Asheville "gets" it. Does your town? Read the Codex eBook to find out.

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Email Newsletter from 3/7/05

This email is an update and a heart-felt public "Thank you" to the people of Asheville, NC, who really, really "GET" that Codex is not only a major threat to the health and well-being of everyone on this planet, but also an outstanding opportunity to shift the global paradigm. It is also an equally heart-felt thanks to the members of our team, many of whom are part of the inter-organizational Citizens Codex Working Group, who put so much hard work into developing and perfecting our strategy, the model legislation and other implementation tools you can read in our first-ever eBook. Without them, there would be no strategy and no solution to the problems presented by Codex.

We presented this strategy with wonderful reception to Ministers of Health, members of National Codex Committees, Consumer Advocates, Environmental Activisits, Economic Development Specialists and a host of other people in Africa. Every single one of them was enthralled and excited. They all stated that the input was very timely and appeared delighted to know that there was a politically viable option to compliance with Codex. You can read the same document they did: that's why we have made our brand new 117 page Codex e-Book available to you.

As our Codex strategy, set forth in detail in a brand new Codex e-Book, is studied, discussed and applied to access to high potency Dietary Supplements (and the other major food supply errors embraced by Codex) by the countries of the world who value health and health freedom, the net effect will be to refocus those countries and their consumers on the value and attainability of health, healthy food and natural health options. What an opportunity!

On January 2, 2006, Dr. John and Mrs. Connie Wilson arranged for us to address a small group of Asheville's thought leaders over a lovely after work buffet in a nice hotel meeting room about Codex and our solution to the problem. This small group was so taken with our presentation of the problem, the solution and the eventual positive outcome that they decided then and there to hold a public meeting for information dissemination, community activation and fund raising. They understood well that an effort like ours needs people for on-going support and money and they were determined to help Asheville provide both.

Several things began to happen at the same time:

1. A core group people willing to meet once a month, came together to make sure that their community got the opportunity to hear message, the soluition and participate in protecting health and health freedom home and abroad. They set the date for a realistic 2 months later (this past Sunday, in fact) formed and began working together.

2. The Asheville core group selected and booked a venue and began creating a template of materials, procedures, timelines and tasks for other communities.

3. They continued a weekly meetings in which they identified resources and tapped them and identified problems and solved them.

By the day before the Asheville meeting, the sound and video recording, ushers, stage decorations, donation forms, Copies of the Citizen's Petition and other documents, boxes and the program, etc., etc., etc., were under excellent control. Everyone was "juiced", no one was frantic and the team esprit, even among people who had never met before this 2 month working time, was outstanding. When we walked into the core group's last meeting the day before the event, the team dynamic was outstanding and their excitement was absolutely palpable. They were obviously having a great time!

Because of the activism of just 2 people, Dr. John Wilson, and his remarkable wife Connie, who run an advanced health facility in Asheville, Great Smokies Medical Center this remarkable community of people came together for a Codex presentation in Asheville at a beautiful theater there an last Sunday afternoon. They created an event in which we had the opportunity to address 300 people who listened enthusiastically to the Natural Solutions Codex message:

“Codex is a huge problem which represents the greatest opportunity we have ever had to shift the global health paradigm from illness care to health care. Our Dietary Supplements strategy, the first of many corrective Codex interventions yet to come, is a major force in ending world hunger and promoting world health while simultaneously promoting health and health freedom here and abroad!”

What that means is that if we do our job right we will be the catalytic force that tips the balance away from corporate management of illness toward personal responsibility for health and health options! Thank you, Codex Alimentarius, for polarizing the issue so beautifully that people and nation states are left with little choice but to re-evaluate their relationship with top-down (expensive, toxic, ineffective) illness care and search for ways to implement (inexpensive, safe, effective,

What a gift! What an opportunity! And what an opportunity for your community to do what Asheville has done, too.

Asheville has done the heavy lifting. Now their experience is ready for you to build upon.

The Asheville Codex Event Template is available to you electronically at no cost. Contact me at and let me know where you would like to hold a Codex Event, what your support team looks like right now, what your thoughts are about how you will build your support and spotlight the event and your contact information. I will get back to you and discuss schedule, etc., so that we can put being there for your community on our calendar and you can make it happen! We will provide the Codex Event Electronic Template complete with step by step guidelines for publicity, venue, advertising and marketing materials, program, etc., which you can improve upon as you like to make your event even better than the last one! Please contact me if you are seriously interested in replicating this important Codex event.

By all means, download the new detailed Codex e-Book NOW. This book, the same one presented to the leaders of a multitude of African Nations, contains

1. A message from General Stubblebine explaining the crucial threat and opportunity presented by the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline

2. Our pro-health Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline side by side with the pro-illness Codex Vitamin and Mineral guideline for easy comparison

3. Our Model Legislation based on the 1994 US Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) which allows countries to "Harmonize UP" to DSHEA, not "Harmonize DOWN" to Codex's mandated under-nutrition

4. A brief legal summary of why this approach, based on strong science, creates a WTO sanction proof shield for the countries employing it

5 An detailed 5 part essay, Nutrition and Health which I wrote to detail

A. the economic and world health importance of nutrients as foods

B. the impact of the World Health Organization Workshop on the Application of Risk Assessment to Nutrients, a 350+ page document which makes an Adverse Event out of any change (even a positive one) in your body caused by a nutrient

C. detailed and specific examinations of the use of nutrition (and nutritional protocols) in 3 non-communicable diseases of under nutrition which cause preventable death and suffering in our own countries as well as those in the developing world:

i. Wound healing and trauma as nutritional medicine heals them in a drug free context

ii. Cardiovascular disease, blood lipids and stroke prevented and treated using nutrition, not drugs

iii. Diabetes and glucose control using nutrition, not drugs, to modify and improve those issues.

This new Codex e-Book is literally the first of its kind since it contains a wealth of information including the Codex strategic template, its application to the first of the issues chosen for reform, the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, the legal structure and rationale a country needs to make the transition from Codex compliant to health promoting and a detailed essay rich in references outlining the better science which protects dietary supplement-focused nations from the ravages of under-nutrition.

Read the new Codex e-Book, watch NUTRICIDE: the DVD, spread the word in your community: invite us and we'll join you in keeping health and health freedom alive globally!

Oh, and don’t forget to donate generously. Every penny of your donation will be used to help protect health and health freedom here and abroad by ending world hunger and promoting world health! If you are reading this, you are already aware of the problem. Here's a great way to become a part of the solution, too! See you at the Codex event in your community!

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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