Wonderful Window of Opportunity Just Opened to Change U.S. CODEX Policy!

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Email Newsletter from 6/23/05

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government."

- Thomas Jefferson

Important Message from Rima E. Laibow, MD, to All Health Conscious Americans:

Wonderful Window of Opportunity Just Opened to Change U.S. CODEX Policy!

Urgent Action Required!

Dear Health Conscious American,

Sometimes, in the middle of an intense battle, an opportunity crops up unexpectedly, where seizing it can turn the tide of events. A phenomenal opportunity has arisen in the battle to prevent ratification of the pro-illness CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Vitamin and Mineral Guideline!

I will first explain to you what that opportunity is, and then I invite you to join me in taking action to take advantage of this opportunity.

U.S. CODEX Office Policy on CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is Illegal

As I've explained in my blog, the U.S. has declared its intent to support the restrictive, illness-promoting CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG) at the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS meeting in Rome next month, despite the fact that this position is illegal under U.S. law. Title 19 USC 3512 prohibits America from harmonizing with any international standard that violates U.S. laws. The CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline would violate DSHEA (the 1994 law which treats supplements as foods).

As a result of DSHEA, no upper limit can be set for nutrients in the US and thus CODEX would violate this law (because CODEX would set upper limits for nutrients).

The U.S. Government was notified by our Citizen's Petition, which the Natural Solutions Foundation submitted on June 1, 2005, that it is illegal for the U.S. Codex Office to support ratification of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG).

A Citizen's Petition is not a conventional petition. It is a powerful legal tool to compel action on the part of the U.S. Government to follow its own laws and to lay the groundwork for further legal action if the Government does not change course.

Despite our Emergency Citizen's Petition, which so far as not been answered, Dr. Ed Scarbrough, head of the U.S. CODEX Office, unfortunately announced that the U.S. CODEX Office has chosen to stand firm on its illegal pro-illness, pro-CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline position, scheduled for ratification in Rome, Italy, July 4-9, 2005.

Natural Solutions Foundation Will Take the U.S. CODEX Office to Court

Regardless of whether the U.S. CODEX Office chooses to heed the legal warning of our Citizen's Petition, the petition itself has been filed and now allows a serious legal suit to be unleashed upon the U.S. CODEX Office, should they actually proceed to push to ratify the tyrannical and, in the U.S., illegal, CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.

But something incredible just happened this past week that makes it easier for us to protect health freedom (on behalf of the American people) against the illegal policy of the U.S. CODEX Office.

The CODEX Vitamins and Minerals Guideline Could be Delayed by One Year Due to CODEX's Own Bureaucracy!

Out of the blue, three countries, China, Australia and Venezuela, have suddenly announced that they will be pushing for small, bureaucratic changes in the VMG before its ratification next month in Rome, even though they are not opposing the VGM.

The changes they are requesting are single words here and there, and it seems that they are serious about the changes going through.

Here's the incredible part of this sudden event: the pressure by China, Australia, and Venezuela to make changes to the wording of the CODEX documentation could send the VMG back to committee for further revision! This could delay the ratification of the destructive CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline by up to (or even more than) one year!

That could buy us in the health freedom movement at least a year (or more) before the next meeting for ratification by the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission!

Such a period of time will make it much easier for us to prevent the United States of America from pursuing or implementing its current illegal policy of support for the CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guideline!

This is good news folks.

Your Action is Vital

You play a vital role in helping to change the illegal U.S. policy of support for the dangerous VMG, which, if ratified, could end natural health options here in the U.S. You can take action by simply asking Congress to change U.S. CODEX policy from the current illegal position of supporting the VMG, to pushing for it to go back to committee (and thus putting it up for authentic review by serious scientists and lawyers, who with more time, will no doubt make it impossible for the U.S. to support the VGM, simply because the VGM is unscientific and goes against the laws of our country).

We must get Congress on our side. Many of them are not even aware of the illegal policy of the U.S. CODEX Office, and many would no doubt be outraged if they found out.

If enough Americans like you take action and make Congress aware of the illegal intentions of the U.S. CODEX Office (I will tell you shortly what to do), and the CODEX VMG is pushed back one year, you can be sure that we at Natural Solutions Foundation will make very, very, very good use of that year!

Tell Congress to Compel the U.S. CODEX Office to Obey U.S. Law.

Click on the link above to send an email notifying your Congressional Delegation (our online tool will automatically find your local delegate) that you want them to act on your behalf, and NOT on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry who are quite certainly party to pushing for CODEX to be illegally implemented in the U.S., and who are pushing for CODEX to go through for the sake of their own massive profiteering from disease, with zero regard for your health.

The quick and easy letter you'll send will very clearly tell Congress to make sure that the U.S. CODEX policy is consistent with U.S. law. When Congress hears from constituents (the ones who vote and put Congress men and women into office), they are compelled to act on behalf of those voters. When they don't hear from you and me, they assume that what they are doing is just fine with us.

Voter silence gives politicians permission to do whatever they please.

Let us not be silent!

Let us not allow this golden opportunity slip away! Let us add the weight of Congress (which is ultimately responsible for the actions taken by the U.S. CODEX Office) to our own ever-growing, pro-health freedom voices! Our mailing list at is growing by leaps and bounds. But we need Congress on our side so the U.S. CODEX Office has no room to continue making illegal decisions against the best interests of the health of Americans!

There is very little time so you must act now - click here for an easy and quick form to fill out (that's all that you're asked to do):

Reminder About What CODEX REALLY Is

Here are four quick reminders about CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, just in case you forgot how destructive it would be if it was allowed to be implemented in the U.S. (and across the World):

1. CODEX would reduce and ultimately eliminate your access to nutritional supplements, traditional remedies and clean, unadulterated foods.
2. CODEX has nothing whatsoever to do with consumer protection (regardless of the disinformation) - CODEX has everything to do with boosting the profits of massive multi-national interests, especially the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
3. CODEX is based on the Napoleonic legal code which forbids anything that is not explicitly permitted, which means that government would have a blank check to dictate everything you put in your mouth.
4. CODEX applies the science of "Risk Assessment" - which is used to analyze toxins such as mercury, arsenic, pesticides and other poisons - to nutrients! The science of Risk Assessment as applied to nutrients is junk science, because nutrients are not toxins. The real science of nutrients is biochemistry, but CODEX dismisses the principles of biochemistry in favor of Risk Assessment. Why? Because treating nutrients as toxins allows CODEX to dictate upper limits for nutrients, and thus, limit their availability in the marketplace (which would be a boon for the pharmaceutical industry). CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is based on improper science - it is indeed junk science when one treats essential, non-toxic nutrients such as Vitamin C just as one would treat mercury, arsenic and other killer poisons.

Congress Will Listen If Enough of Us Take Action

In the weird algebra of politics, your email counts as the opinion of 13,000 other constituents. Congress figures that 12,999 other people who feel the same way you do never get around to making their opinions known.

Take action right now so we don't miss this opportunity to keep the illegal CODEX Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines from being ratified this July.

This Is a Golden Opportunity - Let Us Act On It!

This kind of incredibly timely opportunity, where a few countries may derail CODEX for a year or more because of some small disagreements over single words makes me wonder if there isn't an invisible hand at play here.

What has happened is wonderful! Countries which are fully on board with CODEX are offering us a chance to gain the time we need to block it and protect our health freedoms!

On that thought I leave you, because I know that you will click on this link and do your part.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

P.S. Do you feel that we at Natural Solutions Foundation are doing a good job of informing you about CODEX? If yes, please click here and donate to support us in working to protect your health freedom - your donations are our only source of funding.

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