Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor (Things, That Is) and We'll Auction Them on eBay!

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Email Newsletter from 10/7/05

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

– Winston Churchill


Donate Unwanted Merchandise Program: Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor (Things, That Is) and We'll Auction Them on eBay!

Here's a Brand New Way to Support the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Dear NSF Supporter,

You know that you can always count on the Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) for Health Freedom news and what’s new in Health Freedom. Well, NSF has a new, fun-filled way for you to help support NSF! Are you like me? Do you have tons of stuff you really don’t need anymore that could be someone else’s treasure? Sure you are! NSF can now accept goods and services to be auctioned on eBay through the D.U.M.P. Initiative (Designate Unneeded Merchandise Program).

NSF supporters have been wonderfully supportive. You helped us reach our 30-day goal of $10,000 and we thank you sincerely. Please click here to find out how your generous donations are being spent.

Moving forward, I am sure a lot of you have merchandise or collectables you could provide to keep the NSF working for your health and freedom. The gift of an item for auction can help NSF raise revenue when the item is successfully auctioned on eBay! And you can follow the auction, to see how it goes… and maybe bid on a few items yourself!

The DUMP Initiative is simple. All you have to do is take the item(s) to any common carrier (Federal Express, UPS, DHL), pack it up yourself (or have them pack it) and ship it to the D.U.M.P. Fund, attention: NSF, 297 Passaic Avenue, Fairfield, NJ 07004 (email us at with any questions). Make sure you include your name and address. Too heavy to carry or perhaps you are too busy? No problem. If you’d like, we can arrange for a common carrier pick-up – just email us at

There are some restrictions on donations. Items and services should have a potential value of $30.00 or more and must be in working order. Unacceptable items include:

1. Food or Drink, including perishables.

2. Plants or wildlife of any kind.

3. Clothing, with the exception of some fur or leather.

4. Anything moldy, rotting, rusty or non functional.

5. Health and beauty products, medications.

6. Adult materials.

So, if you have an “heirloom” or collectible gathering dust somewhere, it might just be the treasure for which some eBay buyer is searching. And that means that your collectible will help support the Natural Solutions Foundation without a cash outlay on your part.

The fun part is being able to watch your items offered on the Internet, and seeing how much support its sale could generate for NSF! You will receive a written acknowledgment tax receipt showing the sale price. Items that do not sell online will be offered for sale in an auction house so they will still help us keep fighting for health and health freedom.

If you have special items for donation, such as vehicles, services, tickets to shows or other date sensitive items, please email us before sending the goods, so we can make special arrangements with the D.U.M.P. Initiative.

Just think how much support can mean to the Natural Solutions Foundation! Won’t you take a moment to identify and send off those unwanted items to help fund the battle for health and health freedom? Thanks for your support!

Yours in health and health freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

PS: Thanks for recycling your collectibles, “nearly” treasures and all those wedding gifts you never got around to using! Consider books, DVDs and videos; unused small appliances, calculators, laptop computers or electronics of all sorts. Remember, freedom is not free and your support of the Natural Solutions Foundation through the D.U.M.P Initiative can make a big difference to us all. Thanks again.

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