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Email Newsletter from 12/29/05

A year ago I closed my practice
To deal with health freedom. The fact is
The road has been rocky,
The terrain quite pock-mark-y
But the truth of the matter obscures all the rest;
Health Freedom, the Foundation and I have been blessed.

Whenever we asked for support, you have been there. Whenever we needed doors to open, they have swung wide.

We needed a logo, web site design,
Brochure and an image our work to define.
Offering art and skill quite amazing
Sasha's brilliant offer of art arrived blazing.
Her work is uplifting, her pictures arrest;
Health Freedom, the Foundation and I have been blessed.

Sasha, a talented professional graphic artist, is gifting us with more than $50,000 of the highest quality graphic arts services, like our beautiful new brochure

Download our new brochure or email it to friends

DVDs help people to learn and remember
So making a disc filled my mind in September
My surprise was complete when my "Nutricide" talk
Was filmed and a gift of production costs walked
Into our office. The film makers' skills, too, were the best;
Health Freedom, the Foundation and I have been blessed.

Dr. Ed Bauman of Bauman College of Nutrition, National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the Ecological Options Network worked together to produce a powerful new DVD on Codex Alimentarius.

Order "Nutricide: The DVD" and learn the latest on Codex and how you can help to defeat its deadly impact here and abroad.

Codex is fixing to harm world nutrition
We must find a way to reverse that condition
Meaningful nutrients may well be lost
Under-nutrition has a terrible cost
The Revised VMG puts Codex to the test:
Health Freedom, the Foundation and I have been blessed.

The Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline offers nations a protective alternative to the loss of high potency, clinically effective dietary supplements. Tell the US Government that you support this powerful pro-health initiative here in the US and abroad.

Africa's people, Asia's and more
Are waiting for us to show them what's in store
We're bringing our legal, scientific approach
They've asked us to help them, to serve as a coach
We're heading to Africa so there's no time to rest:
Health Freedom, the Foundation and I have been blessed.

2005 has brought us abundant blessings of support, forward movement and many types of generosity from our friends.

We have been to Codex meetings twice and forged alliances with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and representatives of nations welcoming our input. The Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline has been developed to assist these countries and others in averting the tragic impact of mandated under-nutrition brought by Codex.

In fact, early in January 2006, the Natural Solutions Foundation will make a trip to 10 countries in Africa to meet with decision-makers to provide them with the legal context and scientific basis they need to move ahead and support their adoption of the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline which protects, rather than degrades, their peoples' health and nutritional status.

And now, in order to continue the work which the Natural Solutions Foundation has begun in 2005, we need your help. With your support we can visit 10 African countries next month (January, 2006) and bring them the details and power of the only viable alternative to the health devastation of Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to work with the US Congress and the American people to support and protect DSHEA and other health protective measures here in the US.

Add your blessings and support to our year end fund drive to make 2006 The Year of the Revised Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.

Year-End Giving offers you a tax deduction (along with some pretty good karma, too) while it allows us to carry the health freedom message around the world, helping to bring it home here in America, too.

If just 20 people donate $1,000 each, the cost of our African trip is covered.

Won't you add your blessings to our efforts and become a patron of world health and health freedom? Gifts of other sizes are deeply appreciated and warmly welcome, too.

Please make your check out to NISLAPP, write "Natural Solutions Foundation" on the memo line and mail it to

Natural Solutions Foundation
88 Batten Road
Croton on Hudson NY 10520

You can, of course, also make your donations to the Natural Solutions Foundation through our secure site if a tax deduction is not important to you.

Thank for your continuing support in ending world hunger and illness by protecting health and health freedom here and abroad.

May your 2006 be a year of health, prosperity, success and love for you and those you love. And may it be a year of peace for us all.

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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