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Estimate of Situation (EoS) – Health & Food Freedom & Justice 2012 War Council

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Another in the Natural Solutions Foundation’s White Paper Series

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Estimate of Situation

3rd Annual War Council (January 8, 2012)Index:
Course of Action
Action Items

Our Mission
“…to discover, document, develop,
demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions…”


We the people are under multiple economic, political, health and food attacks, mobilized and supported by certain globalist elements in the government(s) and powerful policy-setting multinational corporations which are designed to reduce the population by up to 90 percent; this is the Globalist Genocidal Agenda.

We address this EoS to all the people of the world — knowledge is power! This document is especially addressed to all of you who know there are increasing risks of a genomicidal nature that must be addressed. We acknowledge you and ask you to join us in this effort! Please share this EoS widely! www.Twitter.com/HealthFreedomUS: #OWS #TeaParty #C4L

The Facts Bearing on the Problem were Presented at the Natural Solutions Foundation’s 3rd Annual War Councils. We heard from Judge Napolitano, the morning before the meeting, and at the meeting from Foster Gamble, producer of the movie Thrive, Tim Bolen, Dr. Hildy Staninger MD, Sharry Edwards, MEd, Jordan Rubin and various members of the public attending the meeting and simultaneous webinar.


1) GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been declared by the US Government in the absence of any scientific justification or substantiation to be “substantially equivalent” to organisms’ with their natural DNA. Therefore, according to the US FDA, no GMO label or identification is necessary; and, in fact, in the US it is illegal to label GMO products, including “GMO-Free” products. As a result, NO safety testing is required or permitted by the FDA even though, in fact, the modified and unmodified DNA are in no way truly equivalents. In addition, at least one GMO modification of corn has a gene (“Epicyte gene) added to it, which is explicitly designed to create sterility in both men and women through induction of antibodies to sperm. ALL independent scientific data makes it clear that GMOs are dangerous for the biosphere, the individual and future generations and are incompatible with non GMO life forms since their aberrant DNA is contagious and induces permanent, trans-generational mutations.

2) Multiple vaccines have been created and deployed to cope with such diseases as the swine and avian flu strains (H5N1, H1N1 viruses, also created in the laboratory and then made more virulent). These vaccines have then been made mandatory for increasing numbers of individuals. No vaccine, however, has ever been proven tto be either safe or effective. Mandatory application to the public at large in the absense of such proof is both irrational and illegal since both are required by US law before a vaccine can be approved and marketed. Evidence exists indicating that rather than preventing the disease they are supposed to address, vaccines actually cause disease and precipitate the pandemic or epidemic. Vaccines are an uninsurable risk known to cause foreseeable harm and are permitted in commerce only by special Act of Congress denying our common law right to redress for that foreseeable harm.

3) Radiation levels from Fukashima Daiichi continue to rise throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including the United State, but are not being monitored, at leastfor public dissemination. Measured levels, however, far exceed safelevels. Food, water and air are increasingly contaminated.

4) ChemTrails continue crossing the skies in many parts of the world dispersing toxic levels of metals such as (aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, nickel and zinc). In addition, reports exist of even more dangerous items like meson ‘brain chips’, genetically engineered mycoplasma, bacteria, viruses and self-replicating forms which can cause serious illnesses such as Morgellens Disease.

5) Unending war involvement described as “Anti-Terrorism” actually disguises the actual purpose of “protecting” oil resources. The real cost of this war is the loss of Constitutionally guaranteed rights (such as First Amendment, Fourth Amendment and other fundamental legal rights).

6) The “Principles of War” apply and provide the keys for developing proper strategies to correct the problems related to us at the 2010, 2011 and 2012 War Council meetings.


Courses of Action (COA)

1. Disseminate the information regarding the systematic multiple thrust attacks supported by the globalists in the government and their partner corporations, which are designed to create illness in the entire population.

2. Provide simple, effective and replicable ACTIONS that every person can take to demand “Cease and Desist” orders from their elected officials at every level of government and impact corporate policy through citizen actions and choices which support sustainable citizen values and beliefs such as autonomy, reproductive and health rights, no involuntary experimentation, personal sovereignty, etc

3. Organize independent virtual social networking “Centers of Truth” whereby verified critical information and necessary “Action Items” sorted and stratified by subject matter can electronically reach vast numbers of the activated public in order to go on the offense and make sure that their elected official at all levels of Government hear the outcry, and withdraw their collusion with, and support for, genocidal programs and policies. This process has begun, with our creation of the Free World Network: www.FreeWorldNetwork.org

4. Identify projects and initiatives which will enhance local autonomy, reproductive autonomy, improvement of health status for entire populations and similar efforts running counter to the globalist genocidal agenda

5. Raise necessary funding to support COAs #s 1, 2 & 3. Donate HERE.



The US government has declared GMOs to be “equivalent” to natural genetic materials. Therefore, GMO product safety is assumed absent any long or short term safety testing. Because of this assumed “equivalency” between unmodified and GMO products, information/labeling is not required on labels, and is, In fact, forbidden in the US. This unjustified and highly biased (and dangerous) assumption has also been accepted by CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, the international organization responsible for setting guide lines and standards for everything that goes into your mouth except drugs. GMOs created to enhance nutrient contents of foods have been approved by CODEX even though, as stated in Appendix III of the BioEngineerd Foods Guidelines, these foods may contain substances which are ineffective as nutrients, may be toxic and may be anti-nutrients. Appendix III states that large-scale human experiments are necessary to determine the impact of these GMOs despite the fact that experimentation without informed consent violates international law and principles.

Mounting evidence indicates that GMOs do not meet reasonable safety guidelines and in fact create serious health problems associated with the production of novel proteins when foreign DNA enters the nucleus of the cell. These problems include, but are not limited to, infertility, sterility, cancer, auto immune diseases, multiple organ system failure, spontaneous abortion across species, crop failure and famine, super pests and super weeds, loss of genetic diversity, trans-generational reproductive failure and more.

This raises serious suspicions regarding the US government’s initiative to prevent labeling of GMOs world-wide, since any gene could easily be introduced into the DNA of a GMO For instance, at least one GMO corn modification has the Epicyte gene added to its DNA structure which creates sterility in both men and women and is, like all other GMOs in the US, totally unlabeled. The acceptance of presumed substantial equivalence violates the common law’s “strict liability in tort” for offering products that can cause harm, and various legal codes’ “Precautionary Principle” that those who support the introduction of novel products bear the burden of proving safety. The FDA, instead of protecting the population, accepts statements of equivalence from manufactures without any investigation or testing.

Consumers can enjoy the GMO sweet corn and then regret every kernel since they may have been irreversibly sterilized without informed (or any other) consent. Since corn forms the raw material substrate for a vast array of food components, and since all such substrates and substances are unlabeled, there is literally no way for the consumer to protect him/herself from this threat.

Additionally, corn is hardly the only GMO in the food supply: soy, beets, papaya, wheat and a rapidly increasing array of crops and animals are GMO.

Animals consumed by humans who have consumed GMO feed are also GMOs, passing their genetic taint on to those who consume them, just as plants do.

Unlabeled GMO materials are found in nearly all processed and an increasing amount of unprocessed food.

Vaccines allegedly exist only to provide protection for the population against diseases that have the potential to become epidemic and spread through the population rapidly and devastatingly. This concept sells easily to the general public despite a total lack of scientific evidence or support for it. However, suddenly we find ourselves confronted by a flurry of new diseases such as Avian Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, et al that require vaccinations for the entire US population (plus many other countries). Increasingly, “diseases” like cancer, smoking, depression, anxiety, diabetes, aggression, anxiety and many others are the object of “preventive” and “therapeutic” vaccines now in development.


Mounting evidence indicates that Avian Flu, Swine Flu, SARS were created in laboratories for the express purpose of providing an excuse to vaccinate large populations with vaccines that include such dangerous ingredients as genetically engineered viruses, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, human DNA from aborted fetuses, cancer viruses like SMV40 and antibiotics for example. In addition to injecting known toxins into vulnerable systems (including fetues, infants and young children) , vaccines actually cause the diseases they are supposedly targeted against instead of preventing them.

In addition, because vaccines cause and potentiate the later development of serious (and highly profitable) chronic diseases such as autism, cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, as well as infertility, the “after-market effect” of vaccine is very powerful and well-understood by the crony corporatists and their allies in the regulatory agencies.

Avian Flu strains were created when a benign commensal virus was intentionally mutated in a 6 year program funded by the National Institutes of Health by adding the lethal 4-gene sequence which gave the 1918 flu pandemic its enormous lethality. This highly lethal GMO virus was, however, not easily transmissible until its recent re-engineering in two labs (US and Netherlands). These well-funded successful efforts to re-engineer the Avian Flu virus for both high transmissibility and high lethality, correcting the “problem” of the earlier version’s lack of high transmissibility, bring the existence of a genocidal intent into stark focus.

When the new Avian Flu is re-engineered and released (under a new name) another mandatory vaccine will follow close behind creating vast genocidal harm.

Radiation from the Fukashima nuclear reactor disaster continues to contaminate the entire globe with no indication of any controls in the foreseeable future. The stark reality is continuing, and continually increasing, radiation poisoning for not only all animal life (including human life), but also for all plant life. This means that ALL the food we eat and ALL water we drink either does or will contain radiation poisons that vary with location and weather conditions and will continue to get worse over time for eons. It would appear that governments do not want the public to know how bad the situation really is. Otherwise, they would continue to monitor the situation and report the conditions similar to weather reporting. In broad terms, however, the Northern Hemisphere is in more serious jeopardy than the Southern Hemisphere. The Western and Northwestern US is more radioactive than the Southeastern US although this distinction is rather meaningless since a vast proportion of the food supply of the entire US comes from the West and Northwest of the US. A personal Geiger-Counter can help with individual selection of foods with minimal radiation to put on your personal table if it is an advanced model capable of determining the presence of the trans-uranium elements plutonium, americium, etc. Conventional Geiger Counters are not able to do this.

All food grown and consumed in the US is grown in increasingly contaminated areas and then shipped long distances to the consumer. Since the adoption of the misnamed FDA “Food Safety” Modernization Act by the 111th Congress, agency attacks on local and natural food sources has escalated. Examples include the coordinated raids during 2011 on the Amish Raw Milk Dairies and the California Rawsome Co-Op.

In addition, strong documentary evidence indicates that the US HAARP system was pulsing 2.5 Hz into the Fukashima earthquake epicenter for four days prior to the earthquake that resulted in the destruction of the multi-reactor nuclear plant there. The frequency most associated with earthquakes is 2.5 Hz. Earthquakes can be induced through such pulsation of sufficient energy. HAARP operates at sufficient energy levels to produce such large-scale effects.


Nuclear power is alleged to have provided a major contribution to fulfilling the energy needs for many different populations, despite serious questions about that allegation. However, not even the most ardent proponents of nuclear power can deny its many safety problems, including the absolute lack of any safe way of dealing with the nuclear waste, most of it radioactive over vast time periods. Safe, clean, non-fossil fuel, non-nuclear energy alternatives exist. These alternatives (including, but not limited to, Zero Point Energy – ZPE) can provide huge energy resources. Research will reveal whether the ZPE can match the nuclear capabilities or not. Research to determine the necessary improvements to the long-suppressed ZPE technologies must be made to the ZPE modernization effort to compete with and replace nuclear and fossil fuel use. Nuclear power, like vaccines, is an uninsurable economic risk.

Chemtrails may, if we do not recognize them for what they are, appear innocent and of no consequence in the skies above us … nothing more than the contrails from any high flying airplane under certain weather conditions. That is the myth. The facts, however, are very different.

High flying planes are loaded with substances (allegedly for weather modification) designed to poison large populations, and vast amounts of soil and water, around the world. Analysis by various laboratories in various location before and after Chemtrail spraying show that many toxic metals such as aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, nickel, and zinc are included in the Chemtrail mixtures which ultimately fall to earth. We breathe and ingest the toxic particles into our body. Self-replicating materials, mesons and nano communicators are also part of the toxic brew sprayed on us without our consent or agreement. Conditions like Morgellon’s Diseases are among the results. Meson penetration can lead to cancer and other immune-related diseases.

Aluminum is highly toxic to the body. Arsenic is a deadly poison. Lead, likewise, is a poison, as are beryllium, nickel, cadmium and other components of Chemtrails. On the assumption that they are being sprayed for weather modification, hat makes any of these metals acceptable as environmental contaminates for weather modification vs human destruction? When Chemtrail spraying is intense, emergency room admissions go up in urban areas by approximately 14%. Deaths from respiratory and cardiac causes rise by a similar rate of increase. The lethality of Chemtrails is far from theoretical.

Another interesting data bit is that Monsanto is developing GMO crops that grow in soils with high aluminum content. That fact points strongly to a cabal directly related to the Chetrail menace.

In addition to the metals mentioned above, evidence now indicates that there are also tiny mesogen brain chips included in the Chemtrails. These can lodge in the ears, the nasal cavity, the brain or in the skin. Over 100 persons analyzed for these chips had symptoms similar to Morgellens disease. Nano communicators or “smart dust” is likewise included in the toxic brew of Chemtrails as well as biologically novel organisms (bacteria, mycoplasma and viruses).

Some of the mesogen chips contain a silicone side chain with a NH4 ion capable of creating an electrical charge, apparently involved in the nano-communication capacities of the mesogens. When the body rejects these foreign materials, cancers are sometimes the result. Other results are, according to the presenters at the War council, as yet, uncharacterized.

Unending involvement in endless WAR provides an unending excuse for suppression of information and constitutional rights. Since the failed 9/11 cover-up with its improbable and obviously false official story, increasing suppression of rights has taken place, with repeated assaults on protection of the citizens from the intrusion of the government.

The extension of public safety to public suppression with indefinite “preventive detention”, cancellation of citizenship and rights to legal protections upon vaguely stated “suspicion of terrorist sympathy” or “material support of terrorism” rips away even the pretense of justice as a framework for our society.



1) Numerous Government-supported thrusts target the population to create illness first, followed by “social apoptosis”, programmed large-scale death, consistent with the globalist depopulation/genocidal agenda as suggested in Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200, November 10, 1974.

2) Most of the population does not know (or believe) that “its own government” would attack its own population. Certain groups in the population on both the right and the left [identified with both #Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, for example] do not trust Government not to take such actions and the number of people who distrust Government appears to be at an historical high level. This means that the possibility of mobilization for change on a peaceful, productive basis is enormous if properly motivated.

3) Responses to complex, interconnected problems must, none the less, offer effective, comprehensible and simple solutions which will make a major difference in the situation. Such solutions can then be turned into effective and easily multiplied “Action Items” sent via email and other easily used means so that huge numbers of respondents can easily and quickly “Take the Action” and become part of the millions of voices needed to create the “Mass” that the Government will hear to compel policy change.

The Foundation has proven repeatedly that mass Push Back by an aroused population will force the globalists to reverse course, at least temporarily. Our 2009 success with the Swine Flu Vaccine Panic, where over 3.5 million messages to decision makers, coupled with mass vaccine refusal, stopped the planned pandemic, is an example that was discussed at the War Council.



The following list contains the essential aspects for each individual’s actions. Each respondent can select those “Action Items” that they agree with and support and push the appropriate button(s) …OR… (as we develop the capacity) they can select the “ALL” button and complete the action in a single stroke.

Current Action Items can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/PushBackHere.


1) Demand an immediate Government moratorium on all foods or other products containing any GMO ingredients sold in the US or abroad until independent, non-industry-related safety testing proves that each GMO product and GMO-derived product is, in fact, safe for human consumption. http://tinyurl.com/No2GMO

2) Demand similar changes for labeling requirements accepted by CODEX. http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2049

3) Demand a reevaluation of national and international organic standards to bring them into meaningful conformity with public expectations., while protecting local and organic food sources from stifling Federal Regulations: http://tinyurl.com/StateFood

4) Demand that FDA leave our supplements alone! http://tinyurl.com/SaveOurSupplementshttp://tinyurl.com/healthfreespeech

5) Demand an end to Federal Food Control. Support the Raw Milk Freedom bill; the FDA raw milk ban is a symbol and a symptom of all that is wrong with Federal Food Control: http://tinyurl.com/RawMilkFreedom

6) Demand a Government reevaluation of public policy on vaccines in any form and reject all forms of forced drugging and treatment: http://tinyurl.com/NoForcedDrugging .

7) Demand a total Government moratorium on ALL current and future vaccines until completion of the Government reevaluation of vaccine public policy …AND… until each and every vaccine has passed both safety and effectiveness testing; without using the population as human Guinea Pigs. http://tinyurl.com/noforcedvax

8) Demand that the Government set up selective radiation monitoring stations (a minimum of 1 per state) around the country and advise the public of the present and growing dangers as Fukashima continues to emit radiation with no immediate end in sight. http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=5731

9) Demand that the Government eliminate all nuclear power and permit major research into “Zero Point Energy”, which provides a safe and effective alternative. End all government subsidy to fossil fuel programs. End all offshore oil drilling immediately. http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=5731

10) Demand an immediate “Cease and Desist” order for ALL “Chemtrail spraying /releasing and make full disclosure on the ingredients contained in the effluent public.

11) Demand a total moratorium on Chemtrail spraying.

12) Organize “Centers of Truth” designed to bring true facts to the widest possible public attention (electronically by subject) regarding various government and corporate genocidal programs. www.FreeWorldNetwork.org .

13) Demand the continued Constitutional protections of “Free Speech” and other Bill of Rights protections. http://tinyurl.com/PushBackFree

14) Support the Natural Solutions’ Fund for Natural Solutions. This investment opportunity allows us to support all of the efforts to keep us healthy, alive and aware by creating an opportunity to make a profit on these critically important investment opportunities. (See www.FundforNaturalSolutions.org).

Initial Estimate of Situation Video: http://youtu.be/3LHAwgq8Hwk

Prepared by Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army, Ret)
President, Natural Solutions Foundation
January 31, 2012


Judge Napolitano and the Trustees

Dr. Rima, Judge Napolitano, Counsel Ralph & Gen. Bert the morning before the War Council

Judge Napolitano’s Message to the War Council:

“The struggle for liberty goes far deeper than either the Republicans or Democrats imagined. Keep on doing what you are doing and don’t give up the struggle.”

2011 Presidential Primary Candidates’ Questionnaire

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Global Voice for Health and Food Freedom™
Health Freedom Advocates Ask Presidential Candidates Tough Questions

Natural Solutions Foundation is sending the various announced candidates for president the following message, seeking to exercise our First Amendment Right to educate decision makers regarding significant Health and Food Freedom issues. We will report back to you about their responses, or lack thereof…

We’ll list here to whom the Questionnaire is being sent (as we obtain contact information) with send dates:

1. Dr. Ron Paul [GOP] – 6.16.11 via email to congressional office
2. Mit Romney [GOP] – 6.16.11 via web form at official site
3. Michelle Bachmann [GOP] – 6.16.11 – via email to press office
4. Herman Cain [GOP] – 6.16.11 – via web form to campaign site
5. Newt Gingrich [GOP] – 6.17.11 – via web form to campaign site
6. Gary Johnson [GOP]- 6.17.11 – via web form to campaign site
7. Barack Hussein Obama [Democrat] – 6.17.11 – via web form to campaign site
8. Tim Pawlenty [GOP] – 6.17.11 – via web form to campaign site
9. Wayne Allyn Root [Libertarian Party] – 6.17.11 – via web form to campaign site
10. Cynthia McKinney [Green Party] – 6.17.11 – via message to Facebook page

Candidate Questionnaire – 2011 Presidential Primaries
Questions About Health and Food Freedom

To All Declared Presidential Candidates,

This is an expressive association activity of the Natural Solutions Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in part dedicated to educating decision makers regarding natural solutions to issues of health and food. Instructions to Candidates: Please answer each question either “Yes” or “No” followed, if you chose, by an explanation of any length. The more than 300,000 concerned health freedom advocates on our opt in list thank you in advance for your time and considered response. We will share the results of this Questionnaire with them and with the millions to whom our Action eAlerts are forwarded. Please email the response to our Counsel at ralph.fucetola[at]usa.net. All responses are due by July 4, 2011.

Yours for Health and Food Freedom,
The Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation
Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army, Ret.) – President
Dr. Rima E. Laibow MD – Medical Director
Ralph Fucetola JD – Counsel
Questionnaire URL: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=9733

Food Freedom:

1. Do you support the mandatory labeling of foods as GMO or GMO Free?
2. Do you support a permanent ban on GMO food and ingredients products?
3. Do you support upgrading Organic Standards, so that USDA standards meet or exceed the private standards developed by international organizations of organic producers?
4. Do you support defunding the 4,000 FDA food inspector positions, duplicating state-level programs, created in the so-called FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010?
5. Do you support Dr. Ron Paul’s Raw Milk Freedom Bill, HR.1830 which would reverse FDA’s current policies preventing interstate commerce in raw milk or raw milk products?

Health Freedom:

6. Do you support legislation to reverse FDA’s current policies preventing interstate commerce in what are termed “alternative” health care approaches, including minerals, nutrients and herbs used for traditional wellness purposes, energetic devices used to support normal structure and function, and such folk remedies as ear candling?
7. Do you support legislation voiding all CDC vaccine recommendations (which then become the basis for state and private vaccine mandates)?
8. Do you support, on the federal level, legislation to assure to all Americans the right to exercise religious and philosophical objections to mandated vaccination?
9. Do you support repealing the special liability privileges drug companies were granted by Congress in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

Health & Food Freedom:

10. Do you support legislation mandating revisions to US Codex Alimentarius policies, protecting American health and food freedoms from “harmonization” with international restrictions?
11. Do you support First Amendment rights to share information concerning the health benefits of food and components now limited by FDA and FTC regulatory criminalization of such speech?

General Bert’s World Risk Assessment: Threats to Health and Food Freedom #1

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Natural Solutions Foundation
Your Voice of Global Health & Food Freedom™

General Bert’s World Risk Assessment: Threats to Health and Food Freedom #1


Take and Disseminate This ACTION ITEM To Protect Health and Food Free Speech: http://tinyurl.com/healthfreespeech. Threats are coming at us so quickly and seemingly unpredictably that you need a score card to keep track. That is one of the roles the Natural Solutions Foundation plays: we help you keep score, so you can continue to sort, sift and understand these seeming disconnected, and sometimes nearly overwhelming events. We want you to know how to understand what is happening to us all and to our world. Unlike the skillful and very well financed disinformation agents of TPTB (The Powers That Be) our goal is to empower you to reach your own conclusions, take action to protect yourselves, families and communities and share the information you have with everyone you can reach. That is why we raise the hue and cry the loudest and bring you the leading edge analysis you depend upon, week after week, blast after blast.


Start with my co-trustee, counsel Ralph Fucetola JD’s cogent analysis of the new Free Speech about Science bill, HR 1364 (a pretty good bill) and S. 216 (a really, really bad bill). His blog entry is entitled “HR 1364, S.216 and the Struggle for Health and Food Freedom” and it is here: http://vitaminlawyerhealthfreedom.blogspot.com/2011/04/free-speech-about-science-act-hr-1364.html.

While cheering for HR 1364 is all the rage in Health Freedom circles at the moment, you won’t see Counsel Fucetola or the Natural Solutions Foundation joining the wild cheering, since, while supporting the bill, we are all too aware of the limits of trying to solve such problems piece-meal. He concludes:

“…FDA has ignored these legal restrictions, prompting Dr Ron Paul to remark that, when the Congress gives more power to FDA, the agency always engages in an “abuse of power…” A couple of years ago it ignored the 2007 restrictions to exceed its power and ban the interstate sale of certain vitamins. Just last year it sought to ban the entire Ear Candling industry and asked the Courts to recognize NO right of Americans to make their own dietary choices.

This is an agency run-amok. An agency that is so incompetent that about half of the dangerous drugs (including vaccines) it approves must be withdrawn from the market, or strictly curtailed, within 5 years of approval, thus proving that the Public has become the final stage in drug company research and development. All the while, supporting drug company exemptions from legal liability for the horrendous harm they cause the Public.

Meanwhile, what we call Sen. Leahy’s Criminalization of Food and Speech bill, which claims to “increase criminal penalties for certain knowing and intentional violations relating to food…” but applies only to SPEECH, has reared its ugly head again, as S.216. While that dangerous bill slid through the Senate, we hope it will stall in the House. But the Senate may have more surprises in store for us, with Sen. Durbin planning on introducing a new Dietary Supplement labeling bill that would, for the first time, subject vitamins to registration with the federal government prior to sale.

While all this is happening, Dr. Ron Paul continues to urge “legalization of freedom” with his recent Raw Milk Freedom bill, HR. 1830. Read more about this Interstate Commerce Bill, see my interview with him, and use the Action Item to support it, here: http://tinyurl.com/rawmilkfreedom.

Yes, Congress, can pass new laws to protect us from its agents — or subject us to even more harassment.

But better, DIVEST THE FDA OF FOOD AUTHORITY! Let it stick to messing up dangerous drugs and deadly vaccines… FREE US from this bureaucratic nightmare that leads to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year!

And that’s our gripe about a bill that’s been introduced with the best intent, but with hardly enough clout to do the job of restoring our Health and Food Freedoms…

We want to see a return to state, local and family food independence…

That’s why we continue to post important videos and other information at the Food Freedom eJournal, www.FoodFreedomeJournal.org, which can now be accessed through LikeMinded at: http://likeminded.org/resource/the-food-freedom-ejournal.

DATA POINT 1 of the World Risk Assessment is, therefore, WATCH YOUR FOOD.

DATA POINT 2 has to do with the devastating, escalating disaster in Japan where and entirely new set of reactors, at Onagawa, Japan have cracked open and are leaking more radiation following a severe aftershock earlier this week.

I am very troubled by this development and urge you to watch Dr. Rima’s three important videos below and take the proactive steps she recommends here, http://tinyurl.com/radprotect, to protect yourself and family. This horrific threat is not going away anytime soon. The reactors at Fukushima have been classified as a “Chernobyl Level Disaster” but, in reality, the radiation levels are far higher than that at Chernobyl. During a trip to Russia in 1991, scientists there informed Dr. Rima and me that the “accident” at Chernobyl was, in fact, an astoundingly stupid experiment that ran amok. The information I have suggests strongly to me that the “accident” at Fukushima was a HAARP event intended to run amok. The quake that opened 3 additional nuclear reactors at Onagawa appears to have been an aftershock from that event. However they got there, 3 more TEPCO nuclear reactors are leaking radioactive water and ionizing radiation-producing materials into the environment. Once there, it reaches the US in just a few days, then the Atlantic, Europe, Russia and China, then back around.

When will it stop? There is no indication that it will. Radiation WILL go up up, first in the Northern half of the planet, then all over it. That is why we are calling on you to take action to call for a ban on this inherently disastrous technology, along with the other DNA-destroying technology, GMOs here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=8845 . More news about these matters is posted below.

DATA POINT 3 is the increasing probability of a financial meltdown in the United States if Congress is unable to hold the line on the Federal Debt Limit. Breaking through the $14+ billion figure may very well trigger the hyperinflation that has been building pressure. Obama Care legislation gave the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius, a $16Billion “Slush Fund” which will only be funded IF the Federal Debt Ceiling is raised.

With that fund, she will find the Food Fascism bill which was sneaked through Congress at the last moment of a lame duck session in 2010. If the Federal Debt ceiling is NOT lifted, then this disastrous blow to health and freedom cannot be funded. Take this Action Item, http://tinyURL.com/NoDebtIncrease, to make sure that it is NOT funded so that your food, your farmers and your seed remain yours to choose and use. In Europe, the saving of seeds is being criminalized. In the US, it is being regulated into a crime. This battle is too important to lose!

Another part of Data Point 3 is the steady march of the US government toward your pension, IRA, 401 or other retirement money. Since retirement monies represent sent that last pool of “real money” in the US economy, it is a ripe plum for the picking by the greedy and chaotically faltering US government. If you have dollar-denominated assets (such as 401, IRA, trust ofr similar funds) now is the time to consider safer havens like the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project in Panama. Please visit http://tinyurl.com/4v95t37 to learn more about these options.

Right now, other data points that we have considered in the past, such as weaponized pandemics and dangerous forced vaccine campaigns seem to be in temporary hiatus… but eternal vigilance is still required. Each and every one of these data points could reactivate at any time and, in fact, the WHO and CDC are trying, once again, to beat the drum for a Bird Flu pandemic. It doesn’t seem to be attractive to a stress-weary MMD (Media of Mass Deception), but they are trying, so expect another go-round of “We’re all gonna die if we don’t take the shot RIGHT NOW!!!” in the very near future. We also continue to “keep score” at Codex Alimentarius meetings and, with your generous financial support, expect to have observers at next month’s Codex meeting in Canada; please donate here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189.

DATA POINT 4 is the continued spread of world-genome (DNA) destroying GMOs while other environmental toxins continue to escalate: Genomicide – the destruction of the world’s natural genome through GMOs, nuclear power and similar toxic risks. Take this vitally important Action Item to ban both of them NOW, and then take it viral. It is our world. Let’s protect it for ourselves and ALL future generations: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=8845.

We have important Action Items covering each of these risk points, since we know that PUSH BACK works. Please use the Action Items here daily : Our “7 + 1 Action Items: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=8653.

DATA POINTS 1-4 will, I believe, help you understand the future as it unfolds. More importantly, they will help you focus your PUSH BACK so we can choose the better future we all seek!

And, while we are pushing back, remember to support the Push Back Engine! Make your generous recurring donation, large or small, here, now, while you are thinking of it: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189.


4.20.11 UPDATE: S.216, the bill that would put you in jail for ten years if the FDA later decides your speech about food was intentionally false and put people at risk, has passed the US Senate and has been sent over to the House. The food controllers attempted to include this criminalization of speech about food bill in the so-called FDA “Food Safety” (actually food control) Modernization Act of 2010, but with regard to that provision and other similarly draconian provisions, your PUSH BACK worked… last year. Now it’s a new year and a new Congress up to its old tricks! Please use our revised Health and Food Freedom of Speech Action Item here, daily: http://tinyurl.com/healthfreespeech.

General Bert’s World Risk Assessment: Genomicide Warning #2 is here:

General Bert: Genocidal and Genomicidal Maniacs:


Friday, December 17th, 2010

If We continue to Push Back!

Natural Solutions Foundation
Your Voice of Global Health & Food Freedom™

The various attempts by Big AgraBiz and DC Politicians to force the fake “food safety” bill, actually the food control bill, through the Congress is failing because hundreds of thousands of messges are flooding the “lame-duck” Congress from citizens demanding: Don’t Adopt Any Bill that Includes S.510!

The counterpoint rumor is that Sen. Harry Reid is desperate to add S.510 into one of several more bills that may reach the floor of the Senate before adjourning for the Holidays…

New Action Item: Support Simple C.R.

Lame Duck Congress

Lame Duck Congress

From the Senate Calendar: “Thursday, Dec 16, 2010 – The Senate convened at 9:30 a.m. and adjourned at 8:36 p.m. No record votes were taken.”

From Breitbart: “Democrats controlling the Senate have abandoned a 1,924-page catchall spending measure that’s laced with homestate pet projects known as earmarks and that would have provided another $158 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan”


“Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) touts his one-page continuing resolution that would “simply continue the government through February 18th.”

From RealClearPolitics: “I would hope that it would make sense on a bipartisan basis, this one-page continuing resolution on Feb 18th as an alternative to this 2,000-page monstrosity that spends a half a billion dollars a page,” McConnell said on the Senate floor.”


Congratulations Mouse Warriors!

This message from Health Freedom USA’s President, Gen. Stubblebine: “The smell of victory is in the air… we must encourage the faint-of-heart Senators to persevere. And get ready to blast ‘em if they turn-tail to run! By the end of any battle, both sides are exhausted, but the side that perseveres just a little longer… wins! That is where we are now, and that is why massive Push Back is more important now than before! We are flooding the Congress with a clear message: No New Programs in the Continuing Resolution; Strip S.510 out of any funding bill! Keep at it! Victory is within our reach. Keep pressing forward while you recruit your contacts to act with you now!”

Health Freedom USA
Dr. Rima Reports: Sunday 9 to Noon, Central

No Forced Vaccination Talking Points

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Global Voice of Health & Food Freedom™

“No Forced Vaccination” Vaccine Dangers Talking Points

vaccine dangers

No Forced Vaccination Action Item – Make It Clear To Decision Makers that You Will Not Accept Forced Vaccination. Add your voice to the over 3.5 million emails sent to decision makers! Click http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=4376″>here.

Natural Solutions Foundation is an international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) – committed to discover, document, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems and challenges facing us all. The goal of this Talking Points document is to educate decision makers, potential patients and parents regarding the significant dangers of vaccination and the right of people to refuse unwanted medical treatment.

1. Lack of Scientific Support for Vaccination

There is no significant scientific agreement, based upon disinterested clinical trials, that any vaccine is either safe or effective despite massive dis-information to the contrary. Science contrary to the prevailing pro-vaccine myths abound. For example, see Geier DA, King PG, Geier MR. Influenza Vaccine: Review of effectiveness of the U.S. immunization program and policy considerations, J American Physicians and Surgeons 2006 Fall; 11(3): 69-74 which clearly shows that the flu vaccine has no effect.

Despite frequent references to it, there is, in fact, no such thing as “herd immunity”: if vaccines worked, the vaccinated would be at no risk from those who choose to forgo any particular assault on their immune systems. It is not the unvaccinated who are a threat to the vaccinated, but, since some of the vaccinated shed infective viral particles, it is the vaccinated who are a threat to the vaccine-free!

2. Vaccination is a Medical Fraud and has been since its inception. For a review of the sordid and distorted history of vaccinations, see Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD’s essay, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/docs/Syringe_of_death.pdf – furthermore, vaccines are an uninsurable risk.

3. Vaccinations, although without medical benefit, are highly profitable ONLY IF THEY ARE ADMINISTERED IN HUGE NUMBERS.

Like many other regulated drugs, vaccines are inherently dangerous to the recipient, hence the need to regulate them. Unlike the protections afforded consumers of all other drugs, Congress has stripped Americans of our right to redress for vaccine injuries. This means that the drug companies profit from vaccines while not bearing any of the costs of the harm that is a foreseeable result of the foisting of these dangerous substances on the public. The Federal “Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” [VICP] only compensates a small percentage of actual vaccine deaths and injuries, and this “tip of the iceberg” has paid out more than $2 billion dollars over twenty years. The VICP awards are generated by a special tax (not on the drug-pushers or manufactures) but, instead, on those who are required to purchase vaccines.

4. The US Supreme Court stated, in the 1905 case which allowed people to be fined if they would not accept a vaccination in a declared public emergency, that the Courts would intervene if there were a showing that vaccines were harmful. Vaccines have now been shown to be harmful and therefore the Courts need to remember what the Supreme Court said over a century ago: the judiciary is “competent to interfere and protect the health and life of the individual concerned.” Jacobson v Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905)

5. The public is increasingly exercising its right to reject mandated vaccines or any mass vaccine program.

Over 3.5 million emails to decision makers rejecting the Swine Flu Vaccines show deep public distrust of any Federal Government program, like the 2009 plan to vaccinate every American with Squalene-laced H1N1 vaccines, where the Government buys the vaccines, then “approves” the vaccines (for a novel virus, without safety testing), then “recommends” the vaccines (which leads to state governments mandating same) and finally distributing the vaccines at 90,000 locations around the country, none of which are required to meet Good Manufacturing Practices regulations, although they would be assembling vaccines at non-pharmaceutical sites for consumer use.

6. The Health Freedom Amendment is necessary to protect individuals who do not give voluntary, informed consent to medical treatments such as mass vaccination. You can read about the model legislation here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=5359 and the text of the proposed Health Freedom Amendment here:

The Health Freedom Amendment

1. No individual (including a minor through his or her parents) may be denied, by any person or agency acting under color of law: Access to any desired health care services, including those known as standard, conventional, alternative, advanced or complementary health care services, with fully informed consent; Access to all health care information for which there is at least a scintilla of evidence; Access to food, food components, contents or substances, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, pro-biotics, pre-biotics, their precursors and metabolites; such components, content and/or substances may be offered with, or associated with, claims for their health benefits, without prior government approval and without limit as to mode of application.

2. No individual (including a minor through his or her parents) shall be exposed to genetically modified or degraded food without his or her consent. Such protection shall take the form of mandatory detailed labeling declaring significant alterations in the nature and composition of the food including, but not limited to, genetic modification of any sort, introduction of foreign DNA of any sort, irradiation in any amount, all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and similar chemicals used at any stage in the production of such food.

3. No individual (including a minor through his or her parents) shall be subject to involuntary medication (including vaccination) or any other involuntary medical treatment. Any individual, if exposed to a public health hazard which poses a bona fide contagious public threat has the right to self-shield at home with appropriate material support to make such self-shielding effective. Such self-shielding shall be carried out for the minimum period of time necessary to control the public health hazard or contagion.

Please join us in helping to educate decision makers: vaccination is bad medicine; mandated vaccines are tyranny! Support the health Freedom Amendment to end this madness now!

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