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My name is Camille Milke.

I lost my daughter to suicide 30 days ago, she was the victim of Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants. Here is a link to my daughter’s memorial website, www.ILoveYouSarina21.last-memories.com.
I have formed a Coalition to Abolish Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants. Here
is a link to my Coalition, www.COPESfoundation.com.

Please sign my Petition and help me assure that Sarina’s Voice will be heard, then forward it to everyone in your address book, ask them to do the same, and so on……..

You can get to the petition website from my website or click on this link: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/COPESfoundation/.

Thank you,
Camille Milke, Forever "Mommy" of Sarina Angel
My Beautiful Baby Girl, 1/26/86 – 10/28/07

COPES Foundation
Coalition Of Parents Enduring Suicide
Founder and President


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"My senator's mailbox is FULL, LOL, it is working!! I will try to send this again every day until it gets through...keep up the GREAT WORK FOR HUMANITY, YOU ARE SAINTS FOR US ALL!!"



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