Word Is Spreading

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Email Newsletter from //05

This email is not fancy. Communication time is limited from Johannesburg so I will be brief.

Word is spreading:

General Stubblebine and I were in a "Health Store" in Ghana when we saw a flyer for a "Health Fest" and one of the topics was "Nutricide". Could our word have gotten this far, we asked ourselves? YES! We met the man who organized it (the founder of the Ghanaian Organic Food Growers Association) and he was using the word to indicate the death of populations through lack of nutrients, just as we do! We gave him a copy of the DVD and he will show it continuously at the Health Fest!

Make sure you spread the word, too!

General Stubblebine and I have had 5 days of outstandingly productive meetings in West Africa. Enthusiasm for our strategy to make countries health-friendly and WTO-safe is running very high at the highest levels of government and among consumer advocates.

Yesterday we lectured to the South African group which represents the manufacturers of wellness products. They were literally rivited to their seats while we explained what the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline means to the Wellness Industry -- THEIR wellness industry.

We have been asked to continue working closely with them and with government representatives to make sure that postive, not deadly, things happen here re: nutrients. (By the way, the WHO report on the Workshop on the Application of Risk Assessment to Nutrients is now available and it is explicitly clear that any impact of any nutrient on any biological marker or state is considered an adverse event (!) and that this standard is intended to be applied to ALL nutrients, not just vitamins and minerals. You will remember that this is precisely what we told you some months ago. Vigorous action is in order at home in the US and abroad. Contact Congress and tell them you want DSHEA protected: nutrients are foods, not toxins. Go to and follow the instructions on the home page. While you are at it, sign the Citizen Petition, too! Now would be a really good time to protect your health and health freedom. If you've already signed, send this newsletter with your own cover letter to every one you know.

Back to Africa: tomorrow we meet with more government folks here in SA and then on to Zimbabwe, back to West Africa, on to North Africa, etc., etc.

So far, EVERY single person we have explained the situtation to has come on board and wants to work with us. This is so powerful a response that we have created a new unit of The Natural Solutions Foundation which will be housed in West Africa to work with the African countries and consumer organizations to support their bid for adoption of a DSHEA-like piece of legislation to protect their people and provide a shield against the WTO.

What can you do to help?

1. Donate! This is a ferociously expensive global undertaking. Your dollars and tens and thousands of dollars are urgently needed. Or, if you have thing that you would like to send to the DUMP fund, please do so. See the "Donate" page for instructions.

2.Tell everyone you know how real and how important the Codex battle is. Write emails, letters to the editor, tell your health food stores (and point them to the section of on disinformation: they need to know what their organizations are saying.

3. Organize showings of "Nutricide: the DVD" which you can purchase on the site. Please watch it yourself and make it available to everyone you know with an interest in health.

The limited connection time I have is running out.

Stay active: spread the word: Support the Natural Solutions Foundation

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Laibow

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