Health Freedom Threats: Codex, FDA, Vaccinations, GMOs

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The Art of Health Freedom

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Please write to us and tell us about your health freedom threats and the creative ways you’ve responded. Have an instructive story? Have a photo? Maybe even a Youtube video?

We’re going to start collecting your stories and when we have enough we’ll post them on a section of our website. Of course, we’ll keep it strictly confidential and anonymous if that’s what you’d like.




  • "Dear Dr. Laibow, I heard last night at the Ron Paul Rally here in Missoula, MT that the Codex initiative was in the CAFTA agreement and has already been decided. Is this possible?" (More)
  • "Dear Gen. Stubbelbine and Dr. Laibow, We admire the work you are doing for the people of the world. Big Pharma and Big Business does not give a hoot about the common person. My wife and I have known this for about 60 years. We have been into the natural since 1955. We have seen the growth of the movement from zero to about 2-5% of the population that it is now. Many of our friends are organic and use no medications at all. We raise ALL OF OUR FOOD and trust no one but locals that we know to help us and raise our own. ORGANIC has been watered down now to mean use only approved insecticide and herbicides. What a joke. Big business wins again. All of us here in Kansas(small farmers) are hanging in by the skin of our teeth. We all have to work at extra jobs and work long hours to even stay on the farm. Al Gore stated that there should be only approximately 1.4 billion living on the planet. Sounds ominous. Go get them folks. make a noise to educate the masses of uninformed and drugged populace. there is hope for some.. Good Luck, Dr.Bill Reed and Dr. Gerri Klegin. retired except for farming to stay alive.. age 100. We cannot travel or we would be right there with you working for the good of our country.- world.
  • Here’s a correspondence between a health freedom advocate and her Congressman, Chris Cannon. Once she sent her comment to ask him to oppose the dangerous and unwise “Mothers’ Act” which mandates screening and possible medication for pregnant women and nursing or other new mothers with drugs that can be dangerous to the baby AND to the mother, she got a letter back from the Congressman. But she did not stop there. She wrote a well reasoned and cogent letter back to him telling him about her concerns… (More)
  • My Name is Camille Milke. I lost my daughter to suicide 30 days ago, she was the victim of suicide-causing anti-depressants… (More)
  • I was in NYC walking down Madison Avenue when I passed a building where there were several armed police who looked they were part of a swat team standing with machine guns on the sidewalk… (More)


The Natural Solutions Foundation addressed US Codex Office Public Hearings on Codex and Codex Committees.

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