Swallong the Poison Press Pill

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Email Newsletter from 4/15/06


The war against Natural Health needs propaganda to convince people that natural health options don't work when they know that they do. A compliant news media is part of the propaganda machine (billions of dollars in drug advertising revenue make sure of that). The FDA, of course, acts as a propaganda organ on a regular and shamefully on-going basis.


The seeming neutral and objective medical journals are a huge part of it, too. Not only do they depend upon advertising revenue to stay in business (yes, they ARE businesses, not charities), but much of the research in them is tarnished by serious conflicts of interest right from the get-go. To make matters worse, not only the authors, but many, many of the so-called "peer reviewers" whose job is to keep the system honest , have major financial ties to Big Pharma making their objectivity completely imaginary at best.

Peter Chowka, a long-time health journalist, has written an article on the poison press in medical journals which I urge you to Read for yourself, propagate widely by email to your circle of influence (and send them the Natural Solutions Foundation site, while you are at it). Share with your medical friends and ask them to read and think about this important issue.


Big Pharma and the other Codex interests are not the only one waging a war. The health freedom team is, too, and The Natural Solutions Foundation is happy to pass crucial information like this on to you as part of that war. But we do need your help. Your support is crucial to our success. I know that you value your health freedom so, right now, please take the following steps:

Make a generous donation or a pledge of on-going support.

Sign the Citizens Petition challenging the US Codex policy.

Become an information source: use the highly informative Codex eBook and Nutricide: the DVD to share this information with everyone in your community.

Thanks for your support.

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

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