It is naive to believe that large corporations play no role in the Codex Alimentarius agenda.

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Who is Behind Codex Alimentarius?

Codex is not about protecting the health of consumers. That's intentional disinformation. In truth, Codex is about increasing the profits of certain multi-national corporations.

Conclusion Formed From Independent Analysis

No one called up the Natural Solutions Foundation (sponsor of to say "I have been asked by the inner circle of the Codex Alimentarius Commission to tell you why Codex exists and who profits from it".

Rather, our analysis is based on observation and deductive logic. What you are about to read represents the opinions of the Natural Solutions Foundation's founding members.


Invitation to Show Us Otherwise

If you feel that our analysis is incorrect, we invite you to contact us and explain why you feel that way. We would like to be proven wrong. We would welcome being shown that Codex Alimentarius indeed does serve as "protection" for consumers (as is the official explanation). Unfortunately, that is not the reality of the situation. The real reason for Codex Alimentarius is economic. It has to do with wealth, not health. We say this after our Medical Director (Rima E. Laibow, M.D.) meticulously studied over 16,000 pages of Codex documentation. If you do as much research as we have done, you would no doubt come to the same conclusion as us.

Please note that we are not interested in passing judgement on others. Everyone has the opportunity to "turn around" and live in greater harmony with self and others. Having said this, we do not shy away from exposing injustice and corruption. Because unless injustice and corruption are brought to light, they cannot be transformed.

Let's continue explaining who is behind Codex Alimentarius.

UN, WTO, and Pharmaceutical Lobbyists

The United Nations established the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) in 1962 with the stated goal of ensuring uniform, standardized food across the world.

One of the primary objectives of the establishment of CAC was to remove barriers to international trade in food. At that time, the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization approved the establishment of the Joint FAO/WHO "Program on Food Standards" to produce standards for food that would then be ratified by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. "Ratification" is the method by which a proposed standard becomes part of the overall Codex Alimentarius mandate. The job of the CAC is ratification of standards set forward by member states. CAC makes all final decisions within the Codex organization.

Codex Alimentarius was birthed through a complex relationship between:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • World Trade Organization (which has been authorized to enforce Codex Alimentarius through draconian trade sanctions)
  • American FDA and USDA

These organizations are working in concert with lobbyists of the pharmaceutical , pesticide, chemical, dairy, and biotechnology industries to push Codex Alimentarius upon the peoples of the Earth. It warrants repeating the fact that this push has nothing to do with consumer protection. The push is being made because it serves the profits of aforementioned industries, in particular, the pharmaceutical industry.

Codex Faciliates Elimination of Natural Health Products - Pharmaceutical Industry Benefits Through Monopoly

Dr. Laibow estimates that for every dollar spent on supplements in the United States (approximately $20 billion last year according to Andrew Weil, M.D.) the cost to the pharmaceutical industry is about $40. So the more supplements people buy, the less drugs they buy. Upon observing societal trends, it seems that more and more people are using natural health products. Over 80% of Americans routinely use nutritional supplements. Overall, this is good news for health. But it is bad news for the pharmaceutical industry.

As more people become educated about the curative benefits of natural health products, more and more people will turn away from drugs. Inevitably, this will cut into the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry, the largest industry in the world, has demonstrated to the world that it has little respect for the Hippocratic principle of "first, do no harm". This industry is using Codex Alimentarius to wipe out the emerging natural health competition, and in the process creating a monopoly for pharmaceutical drugs as the sole "health care" product standing.

Drugs can be useful in trauma situations, and we at the Natural Solutions Foundation do not deny this. However, there is a world of difference between providing useful drugs for trauma situations, and literally forcing the world to use drugs as "cure-alls" at the expense of the tremendous benefits of natural health care. That is what Codex Alimentarius would do, beyond the deception of "consumer protection".

Codex Faciliates Restricting Antioxidants - Helps Allopathic Medical Establishment Maintain Prevalence

In our society, there is an intense educational trend toward natural health. A plethora of natural medicine books, web sites, trade exhibits, magazines, and TV shows are helping people to learn more about optimal health and the natural solutions for disease. Naturopathic doctors, homeopaths, and holistic nutritionists are becoming health care providers of choice for millions.

Due to this intensive educational process that is underway, many people are beginning to understand that free radicals are well established causes of cancer, premature aging, immune system compromise, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and most other chronic, degenerative diseases.

Free radicals are molecules gone beserk that damage cellular structure like bullets.

The only way that the body can protect itself from free radicals is with high levels of antioxidants, such as glutathione and Vitamin C. Antioxidants are natural substances, and cannot be patented (only synthetic substances can be patented). Thus, from the pharmaceutical industry's perspective, there is no profit in natural health products.

Because of Codex Alimentarius, antioxidants would be improperly classed as toxins, and consumers would be barred access to useful dosages. Indeed, therapeutic levels of antioxidants would be forbidden under Codex Alimentarius.

If our natural choices in health care (such as antioxidants) are made illegal, then our only legal treatment options would be drugs and surgery. Sometimes drugs and surgery are necessary. But eliminating natural health care has nothing to do with the sometimes usefulness of drugs and surgery. Surely many respectable surgeons would be upset if their patients were denied access to nutritional supplementation.

While respectable surgeons and medical doctors would be in opposition to the elimination of natural health options, those who make drugs and get paid for allopathic surgical treatments would financially profit as a result. The pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment (which are in bed with each other) would benefit from a restriction in antioxidant access, because it would keep people in ill health, and thus force them to use drugs and surgery to abate their symptoms.

Codex Faciliates Increased Use of Pesticides - Pesticide Manufacturers Benefit Through Increased Sales

Codex Alimentarius mandates increased use of pesticides on agricultural crops. Pesticide manufacturers make more money when more pesticides are sprayed on Earth.

Pesticides are some of the most toxic substances ever concocted by human beings. Samuel Epstein, M.D., prominent cancer reseacher, states that pesticides are a primary cause of cancer. Dr. Epstein says:

"Pesticides have often been studied for their links to cancer. Populations that are most at risk for pesticide-related cancers include workers with occupational exposure to pesticides, children whose parents have occupational exposure to pesticides, populations living in agricultural areas of heavy pesticide use and children whose parents use pesticides inside and outside of the home."

It is estimated that 85-90% of all cancers are environmentally caused. "Environmentally" caused means that an illness is caused by toxins taken into the body from all sources apart from food itself. Our present system of agriculture is heavily dependent on pesticides. Our food source is severely contaminated with pesticide residue. Contaminated food means contaminated bodies and poisoned enzymes. Poisoned enzymes means a breakdown in cellular function, which results in diseases such as cancer. Here is a quick primer on the role of enzymes in health:

  • Enzymes are the very stuff of life (they activate biological processes in the body)
  • Pesticides are highly toxic and poison enzyme systems
  • Poisoned enzyme systems result in disease

According to the science of biochemistry, in addition to damaging enzymes, pesticides also wreak havoc with hormonal systems. In light of the science of biochemistry, one would expect the world to move away from the ravage of pesticides. Instead of encouraging a move toward a saner, pesticide-free, organic agricultural system (which has proven to be viable in terms of yield), and thus driving down costs of organic foods to the benefit of people and planet, Codex Alimentarius in essence says: "put more pesticides on crops, and when you get sick from all the toxins you ingest, I wont let you use nutrients to detoxify - I will force you to treat the symptoms of your pesticide-induced diseases with pharmaceutical drugs".

Codex Alimentarius does not faciliate health. It facilitates profit. Codex Alimentarius facilitates increased sales of pesticides, which no health-promoting organization would do. The fact is that the chemical industry selling pesticides, herbicides and other poisons for use on crops and animals, reaps humungous profits while devastating the health of people and the environment. Codex Alimentarius is in bed with pesticide manufacturers.

Codex Facilitates Food Irradiation - Food Processors Save Money on Lack of Hygiene

Codex Alimentarius mandates food irradiation. Who benefits from food irradiation? Food growers and processors, who can use irradiation as an excuse to spend less money on true hygiene and sanitation.

Food irradiation means exposing food to high doses of X-rays to kill everything alive within the food, including beneficial enzymes and nutrients as well as harmful micro-organisms. Food irradiation is also called "cold sterilization". It is advertised as a means to food hygiene, but in truth, it is not hygienic at all.

The criteria for hygiene after food irradiation is a simplistic bacteria count - "clean means no bacteria". This is simplistic and does not consider the many other aspects of food hygiene. One of the arguments against food irradiation is that sloppy and appalling hygiene practices are disguised by the lack of bacteria after food is irradiated. Food irradiation also decimates nutrients, especially enzymes, leaving the irradiated food devoid of nutritional value.

Contamination of food is complex in today's world of industrial farms, feedlots and mass-processing plants. Codex Alimentarius explicitly allows "edible offal" (read "fecal material") in animal feed. After irradiation, the micro-organisms in the feed (such as bacteria) are dead and, thus, considered "acceptable". Even if they contain feces. Unclean, poorly handled and contaminated food is passed on to the consumer. And, just because there is no bacterial count, it is (wrongly) assumed to be fit for human consumption. This is an unethical way to produce and sell food.

Who benefits from improperly handled food? The agricultural industry does which grows processed food and sells poor quality, unhygienic food using cheap and unwholesome feed components that reduce their expenses.

Codex Facilitates Unlabeled Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMOs) - Allows Sale of GMOs By Stealth

Codex Alimentarius would allow GMOs to become even more widespread than they are now. The present United States administration (which we hope is expelled in the next election) is a firm proponent of the unlabeled use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Little or nothing is known about the digestion, distribution and impact of these "Frankenfoods". Dr. Walter Doefler of the Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne did a study that found that artificial genes enter the brains of mice. Dr. Doefler made the following statement after this research finding:

"the idea that fragments of DNA from viral promoters could find their way into cells of new-born babies is a frightening prospect... yet Monsanto admitted in the World in Action programme [sic] that they do not conduct long term testing of these genetically engineered foods".

Because of the blowing wind, drift of genetically modified pollen is an established fact. Due to this drift, crops world wide regularly become contaminated with genetically modified seeds.

Once a crop is contaminated, not only is it of questionable safety, but it bizarrely becomes vulnerable to legal predation by the owner of the patent-holder of the contaminating GMO. For example, American farmers are regularly sued by multinational biotechnology corporations (such as Monstanto®) because they save seeds from their own fields for next year's crop. In many cases their fields are contaminated by pollen from nearby GMO crops without their knowledge! Monsanto® then sues them for "infringement on intellectual property rights"!

And farmers lose their cases in court, since patent law protects the trespassing patent holder, not the innocent farmer.

Agricultural and biotechnology corporations benefit financially from the unlabelled use of GMOs. The agricultural corporations have laid a net over the future of agriculture and are extracting duty for it: tariffs and taxes on the genetic material of plants, which in truth no one owns. Biotechnology corporations profit from the diabolical strangle-hold their patent rights give them over natural crops when fields are irreversibly polluted by wind-born GMO pollen.

Conclusion: Codex Alimentarius Serves Profit, Not People

So who is behind Codex? The answer is obvious: those who are motivated by short-sighted economic interest (i.e. greed) and an astonishing disregard for the well-being of anything that stands in their path. They are using deception, a false image of being scientific, and coersion, to get their way.

Dr. Laibow: It is my opinion and the opinion of many other medical doctors, scientists, lawyers, and politicians, that while Codex Alimentarius may have initially been born out of a concern for the well-being of the people of the Earth, its mission has changed dramatically and is now about illegitimate greed, not legitimate need.


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