Principles of War:
Urgent and Very Simple

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Principles of War: Urgent and Very Simple

(6/27/06 Email Newsletter)

Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War thousands of years ago. From this small book the Principles of War, followed by every military in the world, are derived. Those who follow the Principles of War win. Those who do not risk loosing. It's that simple.

We are fighting a war for health and health freedom and following each and every one of the Principles of War: Objective, Mass, Maneuver, Surprise, etc. There is one critical Principle of War that we need your help with urgently: "Supply".

While we have the will, the skill, the moral force, the strategy and the capability to win the War for Health Freedom, we are struggling with supply.

Supply in this case means, quite simply, money.

We are very close to a potential victory like none we have ever had in Codex: the institutionalization of "Optimal Health" as a goal within Codex. This is new and very, very important to your health and health freedom.

We have been in Africa lobbying nations to bring this change about in Codex and we have a very, very good chance of doing so. In fact, we have nations which are willing to allow us to sponsor their delegates for this purpose. That runs about $5K per delegate (no frills, by the way).

Airfare, hotels, food, ground transportation, miscellaneous, etc. all have to be paid. And, oh, by the way, so do our expenses in the same categories.

So here's what we are asking you to do: Make a tax deductible pledge right now. Take your choice:

Sponsor one friendly delegate to Codex: $ 5,000

Defray the cost of the Natural Solutions Foundation representing your interests at Codex and beyond: $1,000

Underwrite airfare expenses in the health freedom battle: $500

Support the ongoing fight to protect your health and health freedom at whatever level you can

Right now it's about supply. Please give generously.

Yours in health and freedom,

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.)

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