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Email Newsletter from 9/17/06

This is a very busy time for health freedom and the Natural Solutions Foundation so I thought it might be a good idea to survey what's going on, what's on the horizon and what you can get involved with to make a difference! (By the way, I am trying an experiment. You'll find the links at the bottom of this issue of the Codex Alert eNewsletter. Let me know if you like them better there.)

International Decade of Nutrition

On September 6, 2006 the Natural Solutions Foundation inaugurated a vitally important world-wide program to end world hunger, promote world health by supporting projects and providing the data and models that countries around the world can use to use advanced nutrition to enhance their people's well-being and turn Codex around at the same time! Low cost, low technology, high impact strategies will create models for countries to protect the health of their people and produce enough food for them at the same time without harming them or the environment by doing so.

This means making DSHEA the world standard, of course. And that's exctly what we have been doing for over a year with the "Codex Two Step" and the Codex eBook which we present to decison makers in Africa, Asia and at Codex meetings.

It also means initiating programs around the world. Yesterday alone I had conversations with people in 3 developing countries asking if we would work with them to put programs in their countries!

Opportunity: Change the grim face of world hunger to the smiling face of world health through programs, documentation and political liason.

1. Volunteer Administrative Coordinator
2. Volunteer Grant Writer

Coming Soon: Clean, Pure Supplements

I asked you if you wanted us to provide organic, high quality nutrients which you could easily buy, get a tax deduction for a large part of the purchase price and support the Natural Solutions Foundation at the same time.

Nearly 600 folks took the time to write and virtually everyone loved the idea. Because you do, we are working hard on the nutrient page which should be up soon. We'll let you know as soon as the site is ready. You'll be able to buy nutrients, personal care products, snacks and munchies -- all organic, all wholesome!
Every product line listed for sale will be organic, wild-crafted, totally free of genetically modified material (GMOs). We will, in fact, post a statement from each company so you don't have to just take our word for it! You can shop with confidence knowing that you are supporting your body, the wellness industry and the Natural Solutions Foundation AND getting a tax deduction all at the same time.

Half Way There!

We are more than half way to our fund raising goal for 2006! If you have already helped us out, hanks so much for your generosity! And if you haven't made that tax deductible donation yet, thanks for making it today! We really need your financial support.

Please consider making a recurring donation: it helps us a lot! (One time donations are, of course, welcome too.)

Last week we were in Washington DC to attend the US Policy Meeting on the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses in Thailand. We are getting ready to

  • Go to Atlanta, GA, to give a lecture and participate in a fund raising benefit for the Natural Solutions Foundation in mid October
  • Go to Hilton Head, NC where we will be honored with a prestigious award for our work on behalf of environmental medicine (stay tuned for more about that!)
  • Attend the next CCNFSDU at the end of October (Thailand)
  • Attend the Working Group on Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods (Norway)
  • Continue building the basis for clean healthy food here in the US and abroad

Meanwhile, we are writing, lecturing, doing numerous radio shows and broadening the constituency for health freedom constantly.

Opportunity: Widen and deepen the force for health freedom nationally and internationally through education, participation in Codex and other national and international opportunities to change

1. Volunteer Fund Raising Coordinator
2. Volunteer Researchers to pull information together on GMOs and pesticides for the next Codex eBooks
3. Every eNewsletter subscriber sign up 5 more new subscribers


You are wonderful. You have offered to

  • Volunteer your art and your music to help us raise funds for the health freedom battle. When our shopping cart is up you'll find wonderful things there like special art prints of original art donated by a supporter!
  • Run health freedom benefits (like the wonderful events we have had in Asheville and Flint!) and the upcoming dance and music events in Atlanta next month
  • Volunteer your talents in law, research, fund raising, graphic arts, etc. so that we can carry on the battle
  • Use for all of your searches (and for your school and company, too) and designate "Natural Solutions Foundation" as the charity you want to fund through your searches
  • Activate and inform your communities and organizations through showing "Nutricide: the DVD" and distributing fliers, Citizens' Petitions, etc.
  • Circulating these eNewsletters to your circle of influence and asking people to join our mailing list and get involved in the health freedom battle
  • Linking your site to the Natural Solutions Foundation to let people know about us and increase our position in the search engines
  • Create new health freedom items to let more people in on the issues. Stay tuned for these, too!

If you have an idea, a talent or a passion, let's use it to let freedom (health freedom, that is), ring! Contact us at and tell us how you would like to help to secure health freedom!

So there you have a quick rundown. Health Freedom is big, complex and expensive. We are a community of passion, intelligence, generosity and vitality.

And we are fighting a winning battle. Show me a parent anywhere on earth who does not want clean nutritious foods and health products for their children. Show me a politician who can put enough spin into a position to make it work when he tells his people he is on the side of corporate profits, greed and increased levels of illness for them.

We've got the winning horse in this race AND we have a winning strategy. I believe we've got the winning team, too, because of your generosity and creativity.


Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

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