Time to ride the "Freedom Mouse!"

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Email Newsletter from 10/3/05

"Strong Reasons Make Strong Actions"

– William Shakespeare

Your Actions Are Having an Impact

Thank you # 1 For Your Generosity
We asked you for your help in raising $10,000 in operating expenses in 30 days. And you beat the deadline: you came through for health freedom in 25 days. Please check out how your generous donations are used,

Thank you # 2 For Riding the "Freedom Mouse"
We asked you to send emails to Congress urging them to preserve our Organic Standards instead of degrading them to match the Codex Organic Standards. As we can expect them to do when we make enough of a ruckus, CONGRESS BACKED OFF. They postponed the issue to "study it further". Now our job is to make sure that the pressure continues.

Industry told us that "the fix was in" and there was no way out of it: because mega-corporations are mega-corporations, whether they make organic food or nutrients or drugs, the Organic Trade Association,, (representing both small and medium sized idealistic companies as well as organic production giants) came up with the idea of diluting and degrading the organic standards to allow synthetic materials, non-organic feed, using antibiotics and other veterinary drugs and on organic animals and then reclassifying them as organic again ALL WITHOUT CONSUMER NOTIFICATION AND LABELING. After all, these modifications make it possible to produce food which carries at least a 25% premium over conventional foods more cheaply and thus, maximize profit.

As I said before, mega-corporations are mega-corporations no matter what they make. We have to assume that organic producers who are in the business because they believe in organic foods are at significant odds with organic producers who are in the business because they believe in the business. I do not know what the politics inside the OTA look like right now, but I have to assume that there are some pretty unhappy campers who did not want to see the quality of their food degraded by economic pressure pushing them away from what they believe in generated by their own trade organization. It must feel about the same way for these principled farmers to realize what their trade organization is up to as it does for a committed nutrient company to realize that their trade organization, for example, NNFA or CRN, have sold out their interests, (see Codex Propaganda), by attempting to undercut their standards for an increased profit base while serving the interests of their more powerful members from Big Pharma, Big Biotechna, Big Chema and Big Agribiz and ignoring the needs of the little guys and their customers.

Remember that Codex is a trade commission -- with no interest in health -- which the World Health Organization's Dr. Kirstein Leitner observed had "not made a significant contribution to health in 62 years of existence" when asked at the July Codex meeting why Codex was not getting more funding from WHO.

Like Codex, the trade organizations of both industries, organic food and nutritional supplements, are serving the greed-needs of trade, with no interest whatsoever in health. Their agenda is to gut the standards and legislative protections that we, the US consumers, have won with such tremendous effort in order to increase the amount of trade they can do with the rest of the Codex-compliant world. Oh, did I neglect to mention that the degraded standards OTA was pushing to add to the Agriculture Spending Bill, HR 2744, are very, very similar to Codex Organic Standards?

So our degraded organic food supply would qualify for international trade under WTO rules. To me, that's hardly worth further eroding the food supply for, but then, my interest is the health and well-being of the people who eat the food, not the pockets of the people who sell the food.

Senator Patrick Leahey (D, VT),, has called on the Secretary of Agriculture to "study the measure further". So we dodged that particular bullet for the moment because of our outpouring of letters to Congress. Thanks and congratulations to all of us. But we are not finished with this one by a long shot.

It's time to ride your trusty Freedom Mouse again!

Please take a few minutes to make these clicks:

1. Protect Organic Standards, Tell your Congressional delegation that you value meaningful organic standards greatly and do not want the National Organic Standards Board circumvented or organic standards weakened in any way.

2. Protect DSHEA, Make your Congressmen/woman aware that you urge them to oppose vigorously any bill that weakens DSHEA (click on each bill to send a letter about each one. You can personalize them if you like.)

3. Protect America's Health, Direct your Congressional employees to hold a Congressional Codex Briefing. Tell them that you want the Natural Solutions Foundation to be on the agenda.

Remember, the fix was supposedly in. Industry had a lock on our Organic Food. But We, the People, backed that one right out the door. Will it come back in if we let down our democratic guard? You bet! Solution? We are not going to let down our guard.

I have said it before and probably you will hear me say it again: it's a numbers game. Special interest dollars are vast but, as we raise our electronic voices, we bring the see-saw back into balance.

We have the Congressional Algebraic Multiplier (CAM) on our side: to Congress, one constituent email, fax or phone call equals the opinion of 13,000 voters!

Businesses press for profit.

Consumers press for quality and safety.

Patriots press for freedom.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation


Thanks for reading my latest email blast (above). In it, I wrote that Dr. Leitner chastised Codex for failing to make a contribution to human health in its 62 years of existence. In fact, the error is mine: she said "42 years". Codex was founded in 1962 and began operations in 1963 so it has been failing to end world hunger or improve world health for 42, not 62 years.

By the way, the sneaky back-door route the Organic Trade Association tried to push the degradation of organic standards through is typical of how underhanded efforts like this sneak around and makes it clear how important vigilance and readiness to act on short notice are to our health freedom.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Laibow
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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