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Email Newsletter from November 15, 2009

Corporate Giving & Receiving for Health AND Freedom

Natural Solutions Foundation ~ The Global Voice of Health Freedom™

Natural Solutions Foundation
Special Holiday Promotion

Your Company’s Gift List Supporting Health Freedom…

And Your Bottom Line!

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November 15, 2009

This Holiday Season, Give

Valley of the Moon™ Coffee

The World’s Best
GMO-Free Coffee

A Friendly Food CertifiedTM Product

Courtesy of the Natural Solutions Foundation

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Two Important New Health Freedom Blogs:
Dr. Rima on Vaccinations and Medical Fascism
Counsel Ralph on the “Stop the Shot” Case, Round Two

Live in Denver or Know Anyone Who Does?

Don’t Inject Me Rally

Friday, Nov. 27th, Noon to 2PM Mountain Time.

West steps of the Denver Capitol, 200 East Colfax, Denver.

Contact Jenny Hatch for more information at: 303-604-1107, or e-mail: JennyMHatch@Yahoo.com


Your Corporate Gifts are 80% Tax Deductible
When You Give Valley of the Moon™ Coffee!


Moon(TM) Coffee - Shade Grown and Hand Picked at the Peak of Perfection

Valley of the Moon™ Shade Grown, GMO and Chemical Free Coffee makes a wonderful corporate gift and every $25 gift gives your company an astonishing $20 tax deduction! That’s a full 80% deduction when you give this meaningful, memorable and mmm…delicious gift!


You’ll know your corporate purchase is supporting health freedom and your accountant knows that it’s supporting your bottom line at the same time.

Natural Solutions Foundation Is On Your Side

Lean, Green Giving in Partnership with the Natural Solutions Foundation Supports Your Health Freedom and Your Bottom Line at the Same Time

Corporate Holiday Special – Minimum 10 Gifts

  • Direct Shipment to your recipients included. Different addresses no problem.
  • Personalized Gift Card from your company direct to your recipients included
  • Friendly Food Certificate included
  • 80% of each gift cost is tax deductible

We know the challenges facing companies in today’s difficult economy. Our Holiday Gift Program supports your business in several ways:

1. Each 1/2 lb bag of GMO-free, Chemical-free Valley of the Moon™ Coffee http://www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.org, shows your customers that you really care about their health, health freedom and the environment! Every gift represents a donation by your company to the Natural Solutions Foundation of $20 in their honor as part of your on-going support for Health Freedom. Your Personalized Card will let them know!

2. We know that every penny in your pocket, rather than Uncle Sam’s, is important in this financial climate. So your gifts support Health Freedom, your recipient’s health, health freedom and your bottom line, all at the same time. For every 1/2 lb gift of Health Freedom’s Own Coffee, GMO-Free Valley of the Moon Coffee, you purchase for yourself or others, your company (or you) will receive a $20 tax donation credit to the Natural Solutions Foundation.

What’s So Special About Valley of the Moon™ Coffee?

Valley of the Moon(TM) Coffee


Natural Soluitons Foundation’s owns and farms its own coffee finca (farm) in the Highlands of Panama as part of its Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Project, www.NaturalSolutionsFoundation.org.

We know exactly what touches every
Valley of the Moon™ coffee bean!

Like everything else we do at Valley of the Moon™, our coffee production is based around reclaiming the production of food, world wide. After all, that’s why Valley of the Moon™ exists. We grow wonderful coffee, absolutely free from any toxic chemicals and we’re helping our neighbors convert to BeyondOrganic, BioDynamic Zero Emissions™ agriculture, too.

Valley of the Moon coffee is shade grown, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=1344, chemical-free and free of GMOs. One sip and you’ll understand why we say Valley of the Moon™ Coffee , www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.org, is a Little Bit of Heaven in a Cup!

This toxin free coffee is the “first fruits” of our Valley of the MoonDemonstration Project, providing you and your recipients with the finest coffee you have ever tasted AND showing local farmers how they can transition to natural solutions with positive economic consequences.

Another part of this effort is our www.FoodFreedomeJournal.org.

We know Valley of the MoonCoffee is clean, pure — and grown to protect you, the Ngoble-Bugle Indians who raise it and the Earth. How do we know? Because we raise it ourselves as part of the Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Project in the pristine Chiriqui Highlands of Panama!

Valley of the Moon™ Coffee, www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.org, is the first product good enough to be awarded our “Friendly Food CertificationTM” because it’s friendly to your health, to farmers and to the Earth!

Natural Solutions Foundation, www.HealthFreedomUSA.org, is both the largest and the most effective Health Freedom Organization in the world. We depend exclusively on your donations, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=196, and purchases to support our work. To support our active legal program, including the Stop the Shot legal challenge to the FDA’s use of influenza vaccines, please make a tax deductible donation ending in the number “6”. That will ear mark your gift for our legal program, including support of cases challenging compulsory vaccination laws.

An astounding 100% of your tax deductible donations go directly to our work http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=196, protecting your health freedom and personal rights to choose natural health options despite the wishes of the FDA, Big Pharma and their friends. Because we know that you will want your company to give a truly meaningful and memorable, but economical, gift, we are making this exceptional offer available to you and your company as a way of saying, “Thanks for supporting health freedom.”

So whether your company is large or small (or you are a person with a gift list – and who isn’t?), when you purchase our outstanding Valley of the MoonTM GMO-Free, Pesticide-Free, Herbicide-Free, Toxin-Free coffee we’ll send you (or the people on your gift list) a 1/2 lb gift of our full bodied, pesticide free Friendly Food Certified Valley of the Moon™ Coffee, http://www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.org!

Get some right now. Give some right now!

Our beautifully packaged, clearly labeled coffee (available in either whole beans or medium grind) makes a wonderful gift. It can be shipped directly to everyone on your gift list with a personalized note letting them know that the gift comes from your company. Just send us your recipients’ info when you place the order in an email to nsfmarketplace@gmail.com with “COFFEE LIST” as the subject line and we’ll make sure the gift, and the card, arrive before December 25, 2009. This offer is good until December 16, 2009. After that we cannot guarantee delivery by December 25, 2009.

What about your personal list? Why not give health freedom’s own coffee, www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.org, to everyone on your personal (and business) holiday gift list? Including yourself!

Not a coffee drinker? Not a problem. Make your selection for your clean, green and health friendly gifts from our Virtual Stores, www.Organics4U.org and www.NaturalSolutionsMarketPlace.org or simply make your tax deductible recurring donation, large or small, here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189, to help keep health freedom free.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Valley of the Moon(TM) Friendly Food Certified Coffee

Estate Grown, Limited Production

Give Yourself and Your Gift List a Truly Unique Gift Now
Click HERE To Order

Valley of the Moon Coffee™ supports your health and your health freedom at the same time! “Friendly Food Certified” means GMO, pesticide and toxin free coffee. Your donation brings you A Little Bit of Heaven in a Cup(c): a 1/2 lb bag of ground or whole eco-friendly, shade grown coffee hand roasted in small batches.

Isn’t it time you had
“A Little Bit of Heaven in YOUR Cup

Your Price per 1/2 lb Bag: $25.00
Your Donation per 1/2 lb bag: $20.00
S&H per 1/2 lb bag: $3.60


Valley of the Moon(TM) Coffee is carefully hand grown, harvested, roasted and packed to arrive at your door fresh and fragrant – without chemicals or GMOs! Your tax deductible donation to the Natural Solutions Foundation , http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189, supports the International Decade of Nutrition, http:www.NaturalSolutionsFoundation.org a program of the Natural Solutions Foundation, and your coffee tastes wonderful!

Workers and their families live safe from chemical harm on our Valley of the Moon™ Coffee Farm


PS: Remember, Chemical Free Coffee means no toxic chemicals in your morning cup! Valley of the Moon™ Coffee contains nothing but natural goodness – your donation supports health freedom and the environment, all at the same time!


Check Out How You Can Get Free Shipping For a Limited Time Only

Donate $100 or more and you’ll receive 4 bags (1/2 lb each) of Valley of the Moon™, an $80 tax deduction AND we’ll throw in the shipping!
Make a recurring donation of at least $25 per month and we’ll send you a 1/2 lb bag of Valley of the Moon
coffee once a month (that’s a $20 tax deduction for each $25 you donate!) AND we’ll cover the shipping costs as an extra “Thank You”. This offer makes a great corporate gift!

Offer Expires: December 15, 2009


The Natural Solutions Foundation received the coveted Carlton Lee Award from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine at their annual meeting in Hilton Head, SC in October 2006.

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"I saw a video of the talk you gave about the Codex Alimentarius, and I have to say, I was shocked. I had no idea the Government was trying to do something so despicable (though I believe them capable of anything). You really opened my eyes - thank you!"



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