not face disastrous World Trade Organization [WTO] trade sanctions). You can imagine that there is a good deal of work to be done. Some of it requires being on the ground to meet with legislators, government ministers, industry and cultural leaders in these countries. Some of it requires helping to develop and implement and then provide curricula from kindergarten through graduate school and professional in-service education. One country, for example, has already asked us to do that for them since there is zero nutritional information for people at any level in school who, after all, will make the choices as consumers as they grow.

Part of the work is explaining how counties can spend less money on healthcare and bring more people into good health – and keep them there – by using natural health options instead of drugs for all but acute trauma and emergency medicine. Countries understand that wasting huge amounts of money for toxic and ineffective drugs does not make much sense and are looking to us for the information to help them make the conceptual and practical shift away from costly, dangerous drugs to inexpensive, effective natural treatments.

In support of their adoption of the RVMG, we have promised these countries, and the others that will join our team, that we will provide:

  • Scientific information to justify the use of nutrients at therapeutic dosages
    • Dossiers on significant disease states and the appropriate, safe and effective treatment of these states using nutritional modalities as first line and preventive treatment
    • A World Congress on High Dosage Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease
  • Clinical information upon which to base their nutritional and medical strategies for preventing and treating the chronic degenerative diseases of under nutrition
  • Economic analyses to demonstrate the efficacy of using the available health budget for natural treatment (and therefore bringing safe, non-toxic treatment to far more people) while reserving pharmaceuticals for conditions when rapid and life-saving impact is desired and toxic consequences can be sorted out later, in other words, emergencies and trauma care.
  • Educational support to build a constituency of knowledgeable citizens, government regulators and professionals who use and value nutritional strategies, including a clean, unadulterated food supply and nutritional options for health. Curricular material is necessary for general, governmental and professional education.
  • Legal information to support the adoption of the RVMG
    • Domestic legislative support
    • International legal consultation
    • Trade-related (especially WTO) consultation
Yes, it is true that Dr. Grossklaus did his usual shenanigans and made a complete mockery of the July 7, 2005 WHO demand that Codex implement the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (GSDPAH) by moving the discussion from Agenda Item 2 (early) to Agenda Item 10 (end of meeting) putting the discussion off to the last possible minute of the last day so there was no time whatsoever for any meaningful discussion. Whenever anything required by the GSDPAH came up, like reducing the amount of added sugar in infant formula which Norway brought up, Grossklaus relegated it to Agenda Item 10 for which less than14 minutes was ultimately permitted. Oops, so sorry, Grossklaus said. Tell the Codex Commission that the Regional Groups should implement the GSDPAH. We don’t have time to. (!)

And it is true that Dr. Grossklaus unilaterally rejected the paper prepared by South Africa on Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) which bravely focused on optimum health and that he rudely sent South Africa back to the drawing board for another year to get it right this time.

And it is true that he used the same trick on the Proposed Draft Recommendations on the Scientific Basis of Health Claims that he did with the WHO Global Strategy: drag out the sterile discussions that have been going on for years (e.g., dietary fiber) so that there is no time whatsoever left for the crucial ones. The same thing, by the way, happened last year. Surprise! France will head an Electronic Working Group on this topic. Again.

Yes, it is true, too, that the Discussion Paper on the Application of Risk Analysis to the Work was endorsed by our Pharma Friendly US delegation after it was introduced by Australia, with the assistance of Canada, the European Community, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, the International Alliance for Dietary Supplement Associations (IADSA), and the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFOST). The work of the FAO/WHO to develop scientific principles on the application of risk assessment to nutrients is underway. A final report from the Joint FAO/WHO group should be available in early 2006 and will then be discussed at the next meeting of the CCNFSDU in Thailand. Unless, that is, one of the co-chairs, Dr. Grossklaus, does not want it discussed and pulls the same nonsense that he has so often resorted to, and been allowed to succeed in using, to control and distort discussion and decisions.

Even more important, however, it is true that a group of nations (which could reach 12 or 13 within a few months) are prepared to look very closely at adopting the Revised Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, implementing health and nutrition in their countries as domestic and international policies and bringing the principles of DSHEA*, the remarkable pro-health US law, to their countries and, by example, to the rest of the world.

Now won’t that be wonderful when, for the people of these countries, as with DSHEA here in America, nutrients are foods and, as such, can have no upper limit on their use? When doctors and consumers, nurses and public health officers have the means and the knowledge to cheaply, effectively and non-toxically opt for the prevention and treatment of the underlying causes of the chronic, degenerative diseases that are killing us in ever-increasing numbers? The 21st Century scourges of mankind are not pestilence and plague: they are toxicity and chronic under-nutrition, often in the face of excessive caloric intake.

What does the Natural Solutions Foundation have to do? Generate, coordinate and manage the resources necessary to help pro-health nations who are not part of Team Pharma adopt the RVMG. That means asking each and every one of you to help provide those resources. No one can provide them all. Together, we can, though.

There are 5 areas of concern:

Congress: All of us need to keep up the pressure on Congress to

Professional Support: Some of you are

  • Educators
  • Lawyers
  • Trade experts
  • Scientists
  • Natural health practitioners
  • Nutritionists
  • Anthropologists
  • Etc.

Contact me at or to join the health freedom effort. We are working world wide to support health and health freedom. Whatever your expertise is, we need it.

Contacts: Many times people have ideas (and very good ones, too,) about whom we should contact.

Make the first contact. First contacts are very time consuming, especially when the person has never heard of Codex. If there is someone you think should be involved, let me know and, if you can, contact them yourself first to let them know that you are concerned with this issue and you think that they should be, too.

Give them the website,, and tell them that this is a very important issue which you believe they need to be involved in because …. That smoothes the way greatly and saves a good deal of our time and theirs.

In-Country contacts are very important. If you know someone in a developing country who can serve as a point of contact for us, please contact them, ask them if they are interested in working with us and then let us know all about it.

Members of your church, club, professional associates and professional associations, friends from school (or your children’s schools) etc. who are interested are wonderful assets
Endorsements: Professional, religious, civic and other organizations can endorse the Natural Solutions Foundation and the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline. These endorsements are essential to the “traction” we are developing in Congress and internationally. Currently, the Natural Solutions Foundation and the RVMG has been endorsed by

Money. Ah, yes, money. Is it going to take money to do this? You bet! General Stubblebine and I will literally have to visit at least 8 countries in Africa and another 3 in Asia within the next 4 months. And, frankly, although we have been functioning without administrative and clerical employees, a project of this magnitude cannot succeed without personnel. The coordination is just too massive. So we will have to find the funding for salaries, international travel, Congressional relations, etc. We will need support for this success. So far no one has received any salary for their work: I have not nor have General Stubblebine, our marvelous legal team, our legislative liaison people, our Director of Special Alliances, nor anyone else. We need help and expertise necessary to be effective here and abroad.

Please consider the following:

1. If your company is involved with the Wellness Industry or philanthropic giving, please consider being an active ally of the Natural Solutions Foundation. Contact me at or to discuss how your company or foundation can help make our work possible.

2. DUMP for Freedom by donating your unwanted items and letting us auction them off on It's a win-win-win situation: you clear your clutter, someone else gets just what they have been looking for and your tax deductible contribution helps us do our work. We've gotten donations of an air cleaner, coins, sheet music, a negligee, etc. All you have to do is take the item(s) to any common carrier (Federal Express, UPS, DHL), pack it up yourself (or have them pack it) and ship it to the D.U.M.P. Fund, att: NSF, 297 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ 07004 (email us at with any questions). Make sure you include your name and address. Too heavy to carry or perhaps you are too busy? No problem. If you’d like, we can arrange for a common carrier pick-up – just email us at

There are some restrictions on donations. Items and services should have a potential value of $30.00 or more and must be in working order. Unacceptable items include:

a. Food or Drink, including perishables.

b. Plants or wildlife of any kind.

c. Clothing, with the exception of some fur or leather.

d. Anything moldy, rotting, rusty or non functional.

e. Health and beauty products, medications.

f. Adult materials.

3. Donate. Just plain ol' donate. How about a recurring donation? Our donation form makes it easy. A lot or a little, we need your help to continue our effective and ground breaking initiative.

Remember, just because a battle is hard does not mean that it can't be won.

Our experience in Bonn shows us that countries are ready and willing to work with us to change the rules that Codex has been forcing on everyone. Now we need to follow up on this marvelous opening. And that is exactly what we are going to do!

The future belongs to health and to freedom.

* Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act of 1994, (DSHEA) is the unique pro-health American law, passed by unanimous Congressional Consent, which considers nutrients and herbs to be foods which, as such, can have no upper limit set on their use.

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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