Global Victory: Bottle-Fed Infants Safe From Added Flouride!


Email Newsletter from 11/1/06

Global Victory:
Bottle-Fed Infants Safe From Added Fluoride!

Victory is always sweet. This one is no exception.

The Natural Solutions Foundation provided data and documentation to South Africa (SA) which allowed SA to change the US-supported Codex position from allowing the addition of this deadly, cancer-causing toxin to infant formula to a global prohibition against manufacturers' adding fluoride to infant formula yesterday.
This is a perfect example of what pro-health participation like ours can do here in Codex and we take great pride in this achievement. You can read more about it in our blog for Day 6: October 31, 2001. It also tells you why you need to support our efforts so that we can take our understanding and knowledge into Codex and beyond it.

Think about it for a moment: 1, or 10, or 1 million or 10 million bottle-fed babies around the world will NOT develop bone cancer, brain damage, thyroid suppression, dental fluorosis, leukemia or the other preventable diseases of fluoride poisoning. Their parents and families will never endure the agony of a sick and dying child because of this particular instance of industrial convenience and greed. And you had a part in that joy. This is your triumph. You, as a health advocate made this possible. Just think what else we can do together.

Thank you for your support to this point. Thank you for

  • Sharing our information with everyone on your list and in your orbit of influence.
  • Your emails, questions, suggestions and participation.
  • Financial support
  • Your creativity in bringing this information to your communities.

The discussion is about to shift to the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (GS). You will remember that last year this same Committee managed to prohibit any meaningful discussion on this vitally important item which has the potential of increasing the weight on the consumer protection end of the Codex see saw substantially. You will also recall that at the next opportunity for discussion, the Codex Committee on Food Labeling, South Africa proposed 11 outstanding points for implementation, two of which were immediately opposed by the US. The opposition was focused on

1. "Optimal Health" as a goal of Codex (no other goal was specified)
2. a world-wide ban on marketing junk food to children.

It is important to note that in that discussion, a world-wide ban on trans fats, the important role that dietary supplements have in health and other very important pro-health measures were NOT opposed by anyone, including the US. When the discussion takes place here at the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) today (assuming that it DOES take place, of course), I'll let you know immediately what happens since your life, and mine, can be impacted by this discussion.

Citizens Petitions Continue to Pile Up!

Another joy to me is the number of Citizens Petitions you are emailing in. We changed the Citizen's Petition submission form so that this strong legal challenge to the US Codex-compliant policy on nutrients can simply be emailed to us. We'll take it from there, printing it, adding the count to the total and mailing it off to the recipients under the appropriate docket number. These documents are flooding in. I cannot tell you how important it is for you and your circle of influence to participate in this effort. We need to let the US Government know that we are opposed to any effort to "HARMonize" our supplements away from us since they are protected by several laws, including DSHEA. It is also not acceptable to set upper limits on nutrients: they are, according to US law, foods and, as such, can have no upper limit set on their use. NONE!

And India has recently passed a food law a lot like ours. How ironic if we, the leaders of high potency supplements as food, were to loose our self determination and health freedom while other countries are protecting theirs!

Keep health freedom free! Add your name to the Citizen's Petition and ask everyone you know to do the same!

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

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