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The GMO Smoking Gun!
“They” Want you Sick, Infertile and Dead.

  This article is a MUST read.  In it, we show you how science is manipulated by BigAgBiz to hide the real dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and how false attacks on the GMO truth-tellers is an integral part of the plan to flood the world with GMO fake “phude” (it looks like food; tastes a bit like food, but it isn’t!).

Once in a while the truth get out; some reputable scientist, in this case a French physician, Gilles-Eric Seralini. Dr. Seralini showed, using  the very same strain of cancer-prone rats and the same protocols used by the GMO-pushers, but for a longer period than the Monsanto tests, for example, that GMO-fed rats get sicker faster and die sooner.

Sicker faster and die sooner…

This sounds exactly like the Globalist Agenda that General Bert and I have been exposing for years. The Seralini Study is irrefutable. It is good science, well-done.

So how did the GMO-pushers react to the proof their products are dangerous?


Note well this inconvenient, but indisputable truth: despite the fervor of their often-rabid supporters, both paid and simple, good-hearted dupes, GMOs are a primary factors in damaging your health and shortening your future because they play a huge part in developing “Genome Disruption Syndrome”  or GDS.  Genetic damage from the novel proteins in GMO products is inevitable: the question is just how, and how fast it shows up.  Autism?  Cancer? Premature Aging? Diabetes? Leukemia? MS? ALS? Chronic Fatigue? Alzheimer’s Disease? Or, as intended by the Genocidal Globalist Elite, the WHO, the IMF and other genocidalists, the massacre of unborn millions through stealth sterility and infertility.

The proof is clear: GMOs sicken you and cause you to die younger and to have a much lower quality of life (and higher economic unit value to Big Pharma) during the years you have left. The recent Seralini Study should put an end to any pretense by BigAgBiz that these new and barely tested products are safe to market to the public.

So, what is “their” response? How did the Empire Strike Back?

How? First they tried to ignore the Seralini Study. Then they belittled it, falsely claiming it to be an insufficient study, when in fact it was designed to replicate the Monsanto study (which is what good science is supposed to do!). But, it was set to last for the life of the test rats, not just 90 days. And it showed what happens during the entire lifetime: increasing sickness, sooner and faster cancer, and then death.

All the usual paid hacks repeated the same misinformation about the Study. Now, however, Dr. Seralini’s partner in the Study, Dr. Joel Spiroux, has replied, item-by-item to the most often repeated falsehoods. 

And he refutes each one. Read the report from Dr. Spiroux here: http://www.gmwatch.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14306:nine-criticisms-of-seralini-study-answered-by-co-author

Now we know the mechanism planned to cut off your genetic line. The “Genomicidal Technologies” as identified by General Bert will make you sick and less fertile — so much so that the human population will crash. So you see, Genome Disruption is not just what happens to you when you are subjected to GMO’s novel proteins, ionizing radiation from Fukushima, toxic metals from Chemtrails  and similar sources, vaccine, drug and industrial toxins. It is what happens to your genetic line if the Genocidal Globalist Elite get their way.

The first step to counter this insanity is to label and stop all GMOs. ALL. The Natural Solutions Foundation has established an “Action Item” for you to help us educate decision makers by telling them what you think. Click on the link below. Use it, “LIKE” it, forward it by email, twitter, facebook – reach out to every single person you can and urge their similar participation.


Take this Action Item every day for every member of your family; your representatives keep track of “trending issues.” Share this link with everyone in each of your circles of influence. We must inundate the powerful with our voices.

Now, how is the GMO danger connect to the bitter financial pill that has been fiscally, rather than genetically, engineered for us? What will happen on the last day of December, 2012?

It is very simple: : if you haven’t made and executed  an expatriation plan for your assets, you will not be able to do so without facing potential penalties so large as to render that option null and void.

One of my mentors, Joel Bauer, teaches that when people have enough “money rolling in, the result is freedom rolling out”.  While it does not always work that way, it is true that if your financial assets are wiped out in a time of tyranny and hyperinflation, your quality of life and your ability to secure your requirements and those of your children may suffer significantly. You see, especially in a tyrannical time, with little or no deep respect for the rule of law, that extra asset base can mean the difference between helplessness and the ability to help yourself and your loved ones.

We are facing an unprecedented “Financial Cliff” on January 1, 2012.

Whether you will be able to expatriate your funds legally after that date without paying a 30% excise tax remains to be seen.  In fact, whether you can expatriate (i.e., protect by legally moving them offshore) your assets after that date remains to be seen, too.

As you know, the Natural Solutions Foundation is not content to identify problem.  We solve them.  And we do that on the personal level (for example, on our website www.DrRimaKnows.com, we tell you how to secure the finest universal antibiotic, Silver Sol, the powerful DNA-repair nutrients resveratrol and the radiation-quenching mineral boron).

But we also look beyond the personal solutions you need to stay healthy and the information and Action items you need to stay informed and free .

Below you’ll find a list of the current messages you can easily send to decision makers.  These messages are simple to use and the work!  Just personalize each one with your thoughts since they are far more impactful that way.

The Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation understands that the problems exist at several scales: the genetic, the personal, the environmental, the economic and the global.  To solve the larger problems we look to larger solutions that will literally stand the Globalist Genocidal Agenda on its head while helping investors make a profit and protect their assets. We’re not financial advisers, but if you want to expatriate assets while making them work for you AND for a brighter, equitable tomorrow, we have created the Fund for Natural Solutions which lets you do just that.

Let’s fact it: protecting your assets means getting them out of the US. Right Now.  Safely.  Legitimately.  Before we are all pushed over that January Cliff.

How? Through our highly innovative and solidly conceived Fund for Natural Solutions.

That Fund, filed with the SEC, allows me to do what I love, absolutely adore, doing: assisting you.  And derailing the Globalist Agenda at the same time.  Through the Fund our goal is to  protect those assets by bringing your values and your assets together for good, and for a good profit!

Write to me directly at DrRima@FundforNaturalSolutions.org with “Private Placement Memorandum” as the subject line and I will ask our Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, to send you the information you need to move forward if protecting your assets before it is too late.

Every financial pundit I know of says we are heading toward a massive financial cliff.  We don’t want to see our supporters wiped out. And, according to all predictions we know of, if people like you with families like yours do not take decisive action now to protect their conventional assets as well as their IRA’s, 401s, conventional and other assets, they will be, quite literally, wiped out financially in the coming, fiscally engineered crisis.

Email me so I can help protect your financial freedom with as much vigor as we protect your health freedom.

   Yours in health and freedom,

   Doctor Rima

Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD
Natural Solutions Foundation
Medical Director

The World’s Best All Natural Coffee

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