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Genome Disruption Syndrome

Welcome to Natural Solutions Foundation’s GDS Therapy page. Here we bring together Dr. Rima’s recommendations regarding nutritional and other support for your immune system, under assault from what she and Gen. Bert are calling a “Weaponized World with Genomicidal Technologies” — which includes:

Weaponized Pathogens (like the fake avian & swine flu “pandemics” or the new super-e. coli with inserted plague DNA)
Weaponized “Phude” (fake food — dangerous GMOs & degraded organic standards; the “fruit” of Codex Alimentarius)
Weaponized Vaccines (& Other Drugs) with their childhood-destroying toxins, and
Weaponized Environment (radioactive & toxic, in a vile synergistic mix)

All of this leading to Genocide via Genomicide…

Doctor Rima, General Bert and Counsel Ralph have defined the Genome Disruption Syndrome and prepared a White Paper that discusses the background, causes and remedies. The GDS therapy method is subject to a Provisional Patent, No. 61682422. The White Paper sections are:

Abstract: GDS and Your Future
Part One: General Bert – Genomicidal Technologies
Part Two: Doctor Rima – The Harms and the Remedies
Part Three: Counsel Ralph – Lawful Therapy for GDS
Part Four: Resources and Self-Evaluation and Screening for GDS

Here are four steps you can take, starting now, to respond to these threats to your health and food freedom…

Causes of GDS

FIRST, educate yourself —

Link to the Genome Disruption Syndrome Home Page:

SECOND, help us PUSH BACK by using the Action Items on this page every day —

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THIRD, learn how to protect yourself and your family —

Dr. Rima Recommends Certain Nutrients as Therapy for Genome Disruption Syndrome:

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“In genetics, epistasis is the phenomenon where the effects of one gene
are modified by one or several other genes” – Wikipedia

Dr. Rima Recommends

We are pleased to provide these links to some of our affiliates who are offering nutrient products that might be of benefit when responding to “free radical cascades” created by the weaponized, genomicidal technologies; purchases will also benefit the Foundation.

Emerald Sea (whole food supplement from North Atlantic sea veggies; rich in iodine and antioxidants; their glutathione-enhancing whey product is also immune system nourishing). Dr. Rima recommends these two products –



Nutronix (our recommended source of Nano Silver also has a very good Resveratrol product that is a super antioxidant). Dr. Rima strongly recommends this product –


Nutronix, the distributors of the Nano Silver and the Resveratrol that we recommend now has a new product that may be very helpful. Called NuShield, the product is a liquid Iodine Boron product. For those who prefer to supplement with liquid Iodine, this is a good choice. Both Iodine and Boron supplementation will help the body avoid uptaking the radioactive isotopes of these elements and so this is a good choice to consider. You can find the product here: And, of course, don’t forget to keep a good supply of Nano Silver, to support a strong immune system.

Nanosilver Bottle


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