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Email Newsletter from 7/6/05


You have probably heard by now that The CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission (CAC) ratified the health-robbing, for-profit Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG) on July 4, 2005, in Rome, Italy.

This means that America is one step closer to losing access to effective nutritional supplements, because the VMG would make many choices in nutritional supplementation and traditional, non-pharmaceutical medicines, illegal.

The VMG is based on the Napoleonic Code and it is based on junk science, not proper science (read our CODEX 101 for full details). And it has nothing whatsoever to do with your protection from "dangerous nutrient levels". That is propaganda, to deceive people into believing that the VMG is good for them. The CODEX VMG would eliminate many nutritional supplements in therapeutic dosages from the market. So it is certainly not good for you! But the more people believe it is good for them, the less resistance they will put up to protect their health freedom from CODEX. That's the goal of the marketing behind CODEX ALIMENTARIUS - to get you to believe that it is good for you, regardless of reality (look at published reports by clueless or bought-out journalists about the disastrous ratification - notice the deceptive use of words and terms such as "consumer protection", "global standards for vitamin and mineral supplements", "vitamin independence worldwide from arbitrarily-set standards", and other terms that are meant to deceive people into thinking that something wonderful just happened).

But the CODEX people are underestimating us who truly care for our health and liberties as sovereign individuals. The CODEX people are underestimating us who are not in the least bit impressed or amused by the dictation of greedy corporations about what we should have the right to choose and not choose. There are millions of American who use natural health products and who would not believe the CODEX disinformation, if they knew what it was truly about. You are one of those millions and we will send you updates (via email) on what actions to take next. Stay tuned for that.

Informing Americans with the truth behind CODEX is the job of the Natural Solutions Foundation, via our HealthFreedomUSA campaign.

Right now, Rima E. Laibow, MD, one of the founders of the Natural Solutions Foundation, is in Rome, Italy, observing the CAC meeting. She is blogging and broadcasting Internet radio with her observations on CODEX, including interesting details such as how a building used by Hitler's Italian counterpart, Mussolini, is being used by the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS people. For those of you who missed her show this afternoon, [Webmaster's Note: this link is no longer online. Please see here for audio files.] click here to listen to an MP3 archive. By clicking the link and listening to the archive, you will:

* Hear Dr. Laibow's voice as she explains how people are only allowed to speak at the CAC meeting if their microphone is turned on by the commissioner.
* Hear Dr. Labiow's voice as she explains how the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline is based on JUNK science.
* Hear Dr. Laibow's voice as she explains what people like yourself should do to liberate America from the tyranny of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

We wont stop. We will change strategy now that the VMG has been ratified. But we wont stop. And hopefully, you will continue to be by our side, because the future of health freedom is the future of your freedom of choice in medicine. Listen to the radio show that was broadcast live earlier today, to understand the situation better.

Yours in Health and Freedom,
The Team

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