Links to two online presentations that facilitate centering yourself and acting in the moment.

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Email Newsletter from 11/9/05

"If eyes were made for seeing, Then Beauty is its own excuse for being."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

General Stubblebine and I have just come back ...

... from a 3 week trip and we are leaving in a few hours for another. Then home again and off the Germany for the Codex Committee on Nutrition meeting. Hectic and grueling are only two of the many adjectives which would fit. But there is joy, too. A lot of it, in fact, because we are building a damaged today into a sturdy and healthy tomorrow.

I wanted to share some of that joy with you.

Take Joy!

Sometimes Life Is

But Life Is Also

I understand what it means to have a life that is hectic and demanding. I have noticed though, that to stay balanced and joyful in that life, sometimes the best gift I can receive is the moment I allow for myself to receive!

So, in that spirit, I want to give you two gifts. Please take a moment to be in the moment,

Right Now

Because, when you think about it, you have

All the Time You Need

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation


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