Who is Coming to Dinner at Susan Davis' Table?

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Email Newsletter from 7/16/05

"...the citizen who thinks he sees that the commonwealth's political clothes are worn out, and yet holds his peace and does not agitate for a new suit, is disloyal; he is a traitor."

- Mark Twain

California Congresswoman Susan Davis has introduced a new bill into the US House of Representatives that could hurt you and your loved ones. Bill HR 3156 gives the FDA astonishing power to remove nutrients from the market if there is ANY risk associated with their use.

HR 3156 allows nutrients to be removed from the marketplace even if no harm has been caused by them and despite any benefit they may provide to consumers!

It sets up a wildly non-level playing field by creating an Adverse Events reporting requirement for nutrients (which are known to be astonishingly safe and free of risk or complication) while there is no such reporting requirement or system for pharmaceuticals (which are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US when used according to instructions).

And the bill would cost an estimated $5 million per year. You are supposed to pay for a bill that could remove your supplements not only with your tax dollars, but also by giving up your health rights provided by the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) passed by unanimous consent by Congress in 1994!

DSHEA classifies nutritional supplements as food, and thus prevents the implementation of upper limits on nutrients. DSHEA is the key legislation that safeguards health freedom and access to natural health products.

HR 3156 would destroy DSHEA.

Is HR 3156 Timed to Coincide With Passing of
CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Vitamin and Mineral Guideline?

HR 3156 specifically excludes vitamins and minerals from the things it covers.


Because just a few days after Susan introduced HR 3156 into the House, the CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline was due to be passed. So there was no need to fuss with them: it was already a done deal thanks to the CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.

There is a vast body of biochemistry and nutritional literature that makes it clear what the health consequences of passing HR 3156 are (ask me for references by sending me an email).

Consequences of Susan Davis’ HR 3156 for Your Health

If allowed to become law in the US, HR 3156 would allow the elimination of nutrients from the marketplace, which would:

* Shorten your lifespan and that of your children and parents
* Increase your likelihood of developing cancer
* Increase your likelihood of developing diabetes
* Increase your likelihood of developing Parkinson's disease
* Increase your likelihood of developing Alzheimer's disease
* Increase your likelihood of developing potentially lethal allergies
* Increase your likelihood of developing osteoporosis
* Increase your likelihood of developing macular degeneration and
* Increase your likelihood of developing and dying from chronic disease

Contact Your Congressional Delegation and Tell Them to Oppose HR 3156

As shown by the list above, HR 3156 is not in the best interest of the people of America. The first order of action for any health conscious person like yourself is to contact your Congressional Delegation now and make sure that they understand that voting for this tyrannical bill will mean the end of their political career. And, by the way, this atrocity also needs to signal the end the careers of its co-sponsors: Waxman of California and Dingell of Michigan.

It's important to learn about destructive bills like HR 3156 and to know who the people behind them are. An armed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny. So let’s get down to some education.

Why I Believe Susan Davis is Seeking to Destroy DSHEA With HR 3156

Whose business is Ms Davis minding? Whom is she serving at her table? Obviously not you and I. Let me explain. Keep in mind that HRF 3156 would destroy the natural health product-supporting DSHEA.

HR 3156 would destroy DSHEA, and Susan Davis must know this. But who is Susan Davis? Who is the woman behind HR 3156? Let's find out.

Davis was elected to the US House of Representatives from California's 53rd District. She has been involved in public service for years, first in her lovely hometown of San Diego and then as a member of the California State Assembly.

Here is what the official Davis web site has to say about Susan:

Susan's interest in public affairs grew out of her experiences as a social worker, parent, youth mentor, and military spouse. Growing up, Susan remembered her father, a pediatrician, sometimes leaving the house in the middle of the night to care for his young patients. Through these life experiences, Susan developed an understanding of and deep commitment to improving her community and country.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Susan grew up in Richmond, California. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in sociology. She then earned a master's degree in social work from the University of North Carolina.

After graduation, Susan and her husband, Steve, lived in Japan with their two children, Jeffery and Benjamin, while Steve served as a doctor in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.

Residents of San Diego since 1972, Susan and Steve have been married for 38 years. They have two grandchildren, Henry and Jane.

Altogether, Susan Davis sounds like a nice lady with a public spirit and a devotion to doing the right thing, doesn't she? And, for all I know, maybe she is. Maybe on the private levels she is a terrific mom and grandmother and, for all I know, grows beautiful roses and gives great dinner parties, too.

So here we have a seeming nice lady with a long marriage and a public spirit serving her district in the House. So the issue is not whether Susan Davis is a nice person or not. The question that our health freedom hangs on due to Susan’s HR 3156 is: whose work is Susan doing?

Why would Susan (who understands the high personal cost of illness from her physician father and husband's professional lives) introduce a bill designed to gut DSHEA and result in increased human suffering as a result of loss of natural health products from the free market? After all, her bio says that she is interested in health. She is probably interested in the nutrition of her children and grand children, too.

But just whose health is Susan Davis protecting?

Why would her HR 3156 Bill get introduced into the House of Representatives on June 30, 2005, just days before the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission was set to adopt the restrictive and pro-illness Vitamin and Mineral Guideline?

And why would that bill specifically exclude vitamins and minerals? If you're going to be regulating natural health products, isn't it a little bit odd to omit vitamins and minerals?

Well, let's see what sort of district Susan represents. In addition to the lovely Torrey Pines State Reserve, Sea World and Balboa Park, here's who lives in her neighborhood and who's coming to dinner at Susan's well-laid table:

The San Diego metropolitan area is a leader in biomedical research and development, with a significant concentration of research institutions and biotechnology firms - such as Salk Institute, Scripps Research Institute, and the University of California, San Diego.

There are more than 1,400 life scientists working in the region, three biological institutions granting life science PhDs. One of these institutions is ranked among the top 20 nationally in life sciences research.

The San Diego area has 33 publicly traded biotech companies and includes 31 firms with more than 100 employees. Sixty-one of these firms are members of the national Biotechnology Industry Association.

Wow! Susan’s district seems to be swarmed with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. Exactly the kind of companies that are behind CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and the attack on natural health!

According to ColorBasePair, there are 72 pharmaceutical firms in lovely San Diego, 11 more in nearby La Jolla, and that's just for starters! So Susan's table is serving up a royal feast for Big Pharma. All of these are in Susan Davis’ district!

Can you guess whose health she's taking care of?

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Why Big Pharma Is So Worried About Natural Health Products and Treatments

Big Pharma is, contrary to popular belief, not in the business of keeping you or your loved ones truly healthy. Pharmaceutical dr*gs are useful in covering up symptoms of disease, but they do not actually cure anything at the root. In fact, as shown by the Vio *x scandal, dru*s can often produce further health problems with their side-effects.

Although much of the raw materials for your nutritional supplements are produced by Big Pharma or its subsidiaries (and often distributed by them, too), all that nutrition stuff is bad for the business of multi-national drug-making, because it can solve health problems at the root. Solving health problems at the root would make pharmaceuticals to cover symptoms unnecessary.

Scientific literature and clinical experience, as well as common sense, offer clear evidence that when people have ample levels of nutrients they simply do not develop the chronic, degenerative diseases which are the result of long-term toxicity (from our polluted air, water, and food) and under-nutrition.

Without disease, people do not seek drugs.

Chronic degenerative diseases are where the money is for the pharmaceutical industry.

As is often the case, follow the money.

Macular Degeneration as Excellent Example of Disease Profiteering Instead of Curing

Take macular degeneration (MD), for example. When I graduated from Medical School in 1970, by definition MD never afflicted anyone younger than 60 and was very rare in people under 65. Besides, MD was pretty uncommon in the population at large.

Today, we have an epidemic of MD, making it the leading cause of blindness in the US.

I have personally seen a family in which an 18 year old daughter and their 21 year old son had both lost their sight to MD!

It has become commonplace in people in their 40's and is often seen in 30 year olds.

Why this epidemic of Macular Degeneration in only a few decades? How come when I was in Medical School in the 60s, I did not come across Macular Degeneration?

Very simple:

MD has become so common due to chronic under-nutrition leading to cellular degeneration. The vicious cycle of cellular degeneration kicks in because the body lacks the nutritional tools to correct the degeneration, and the state of the cells deteriorates until a critical point is reached where the damage is far gone. Damage accumulates and one more blind victim of nutritional scarcity struggles to get through life in the dark.

You may say "food in our society is plenty" so how can there be under-nutrition?

Most of what passes for food is industrially processed and has no semblance to nutritious food. Most vitamins and minerals have been stripped from food to prevent spoilage on store shelves. There are all sorts of chemical additives for flavor as well as preservation. Thus, in terms of nutritional content, our food is literally starving our cells even as we get bigger and bigger at the waist line.

Now, as for all other diseases of chronic under-nutrition, there have been pharmaceutical dru*s developed for Macular Degeneration. They don't work particularly well and they are VERY expensive, but there they are. And more are in the pipeline.

If Macular Degeneration was cured through nutritional medicine, if the causes of this epidemic were addressed and solved at the root, would there be an opportunity for the drug companies to sell their drugs?

The answer is no. Big pharma depends on disease.

Nutrients that Cure Throw a Monkey Wrench into the Business Model of Big Pharma

If you are a pharmaceutical company and you are going to spend the better part of a billion dollars developing a drug for something (say Macular Degeneration) and getting it approved for market, don't you want a lot of that something around so you can sell a lot of your drug?

Yes you would.

Here is the logic of the pharmaceutical business model:

1. "Selling drugs is our business."

2. "We make massive money from our business."

3. "Healthy people don't need drugs."

4. "Nutrients make and keep people healthy."

5. "Nutrients are bad for business."

6. "Let's get rid of nutrients."

Or, in more practical terms: let’s make sure that CODEX ALIMENTARIUS supports our business worldwide by eliminating nutritional products and treatments. And, then let's go have dinner at Susan's table!

When Susan Davis proposes a bill that would allow haphazard removal of nutritional supplements from the market, it appears that she is serving no one but those sitting around her table.

What Should Supporters of Natural Health Products Do About HR 3156?

We need to make sure that HR 3156 does not get passed. Protect DSHEA and tell Congress that you take this issue seriously enough to make sure that health defenders will go back to Congress and Big Pharma friends will not be re-elected.

Please take action now and send this quick letter to Congress about Susan's HR 3156. Sending the letter is very easy and takes only a minute or two. Click here.

I wish to tell you that I am delighted that you have chosen to subscribe to our mailing list. It's a good decision. Now you will remain comfortably in the loop about the latest news on health freedom. And you'll be updated about important emergency calls to action to protect yourself and your family from tyrannical measures. Emergency calls to action like Susan Davis’ HR 3156.

So send that letter to your Congressional Delegation now and let us continue working together to defend health freedom. And please tell everyone you know to do the same. Simply send them to the link above (ending with “new-letter”) and tell them that HR 3156 would destroy existing American law (DSHEA) and jeopardize access to natural health products.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Yours in Health and Freedom (from Rome),

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

P.S. General Stubblebine (my husband) and I will be heading home today from Rome after spending a couple of weeks there to observe the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission (CAC) meeting. We'll send you a full report with our observations next week.

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