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"Wearing away the Stone"

A drop of water on a stone
just once or twice a year
wears very little on it’s face
the stone should have no fear

The same drop dripping all day long
for decades at a time
Will wear the surface clean away
of granite, sand, or lime

Life’s little drops of indiscretion
taken here and there
don’t make us fat and old and sick
nor make us lose our hair

It’s coffee, Cokes, and alcohol,
tobacco smoke, and cakes
and foods deep fried with lots of salt
that makes our pains and aches

‘Tis when we swallow every day
the fats and Cokes and smoke
Like the stone, we wear away
In time our health is broke

It’s pandering to our appetites
bad habits formed while young
poor choices made at every meal
to only please the tongue

It’s failing to accept the truth
and living like the crowd
that robs us of our health and youth
before God’s time allowed

Like the constant drip on stone
We wear away our strength
Until our constitution’s blown
and life has shortened length

Always keep foremost in mind
that things done now and then
don’t hurt atal’ compared to things
we’ve done for days on end

There’s Wisdom in this little rhyme
to take with frown or grin
continue doing what you’ve always done
and you’ll be where you’ve always been

~~William’s Pen~~


The Natural Solutions Foundation received endorsements from both the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and work closely with other progressive, natural healthcare community organizations such as Citizens for Health.

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