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Email Newsletter from 9/20/05

I am writing to you because you a friend of Health and Health Freedom and a supporter of the Natural Solutions Foundation.

We have reached Day 19/30 of the Natural Solutions Foundation Fund Raising Drive and your generosity has brought us $7923. Thank you, one and all.

General Stubblebine and I are totally dedicated to protecting, preserving and defending our health freedom. We eat, sleep, drink and breath health freedom. It's that important to us to make sure that we all have the opportunity to make whatever health choices we think best. In fact, we closed our medical practice to work on this full time (or rather full time plus!)

You probably know that we need your help with Congressional letters, sharing information via email, organizing meetups and the like. When we ask for it, your response is fantastic! And you probably also know that we depend upon you for your generous donations so that we can continue this battle for your health freedoms and for ours.

Since we are asking you for money, it seemed only right that we take a few minutes to share the 12 top reasons that make it a great idea to give generously to the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Remember, you can make your donation by credit card, PayPal or check. (If you want to make a tax deductible donation you may do so by making your check out to NISLAPP [which stands for National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy] and writing "Natural Solutions Foundation" on the memo line. Mail it to:

Natural Solutions Foundation
88 Batten Road
Croton on Hudson NY 10520

So here are my top twelve reasons that it makes sense to support health freedom and the Natural Solutions Foundation:

1. Every single penny you donate to the Natural Solutions Foundation goes directly toward the health freedom fight. There are no salaries and no overhead costs like rent and utilities, etc., because they are donated.

2. General Stubblebine and I are experienced health and freedom fighters so we know how to fight this war through strategic alliances and international collaboration.

3. The Natural Solutions Foundation is beholden to nothing but the truth and no one but our supporters.

4. The Natural Solutions Foundation carries your battle everywhere: to the airwaves, the internet, Congress, the International Community and anywhere else it needs to go without ceasing. Last week, for General Stubblebine and I were interviewed on 15 national and 2 local radio shows and 1 web cast.

5. The Natural Solutions Foundation is broadly focused on ALL the health freedom issues confronting us and was the first health freedom organization to alert the public to the fact that Codex was about much more than just vitamins and minerals.

6. The Natural Solutions Foundation is willing to tackle the toughest issuesfearlessly whether others agree with us or not. They usually come around after we have been breaking ground for a while.

7. General Stubblebine and I travel extensively wherever we can shed light on the issues. We reported on the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Rome, attend and speak at Public Hearings, lecture to lay and professional groups all over North America and bring the latest news and information back to you. We'll be going to Bonn for the Codex Nutrition Committee meeting in November.

8. The Natural Solutions Foundation investigates and dissects disinformation, spin and propaganda for you and then offers you the truth as we understand it. We tell you everything we know: there are no secrets and no hidden agendas.

9. We support you fully when we ask you to do something (such as organize a Health Freedom Meetup), we are there with support, phone-in participation, information and anything else you tell us would be helpful to you.

10.We work very hard to keep the website current so that you have up-to-the minute information to make decisions with.

11. The Natural Solutions Foundation offers meaningful, well-thought-out action steps at the local and national levels so we do more than just tell you where the dangers are. We tell you how to combat them.

12. The Natural Solutions Foundation brings easy activism which can save your life with initatives like the Eat Safe, Eat Smart Buy-Cott to help you say "NO!" to GMOs and make healthy food choices for yourself your family.

Gerbers likes to say, "Babies are our business, our only business". We modify it to say, "Health Freedom is our passion, our only passion".

Please support the Natural Solutions Foundation with generous donations. We look to you to tell us how important our work is to you by participating in the action steps and by donating the money we need to keep operationg.

Perhaps you might consider making an on-going contribution. The credit card form at allows you to do unlrdd you want to give a one time gift. Either way, please give generously so that we can continue to work for you and your health freedom.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

PS: Think for a moment what your natural health choices are worth to you. What would you pay to get them back if you lost them? Please donate now.

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