A crash course in Codex Alimentarius.

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Codex Alimentarius 101

"Because the interests of the Pharma-Cartel are against the health interests of entire mankind, the battle will be fierce; therefore, the Cartel tries to force other industries behind its unethical plans by means of laws."

- Matthias Rath, MD, famous German physician, outspoken critic of Codex Alimentarius

Welcome to the Codex Alimentarius 101, where you will find complete information about what Codex Alimentarius is, who is behind it, and why it is cause for serious concern.

United with others in action via this web site, you have the power to make a big difference in informing and persuading elected officials in Congress to take a stand against Codex Alimentarius.

This document is lengthy and if you wish for a quicker read, try our brief 5-minute tour. If you are interested in detail, then continue reading.

Medical Doctor Studies 16,000 Pages of Codex Documentation

Codex Alimentarius is a threat to health freedom and not benign "consumer protection" as deceptively claimed by its commercial sponsors.

Rima E. Laibow, MD, is an American physician who has been successfully practicing natural medicine since 1970. She has carefully studied more than 16,000 pages of Codex Alimentarius documentation and has come to the inescapable conclusion that Codex Alimentarius would wipe out freedom of choice in supplementation, natural remedies, and clean food, if brought to enactment here in the U.S.

This 101 is based on Dr. Laibow's meticulous evaluation. From here on, we will refer to Codex Alimentarius as "Codex" for the sake of brevity.

What We Need to Protect: Health Freedom

The first question to ask is "what would Codex take away from me if nothing is done about it?" The answer is simple: Codex would take away your freedom of choice in your own health decisions, i.e. "health freedom".

Next question: "what is health freedom?"

Health freedom means being free to choose your own health treatment modalities and natural health products such as nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.), herbs, homeopathic remedies, and clean food (such as organic food untainted by pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics) without government or corporate interference.

Let's Take Codex Alimentarius Seriously

After having read over 16,000 pages of Codex documentation, Dr. Laibow is urging you and the rest of the American people to take the Codex threat very seriously and get active to protect health freedom from it. We stand to lose our freedom of choice in supplementation, traditional remedies, clean food (such as organic food) and natural treatment modalities because Codex stands to make virtually all of our natural health choices illegal.

How would it do that?

By applying a legal code that dates back to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, by classifying nutrients as toxins, and by calling in the WTO to punish any countries that break the tyrannical Codex rules.

What's in a Name?

"The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names."

- Thomas Jefferson

What is Codex by its rightful name?

1. Beneficial "consumer protection"?

2. Absurd "conspiracy theory"?

3. Fictitious "urban legend" spread by chain emails?

4. Tyranny?

The first three answers are incorrect. The right answer is "tyranny". Here's why...

Codex Aims to Dictate Everything You Put in Your Mouth

Codex is a set of standards for food and nutrition, created by the United Nations (UN) and backed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). It aims to control how and what type of foods people can grow, sell, and eat, and what types of dietary supplement can be manufactured and sold. Dr. Laibow predicts that it will ultimately seek to control health treatment choices as well as food and supplements.

Codex was initially created in order to control every aspect of food production, packaging, preparation, preservation and presentation "from farm to fork".

The plan behind Codex Alimentarius is to regulate, and thus control, every single thing you put in your mouth.

Deceptively Posing as "Consumer Protection"

Codex Alimentarius portrays itself as consumer protection. The official Codex web site states:

"The main purposes of this Programme [sic] are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade".

That is a public relations ploy to make people believe Codex is for their own good. Codex is based on junk science and has nothing to do with "protecting the health of the consumers". It is about trade practices, period.

The American people and Congress are being swamped with propaganda about Codex in order to prevent the truth from being revealed (the truth that Codex is about economic profit and not consumer protection). Congress is the gate-keeper in the American front of the Codex battle. It guards the legal doors to the future of health freedom in America and that's why reaching Congress with the truth about Codex is such a high priority of the HealthFreedomUSA Campaign. We ask that Congress act to protect the best-interest of the American people, not the greed of self-serving corporations.

Those Who Say This is "Conspiracy Theory" Are Wrong

Some Americans have come to believe Codex to be a dismissible "conspiracy theory". The reason many are dismissing it as a "conspiracy theory" is because of disinformation and self-soothing thinking ("no way, it just couldn't happen. Not here in America"). For example, a web site called has irresponsibly circulated a factually flawed article painting those who are raising awareness about Codex as perpetrators of an urban legend. This is shoddy journalism and utter nonsense!

The threat posed by Codex is no urban legend - it is urban, suburban, and rural reality.

Yes, something like Codex could happen here in America. It is happening. And unless millions of us do something about it, who is going to stop it?

The sponsors behind Codex are probably hoping that people will dismiss it as silly conspiracy theory.

International in Scope - The U.S. is Next

Is Codex a national phenomenon?

No. Codex is a UN-created and WTO-backed program with global ambitions. It is creeping into country after country primarily through political and legal backdoors (i.e. through ignorant and/or corrupt politicians), without public awareness or democratic input.

Europe will be hit on August 1, 2005, by implementation of severely restrictive limits on nutrients in a fashion consistent with Codex (with Germany and Norway being the "experimental" countries).

These restrictions will be removing 75% of all available natural health products from store shelves. Canada has indirectly fallen to Codex (for more information on the international Codex situation, please see our in-depth section).

The U.S. is next on the Codex list. The intention behind is to generate a serious grass-roots campaign so that the situation will be different in the U.S. The campaign is intended to raise awareness and inspire grass-roots action among a huge number of Americans for the protection on health freedom.

How Did Codex Get Started?

Modern-day Codex Alimentarius was born when the United Nations established the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) as a Trade Commission in 1963. Its stated mission was to ensure clean and abundant food for the planet, and remove international trade barriers for that food.

Some people believe Codex was started with good intentions.

Good Intentions Pave the Road to...

Even though good intentions might have been the initial motivation behind the Codex Alimentarius of 1963, the Codex Alimentarius of 2005 has nothing to do with good intentions.

The Codex Alimentarius of 2005 has been taken over by massive multi-national corporations in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, bio-technology, and industrial agriculture industries. These are the largest industries on Earth and their products are the most toxic. They are also the most heavily-subsidized on Earth, and have the biggest lobbyists in the political world.

Why has Codex Alimentarius been taken over by these corporations? The answer is simple: short-sighted and utterly selfish economic ambitions.

Codex Eliminates Competition to Pharmaceutical Drugs

Natural health products such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are a direct threat to the profits of pharmaceutical companies.

The reason is simple:

In general, the more natural health products people use for solving their health problems, the less pharmaceutical drugs they use. This is because natural health products are aimed to treat disease at the root, and don't really have the negative side-effects of drugs. So they are more pleasant to use. Drugs, on the other hand, are designed to suppress symptoms, not cure disease. There is a difference between disease and the symptoms of disease. Drugs also always come with side-effects. These side-effects can often be horrible, often worse than the symptoms they are intended to suppress.

Thus, the more natural health products people buy, the less drugs they buy.

Of course, the pharmaceutical industry does not consider this to be in their best interest. Because they are the ones selling the drugs. Enter Codex Alimentarius. The whole point of Codex Alimentarius is to force natural health products such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids out of the market (on false claims of "lack of safety" and "consumer protection"), so that people only have drugs available to them when they become sick.

Bad for Natural Health - Good for the Pharmaceutical Industry

"Wouldn't it be bad for people if vitamins and minerals were eliminated because of Codex?", you might ask.

That's not the right question. The right question is:

"Who stands to benefit from the elimination of vitamins and minerals in proper dosages?"

Answer: the pharmaceutical industry.

Think about it: if natural supplements were eliminated from the free market, and thus pharmaceutical drugs were the only option when people become sick, then more drugs would be sold. The more drugs that are sold, the more money that the pharmaceutical industry makes.

The primary reason for the push to implement Codex in the U.S. is the pharmaceutical industry.

Disregard for Free Enterprise

Why doesn't the pharmaceutical industry sell its products in a free market where people can choose between drugs or natural health products? If their products are so great, why don't they let us, the consumers, decide whether we want to buy them or not? Is consumer choice not the underlying premise of our capitalistic system of economics? Why don't they leave us alone to choose natural health products according to our own free will?

Why do they need Codex Alimentarius to increase their profits?

Because the pharmaceutical companies are not intent on generating decent wealth through the free market. They are seeking to create a tyrannical monopoly out of people's health needs, and then extracting people's wealth for symptom-control (and horrible side-effects). This is how the tyrannical feudals of old-Europe used to treat the common people: tax them to the brink of starvation for the sake of their own wealth.

The industries behind Codex are using it for the sake of amassment of billions upon billions of dollars of financial wealth, through coercion and illegal dictation to people about what they can and cannot choose. These industries work through corrupt government representatives to push Codex upon nations.

If the people become aware, then their plans will fail. Thanks to the open communication power of the Internet, massive grass-roots action is now possible.

Prominent Physician Calls Codex "Brainchild of Pharmaceutical Cartel"

Meet Matthias Rath, M.D.

Dr. Rath is a highly successful physician who trained under double Nobel-Prize winner Linus Pauling, Ph.D.

Dr. Rath is a physician to be taken seriously. He has produced breakthrough medical research, published books on medicine, and is actively campaigning to bring better health to the world through his research findings in Cellular Medicine. He has produced many breakthroughs in Cellular Medicine - such as an effective cure for heart disease - and he means business when he fiercely and courageously speaks out against the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Rath is a passionate defender of health freedom in Europe and honest critic of Codex Alimentarius.

Here is a report of what Dr. Rath had to say about Codex at a large health seminar in Bonn, Germany (this was back in November 2004):

"Dr. Matthias Rath left no doubt about who is responsible for the Codex plans: none other than the pharmaceutical cartel, which for countless years has been promising health but spreading illness. The profits of the pharmaceutical investment industry depend on the continued survival and expansion of its markets in patented drugs, genetically modified foods and synthetic food additives - despite the fact that there is an alternative to ineffectual pharmaceutical medicine, embodied in scientifically based, effective natural remedies without side effects, such as Cellular Medicine."

If Enron Could Do It, So Can the Pharmaceutical Industry

"... a single overarching conspiracy to enrich themselves..."

- Prosecutor at trial of former Enron CEOs, Jeffrey K. Skilling and Kenneth L. Lay

If you find Dr. Rath's conclusion that Codex is a tool for profit by the pharmaceutical industry hard to accept, you may need to be reminded that big business has, more than once before, wrought havoc with people's lives and the environment for the sake of greedy self-interest.

One of the best examples of corporate rampage is Enron. Remember Enron? Sure you do.

Enron, one of the largest corporations in the history of America (a titan in the energy industry and the second largest client of accounting giant Arthur Andersen), spectacularly wrecked the lives of thousands of employees by destroying the value of their investments. Enron, it is generally agreed, brought itself down by the sheer weight of the greed of its corporate executives.

The interesting thing is that Enron was being hailed as a success story by the mass media up to the last minute before its spectacular fall!

The pharmaceutical industry is far ahead of Enron on the greed-curve.

According to Marcia Angell, M.D., former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine (one of the world's most prestigious medical journals), the pharmaceutical industry is "a vast marketing machine that thrives on monopoly rights and public-sponsored research but produces few innovative drugs."

It shouldn't be hard to believe that Codex Alimentarius has fallen into the hands of greedy multi-national pharmaceutical corporations, when the spectacular fall of Enron here at home so clearly demonstrates that the corruption of big business is not bound by limits.

Public Relations Deceiving You About Codex

The public relations officers of the pharmaceutical industry are getting paid millions of dollars to project fine-tuned images of morality and clean-play onto the public. No, not everything pharmaceutical companies do is "bad", but many of their products are not in the best interest of your long-term health. The pharmaceutical industry is obsessed with marketing to produce the perception that their products are good for your health.

You will notice a lot of advertising for pharmaceutical drugs in today's society. Everywhere you go, every channel you tune into, there seems to be an ad for drugs. Ads presenting you with picture-perfect images of beneficent companies that are gallantly serving humanity in a free enterprise playground. One must be careful not to fall for the calculated images created by PR, which have no correspondence to the reality of what is going on within these corporations.

Enron was a small-timer compared to the size of the pharmaceutical companies. The top ten companies in the pharmaceutical industry make more in profits than the rest of the Fortune 500 combined!

This means there is ample room in the pharmaceutical industry for a tremendous amount of foul play.

Codex Unscientifically Considers Nutrients as Toxins

The Codex Alimentarius Commission says its standards and guidelines are "scientific". But in truth they are engaged in mad science, not valid science.

Here's why:

The Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline uses Risk Assessment to (supposedly) assess "safe" upper limits for vitamins and minerals. Risk Assessment is part of the science of toxicology which is properly applied to substances such as arsenic, lead, mercury, pesticides and other poisons.

But while Risk Assessment is the right science for assessing toxins, it is the wrong science for assessing nutrients!

Nutritional science is a part of Biochemistry, which deals with the metabolism of things like vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Using Risk Assessment instead of Biochemistry to assess nutrients leads to false data. And false data results in junk science.

Codex is using Risk Assessment to set so-called "upper limits" for nutrients which are so low that they are, by intention, without nutritional impact on even the most sensitive human being!

Why Use the Wrong Science? To Deceive You

The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) is using the wrong science for the job of assessing nutrients. It is seeking to deceive the public that it is "scientific" through the use of junk science (applying toxicology to nutrients).

And because many people don't know the difference between toxicology and Biochemistry, and most haven't even heard of "Risk Assessment", a lot of people have bought the nonsense that Codex is "scientific". Codex is not scientific. It has nothing to do with science. It is all about short-sighted economic self-interest.

For example of the type of "science" that Codex is engaged it, the CAC treats Vitamin C with the same logic as arsenic, lead, mercury, mustard gas, or any other deadly poison. Any reasonable person can see that this is unacceptable.

It's Not About Science Anyway

The Codex moneymen do not seem to understand the simple fact that the detoxification organs of the human body have the ability to expel excess nutrients because evolution has had millions of years to perfect our relationship with nutrients. So there is no need to treat nutrients as toxins and set "upper limits".

Toxins on the other hand are in large part products of the Industrial Revolution and thus they are very new to our bodies, and so cannot be handled properly by our detoxification mechanisms. That's why toxins are toxic!

Comparing nutrients and toxins with the same assessment method is not even close to comparing apples and oranges. It is more like comparing crude oil and water! It is like saying that because drinking crude oil will kill you, therefore, drinking water will kill you too, and so let us, in our sheer arrogance and ignorance, put an upper limit on the amount of water you can drink - "to protect you from yourself"! It may sound absurd, but from a scientific point of view, that is exactly how absurd Codex Alimentarius is.

There is not one trace of reason, logic or science in how Codex treats nutrients as toxins.

It is no exaggeration to say that Codex Alimentarius is based on junk science.

The Vitamin and Mineral Guideline

Codex is made up of several different standards for different aspects of food. One of these standards was ratified (i.e. approved and made ready for implementation in WTO-countries) by the Codex Alimentarius Commission in July 2005, in Rome, Italy. The name of this standard is the Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.

The intention behind the global push for the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline is to allow the legal restriction of natural health products. It has nothing to do with "consumer protection" as claimed. It is all about banning nutritional supplements from the market so that you will be forced to choose the drugs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Example of Vitamin and Mineral Guideline Harm: Forbidding Vitamin C Above 200mg/Day

"It is not only vain, but wicked, in a legislator to frame laws in opposition to the laws of nature, and to arm them with the terrors of death. This is truly creating crimes in order to punish them."

- Thomas Jefferson

Codex Alimentarius would make Vitamin C above 60-200mg per day illegal (the exact limits have not yet been set). If Codex is implemented in the U.S., Vitamin C of doses higher than a tiny amount would become as illegal as the hard drug heroin! And junk science (toxicology for nutrients) would be used to set the dosage.

Vitamin C is one of the most widely used anti-oxidants in the world. It has been proven effective in treating many health conditions. It is a highly affordable substance and is available in abundance on the marketplace. There are no known deaths from Vitamin C. There are well over 3500 scientific articles on the use of Vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of diseases and illnesses ranging from arthritis through cancer and scurvy to cardiovascular disease and a host of other serious conditions.

Linus Pauling, Ph.D., won the first of his two Nobel Prizes for his work on Vitamin C.

It is clear that making Vitamin C above a certain dosage illegal (even with a doctor's prescription) has nothing to do with people's health and everything to do with preventing people from having access to products that compete with the drugs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Why Not Just Ban it Completely?

Why not ban Vitamin C altogether? The Codex people are smarter than that. If they moved too fast, then you and others would see the truth about Codex Alimentarius (that it has nothing to do with consumer protection), and the deceptive veil of "consumer protection" intended to protect the Codex moneymen from being caught red-handed, would be torn down in a heartbeat.

Vitamin C Limit Is Just One Example of Codex Harm

With the restriction on Vitamin C in place, you would no longer be able to rely on this important nutrient to help you through colds. For more serious immune problems, you would no longer be able to use Vitamin C in high dosages.

But obstructing your access to Vitamin C is only one example of what Codex would severely restrict. Virtually every other supplement and traditional remedy would either be banned, or reduced below therapeutic dose levels (using the wrong science of toxicology to set meaningless "upper limits").

Who is Responsible for Codex Alimentarius?

Codex is a joint project of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization and is the result of a complex relationship between:

  • United Nations - which created the Codex Alimentarius Commission as a trade committee
  • World Trade Organization - which can enforce Codex Alimentarius Guidelines, Regulations and Standards through coercive trade sanctions
  • World Health Organization - a UN body which is actively contributing to creating Codex Alimentarius regulations despite the fact that Codex directly and explicitly conflicts with WHOs own findings on global death through under-nutrition (the findings conclude that nutritional supplementation in high dosages are important to World health - Codex would ban these supplements in high dosages and thus goes against WHO's own findings!)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization - another UN body, which is also going against the findings of WHO because of its support for Codex
  • Our FDA and USDA

We have been ingrained, mentally and emotionally, with the message that the above institutions are working "for the good of all". Their involvement in the Codex problem may make it seem benign.

But while there are good people in these organizations, the organizations themselves are not working in a benign fashion. They are actively working in concert with representatives of the pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, industrial agriculture, and biotechnology industries to push Codex Alimentarius onto the unsuspecting people of the world.

"HARMonization" - Bulldozing National Laws with Codex Standards

How is Codex implemented in a country?

It happens through a process called "harmonization". This is an Orwellian term.

There is nothing harmonious, sweet or benign about Codex. We like to call it "HARMonization".

The process of how Codex becomes enforceable in a country could just as well be called "coercion", and this would be more accurate. The coercion comes from the World Trade Organization.

WTO - The Engine Behind Codex

Here's how Codex "happens" in a country: the Codex Alimentarius Commission ratifies proposed standards or guidelines which are presented to it once they reach Step 8 of the development process. Standards and guidelines are developed through the action of one of the Committees of the Commission over a period of years. Until a standard or guideline is ratified it has no standing or impact on either international trade or national law.

Once a Codex standard or guideline is ratified it is not a law per se. The way it works is that it serves as the standard or reference by which international trade disputes are settled through the dispute resolution process of the World Trade Organization.

The WTO can take a country to court in its own courts, as the WTO has done several times in the U.S., winning each time, to force that country to change its sovereign laws or face severe economic punishment (sanctions)! This is a decidedly undemocratic process.

Codex never actually becomes "law" - it simply forces itself upon a nation by way of the WTO's sanctioning powers, and through the passing of pro-Codex bills by traitorous insider politicians who play the hands of the Codex moneymen.

Without the coercive powers of the World Trade Organization, Codex is just ink on paper, all 200,000 pages sitting somewhere collecting dust.

Our Unique and Powerful American Defense

Are we doomed to Codex takeover? No. If we, the people, act decisively and in massive numbers, and our Congress acts to protect the people from Codex, we are not doomed at all.

In the U.S., we have a powerful legal tool on the side of health freedom that many other countries don't have. We have the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) which protects nutrition and health freedom from Codex. DSHEA mandates that nutritional supplements be classed as foods, not drugs, and thus no upper limit may be set for them (which would make the upper limits of Codex illegal). DSHEA was passed in 1994 after grass-roots pressure by millions of Americans, and it is the law of the United States of America unless it is destroyed by the interests behind Codex.

U.S. Codex Office Policy on Codex Alimentarius is Illegal

The U.S. government supports the restrictive, illness-promoting Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG), despite the fact that this position is illegal under U.S. law!

The pro-Codex position of the U.S. Codex Office is illegal because Title 19 USC 3512 prohibits America from harmonizing with any international standard that violates U.S. laws. The Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline would violate DSHEA (the 1994 law which treats supplements as foods).

As a result of DSHEA, no upper limit can be set for nutrients in the U.S. and thus Codex would violate DSHEA (because Codex would set upper limits for nutrients using the wrong science of Risk Assessment).

U.S. Codex Office Has Been Notified About its Illegal Position

The U.S. Government was notified that it is illegal for the U.S. Codex Office to support ratification of the Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG) by a Citizen's Petition produced by the Natural Solutions Foundation (sponsor of, submitted on June 1, 2005.

A Citizen's Petition is not a conventional petition. It is a powerful legal tool to compel action on the part of the U.S. Government to follow its own laws and to lay the groundwork for further legal action if the Government does not change course.

Despite our emergency Citizen's Petition, Dr. Ed Scarbrough, head of the U.S. Codex Office, unfortunately announced that the U.S. Codex Office has chosen to stand firm on its illegal pro-illness, pro-Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline position, which was ratified in Rome, Italy, on July 4, 2005.

The Natural Solutions Foundation (the organization behind will be taking the U.S. Codex Office to court.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Codex Alimentarius

If you thought what you've read so far was interesting, this is where the whole Codex issue gets really interesting:

What hardly anyone talking about Codex ever mentions is that it is based on the Napoleonic Code. Most people are not aware of the Napoleonic Code, so let's explain what it is and why the Napoleonic Code is not the freedom-lover's best friend.

The Napoleonic Code - brainchild of the emperor with the same name - conflicts with Common Law (upon which American law is based).

The most notable conflict between the Napoleonic Code and Common Law is that everything that is not explicitly permitted is prohibited by default under the Napoleonic code while everything that is not explicitly prohibited is permitted (i.e. unregulated) under Common Law unless proven harmful by the law.

The Napoleonic Code does not suit a society where the value of individual liberty demands that everything remain legal unless proven harmful to the community.

Under Codex, because of its Napoleonic underpinnings, everything would have to first be approved by the regulatory body before you could legally use it; otherwise you are forbidden from using it.

So, for example, if we have apples, and apples are not explicitly permitted by the government agencies and organizations responsible for implementing Codex rules (FDA, USDA, DOT, HHS, DOC, EPA, etc. here in America), then apples would be illegal to sell, buy and use under Codex!

That is, in a nutshell, the legal aspect of how Codex operates.

Does this sound like a tyrannical scheme?

It sounds like a tyrannical scheme - because that's exactly what it is!

Codex Would Mean Destruction of Supplement Manufacturers and Health Food Stores

All new and innovative remedies and nutrients would be forbidden by Codex. They would be forbidden because they would not be explicitly permitted by Codex so they would not even be allowed on the market. Remember: anything not permitted as part of the list of Codex-allowed nutrients would simply be illegal.

Manufacturers would stop producing new and innovative nutritional supplements because they wouldn't be allowed to manufacture such nutrients, since they would be illegal.

Health food stores would stop carrying non-Codex nutritional products because they would not be able to sell them (remember: it would be illegal). Health food stores wouldn't even have manufacturers to supply them with products to sell since the manufacturers would be out of business!

The only legal products would be those on the Codex "positive" list (i.e., what Codex allows).

And of course, therapeutic dosage natural health products would never be put on the Codex "positive" list, because that's the whole point of the list: to obstruct and thus destroy natural health product competition to the pharmaceutical industry's drugs.

"Tyranny" - It's the Right Word

Codex would allow severe government control over people's health choices. This is tyranny, plain and simple.

Remember Jefferson and the question about what Codex's rightful name is? The answer: Codex is a tool for tyranny for the sake of the interests of greedy multinational corporations.

But it is disguised by its sponsors and supporters as "consumer protection". This disguise is designed to prevent the American people and Congress from taking decisive action to protect health freedom from Codex.

Be Mindful of Subtle Deception

Even supposed defenders of supplements and nutritional products, such as the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) appear to have fallen prey to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and are spreading false information saying that Codex is harmless and even good for us.

Codex Brings Devastation to the Earth's Environment

"Pesticides have often been studied for their links to cancer. Populations that are most at risk for pesticide-related cancers include workers with occupational exposure to pesticides, children whose parents have occupational exposure to pesticides, populations living in agricultural areas of heavy pesticide use and children whose parents use pesticides inside and outside of the home."
- Samuel Epstein, M.D.

Codex would encourage the increased use of pesticides, veterinary hormones and other toxic drugs and unlabelled Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in your food.

This is in violation to evidence about the dangers of these substances brought forward by eminent scientists like Dr. Epstein.

Codex would promote the increased use of toxins while responsible physicians and scientists the world over are calling for moratoriums and bans on pesticides, GMOs, and hormones and antibiotics in animals, due to the devastating carcinogenic effects of these toxins!

Codex is way behind the times. It is way behind the findings of real science.

Our Responsibility is to Help Congress Protect America

We need to remind Congress of its duty, namely, to first and foremost protect the well-being and interests of the American people who have elected them. We need to make friends with our Congressmen and Congresswomen. They are going to suffer as much as any other American if our health freedoms are subjugated to the desires of the pharmaceutical industry.

We must remind Congress not to allow itself to be abused as pawns in this reckless chess-game of greedy special interest groups.

At the bottom of this web page is a link to a tool that allows you to contact your local Congress representative via the Internet.

Our Enemies: Deception, Lack of Knowledge and Inaction

No one in their right mind would approve this corporate-sponsored control over health unless they didn't know what was befalling them. Codex cannot be agreed with by any sensible American. It is to be stood up against.

Falling for deception, produced by the Codex-sponsors, is our first enemy.

Lack of knowledge about Codex is our second enemy.

Inaction is our third enemy. helps you neutralize and overcome the first two enemies so your path to effective action is crystal clear. We've made it easy for you to take action (see bottom of page).

You have the power to make a difference. Therefore, Codex is not your primary enemy. That person in the mirror, if he or she does not act, is your primary enemy. This may sound too strong, but it is the only way to put the reality of the situation openly on the table. We, as the American people, are faced with the opportunity to protect our health freedom and to use Codex as a catalyst to expand health freedom. But we must act.

Taking Action is Easy and Quick

By now you should have no doubt that Codex Alimentarius is good for no-one but certain industries. They are doing just fine without the tyrannical powers Codex would give them, so let us stand firm and protect our health freedom. Our health freedom is certainly worth more than massive increases in the profits of massive multi-national corporations!

The Codex story is not written in stone. We can avert this tool of tyranny. There is a window of opportunity to change the course of health freedom from devastation (Codex-ruled America) to growth and renaissance (in an America protected from Codex).

It's time to take action.

Click here for 3 easy steps that allow you to do your part in protecting health freedom from Codex Alimentarius.


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