Freedom is not free. But at least it's tax deductible!

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Email Newsletter from 4/1/06

Freedom is not free. But at least it is tax deductible!

We need your generous help to make health freedom happen and keep it alive. How much help? $200,000 for the rest of 2006.


Codex implements nothing. Countries implement Codex standards -- or not! How that message gets translated into action is the strength and the power of our Codex message.


We urgently need your help to take that message to the US Congress, to educate friendly delegates from other countries at Codex meetings and to the decision makers themselves in health-friendly countries around the world who are eager to listen.

Here's our promise to you: every single dollar you donate is used for the health freedom battle. You are supporting health freedom advocacy, not overhead, not high living, and not for fat in this healthy meal. You are supporting vigilance, creativity and dedication.

No one at the Natural Solutions Foundation has taken a penny of salary nor have our consulting lawyers and strategists, our graphic artist, etc. But all the dedication in the world won't buy an airplane ticket, pay for a night in a hotel, pay a phone bill, print a book, or purchase a meal a thousand miles away from home. No, freedom isn't free.

It's your health freedom that's at stake: yours, mine and the rest of the world's, that is. This is a vitally important campaign and, frankly, a frightfully expensive one.


We are bringing the Codex issue to light along with the solution to Codex's deadly pro-illness standards. Codex thrives in the dark but, like a poisonous mushroom, withers in the light of public awareness. By now, a lot of people are noticing there is a Codex problem. With 20 radio shows a week or more (when we are home), we are proud to have helped that awareness grow. We believe that we and our allies are the only health freedom advocates with a real solution to the problem and we know that we are absolutely the only health freedom champions who have taken to the road to bring the solution to the decision-makers of the world’s health-friendly nations. (Imagine: there actually are countries whose policy makers are searching for ways to make their people strong and healthy!)

We are bringing Americans the message that they need to act -- NOW -- to protect our rapidly eroding health freedoms. And we are offering strong, sensible actions we all need to take to protect our health and health freedoms.

In fact, we've just come back from a solid 3.5 months on the road to Africa, California, Michigan, North Carolina, Washington DC, Nevada, ... well, you get the idea.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is bringing information to countries that are urgently seeking ways to end world hunger and promote world health through dietary supplements and nutrition. And they are listening. Hard.

The Natural Solutions Foundation brings this desperately needed information to the developing world. They can use it to strengthen their capacity to fend off the damage the multinational agenda can do to their populations and strengthen their ability to feed and keep their people healthy.

Make no mistake: we cannot do this alone. We need your generous donations NOW so that we can move our success here and in Africa forward. That means, for example,

-- going back to Africa at least twice this year to solidify contacts and make new ones ($) and

-- bringing delegates from health-friendly countries together to a strategic and tactical workshop ($) to plan how to act together in the interest of a nutrition coalition and

-- sponsoring delegates from friendly countries to attend important Codex meetings ($) and

-- taking our pro-health Codex strategy to as many health-friendly nations as possible ($) and

-- attending additional Codex Committees plus those we already attend as well as the July Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) meeting to broaden our connections with our health-friendly allies ($) and

-- participating in other international organizations to build the health forces' momentum globally ($) and

-- You get the idea ($)

We need to raise $200,000 to fund the next several phases of our work. Next month we will go first to another medical meeting in Kansas to alert doctors and help them to involve their patients, then a Codex committee in Canada, then we attend the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland to build the international movement for optimal health and then head out to Asia to bring our pro-health message to countries there, the to the Codex Commission in Geneva (again), then back to Africa (adding more countries). Home for a short time, then back to Asia. I think you get the idea.


Us. You do. We do. Industry does not.


You might say, "That's a lot of money”. Well, yes, but there's a lot at stake. And just think: if everyone buys an e-book or a copy of Nutricide: the DVD we'll be there! If you make a monthly credit card pledge, we'll be there. If you make a donation equal to your supplement expense for one month, we'll be there. If you hold a fundraiser, we'll be there. If you and your friends make regular purchases from, we'll be there. Again, you get the idea.

The Natural Solutions Foundation has worked long and hard with other strategically-minded health freedom activists to create domestic and international solutions to challenges to our rights to control our own health. Codex is one of those challenges -- a big one.


When you make a contribution of $50 or more you will receive an email for your tax records verifying that this is a tax deductible donation. Please consider making the Natural Solutions Foundation a principle charity for you and for your business.

Join us! Together, we are part of the solution. So donate now, take the action steps now and keep freedom free!

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

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