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General Bert’s Third Risk Warning: Genocidal (& Genomicidal) Maniacs and a Weaponized World

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Natural Solutions Foundation
Your Voice of Global Health & Food Freedom™

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General Bert on Genocidal (and Genomicidal) Maniacs
And a Weaponized World

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert have been warning us for several years about the weaponized threats to Health and Food Freedom…

Weaponized Pathogens…
Weaponized Vaccines and Drugs…
Weaponized “Phude”

(It may look like food, but it’s not!
GMOs, Degraded Organic Standards, Codex and Toxins…)
Weaponized Energy Production…
Weaponized World leading to Genocide through Genomicide!
Are all of these threats leading to an end to Health and Food Freedom… NO! Not if we Push Back together, and not if we take the reasonable steps needed to protect ourselves and families as best as we can, through Natural Solutions…

War is hell. Anyone who has lived through one knows that in their bones and can never forget it. One part of the hell is what war does to the helpless, the innocent, the civilians, the children, the land, the unborn.

Wars are fought for ideas that cloak economic motivation, for flags that cloak aspirations of empire, for oil, for water, for food, for greed and for dominance. They are fought, in the main, by good men and women led to believe that they are serving an ideal worth laying down their lives.

But what of a war in which the weapons are stealth, the victims are everyone who is not anointed as part of the elite or their servants and the means of death are food, water and air? Where the very genomes of the plants and animals of the world are altered into weapons of mass destruction?

What of a war so vicious that it is fought to destroy not just the will to resist, but whole populations; whole genomes. What of a war waged with a willingness to despoil a whole planet?

Is this a war or is this an extermination campaign without borders, order or sanity; authorized not by politicians and generals and publicists, but by faceless, nameless, shameless and truly irredeemably evil genocidal (and genomicidal) madmen.

See: Dr. Rima Reports: Plague DNA inserted into super e. coli

We did not elect them. We did not select them. We did not anoint them. We did not appoint them. They have done so themselves in secret, over many generations. They view themselves as the hidden masters of the world.

And are we to die for their whim and convenience? I think not.

We have natural, legal and effective means of thwarting their plans.

Take, for example, nano silver. Please. I do. A cap full a day if you are well, more if you are ill. There is no organism which can become resistant to it and it leaves the beneficial ones alive and well. Therefore it must be made unavailable, demonized, criminalized, before the killer bug, riddled with the Black Death’s DNA, is unleashed on a vulnerable and trusting Europe.

Take Vitamin C. Please. I do. On a regular basis. Cancer loses its deadly threat when met with sufficient IV Vitamin C. So it is turned into a NEW drug by the genocidal organization called the Fraud and Death Administration.

Take EDTA chelation. Please. I did. To prevent cancer, premature aging, cure osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Since it cuts into cardiac surgery and medication profits, it, too is demonized.

Take vaccination – in mental form, only, please. There is no scientific evidence that injecting foreign proteins, heavy metals and other poisons prevents or cures ANY disease, yet that is what we do on a wildly increasing basis to create permanently immune-impaired customers for Big and Bigger Pharma.

I would love to be able to reject the notion that we are fighting for our lives against an enemy of freedom and of our survival. How comfortable that would be! If it were only corporate greed; if it were only grasping politicians…

Further important information:
General Bert’s Risk Assessments and
Dr. Rima video on the Global Elite Genocidal Agenda
Gen. Bert Risk Assessment #1: Threats to Health and Food Freedom:
Gen. Bert’s Risk Assessment #2: Genomicide Warning:
Dr. Rima on the Globalist Agenda:

The fact is that genocide (and we’ve coined the word “genomicide” to extend this) is the 9th circle of Hell — we are being driven there by the monsters who, without compassion or compunction, wish all of us “Useless Eaters” dead.

I will not help them. Neither, I believe, will you.

Here is a link to our donation page. We need your donations to fight these monsters.


Here is a link to our Green Funding page. We have developed a program to fund OUR side of the battle and earn you a profit at the same time


Here is a link to our Eco Demonstration Project information in Panama. Perhaps you want to get out of the States and this works for you. Perhaps not. But examine the options.


And, last but most assuredly NOT least, here is a link to our Daily Push Back Action Item page:

PUSH BACK is our artillery. We must fire it hot, heavy and hard. And you are the gunner.

Yours, for Health and Food Freedom,

Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.) – President

Dr. Rima Reports: Your Health Your Way – The DrRima.net Radio Program

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

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Dr. Rima Reports: Guests

Due to Continual Interference with the Program, we are refraining from announcing guests in advance.

Here are some of our recent guests:

October 31, 2010: General Bert and Tim Bolen — www.BolenReport.com — on What is to be Done? Strategy for Health & Food Freedom in the Months Ahead…

October 24, 2010: Larry Becraft Esq. and Dr. Paul G. King on Recent Vaccine Litigation

October 17, 2010 – Mark Lerner- Opposition to Real ID – http://stoprealidcoalition.com/

October 10, 2010 – Eileen Dannemann – Vaccine Liberation Army – http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/

October 3, 2010 – Dr. Paul G. King PhD – http://dr-king.com

September 26, 2010 John D. Crockett – www.MagicSoil.com

September 19, 2010 – Mike Adams, the Health Ranger: www.NaturalNews.com

September 12, 2010 – Charlotte Gerson- daughter of Dr. Max Gerson

September 5, 2020 – Karma Singh — Karma Healer — discusses healing energies with Dr. Rima
See: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=6152 for some of Karma’s energy transmissions.

Also, Nicholas Cremato tells us about the Natural Solutions PEL Seminar and Webinar on September 19th in NYC — “Find Yourself, Map Included…” — see: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=6330

August 29, 2010 – Dr. I.C. Rose: Changing Mindsets – Workable Solutions…

August 22, 2010 – Inaugural Program.

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American Rally for Personal Rights: Vaccine Choice, Parental Consent – May 26, 2010, Chicago

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™

The Trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation are pleased to announce our support for the efforts of Louise Kuo Habakus, a tireless advocate for health care freedom and personal vaccination choice who with others is setting up the planned May 26, 2010 American Rally for Personal Rights. We urge all health care freedom advocates to promote and attend this event! Check back as we develop our efforts to support this important Rally. We’ll be Twittering about this using the hashtag #AmRights.

February 15, 2010

Hello, Gen. Bert, Dr. Rima and Ralph:

Would HealthFreedomUSA be willing to sign on as a supporting organization? (see below)

We will be launching our website tomorrow and it will have details. We want as many nongovernmental organizations as possible on the list when we announce.

You’re doing important work. I think there are many points of cross-over and confluence, where we can work together… to do this type of collaboration justice… I am hoping 2010 is a turning point…

Trust all is well…

All Best,
Louise Kuo Habakus, MA, HHP, AADP
Life Health Choices
Blog, latest

Vaccination Choice * Parental Consent

We believe in the rights to life, liberty, and personal security for ourselves and our children.

We demand the universal human rights standard of informed consent for all medical interventions. Compulsory vaccination cannot be legally and morally justified.

We affirm the sanctity of personal space, the right to be left alone, and the freedom to make personal health care decisions guided by the professionals of our choosing.

We invite all people, families and organizations committed to protecting these fundamental rights to stand with us in downtown Chicago on May 26, 2010, and to work with us after the rally to support grassroots advocacy, education, and leadership in defense of our personal – individual, legal, moral, religious, civil, and human – rights.

Vaccination Choice * Parental Consent
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Grant Park, Downtown Chicago

Action eAlert: CDC / WHO Cook the Books about the “Pandemic”

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

CDC and WHO are “cooking the books…”
PUSH BACK – Local Organizing Needed…

Keep Health Freedom Free! Donate: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189
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November 29, 2009
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Health Freedom Alert


CDC and WHO lying about Flu!

CDC and WHO are lying…
General Bert’s Communiqué – Bring Push Back Home
Dr. Paul G. King: Never, Never Give Up!

Push Back is Working – News Notes!
Stop the Shot Litigation Report: AF Plaintiffs Needed
Dr. Laibow on Our Gift to You For State Organizing

Health Care Workers, Students and Allied Professionals
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CDC and WHO are lying…
                       Wanna Buy a Bridge?

The World Health Organization and the US’s Centers for Disease Control appear to be “cooking the books” when it comes to alleged “Swine Flu” cases and deaths, and with regard to the “safety” and “efficacy” of the H1N1 Vaccines.

Read what they have to say here:

So, have 4,000 people died in the US from this “pandemic virus” or only 400 or… none? What do these numbers mean if the laboratory tests being used are 90% ineffective, giving false positive results? We are convinced the tests are not accurate, and besides, as the article says, “Most countries have now stopped counting every case…”  They stopped counting, you will recall, because the CDC and WHO TOLD them to stop counting and simply label every respiratory death as “Swine Flu” in the absence of any statistics showing that H1N1 is involved in any way at all.

How About a Little French Dressing on Your Swine Flu Statistics Salad?

There are 65,073,482 people in France.  There are 308,041,000 people in the United States.  There are 4.73 times more people in the US than in France. 

Now it is possible that the French may have been keeping better statistics: they claim 68 laboratory confirmed deaths, according to the article. Even if the lab were not inaccurate 90% of the time (!!!!!), and we accept their number, in a country where less than 1% of the population has been vaccinated against Swine Flu according to the French Minister of Health*, we have a problem that makes the US CDC’s numbers look a lot like TSS (Tobacco Science Statistics). 

* http://www.theflucase.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1620%3Aless-than-01-of-french-population-has-taken-qswine-fluq-jab-so-far-admits-french-health-minister&catid=1%3Alatest-news&Itemid=64%E2%8C%A9=en

You see, statistically, if the French are being accurate, the USA “estimate” of 4,000 must be very inaccurate indeed… more like “cooking the books” than informing the public! If we multiply the French “Swine Flu” deaths by the factor to correct for the larger US population (4.7 times larger), we get a projected US death number of 322 expected deaths in the US.

Let’s assume that, due to the contaminated food allowed by the USDA and FDA and the atrocious state of our allopathic medical care we in the US are twice as sick as the French.  We should then expect 642 deaths from Swine Flu.  OK, let’s say we are 5 times as sick.  We would then expect about 1,600 deaths.  But 4000? That makes us 12.5 times as sick as the French – without laboratory tests to confirm the cause of death!  Maybe we should change TSS to VSS, Vasccine Science Statistics!

And what about the alleged safety of the vaccines? A quick check of the Internet shows rumors of deaths, incapacitations and miscarriages… all, the authorities assure us, unconnected to the vaccines. Of course, the best way to make sure that they STAY unconnected to the vaccines is to refuse to check out the possiblity that they might be related to them.




Are those statistics being cooked too? Wanna buy that bridge?  It’s right there in Brooklyn.  I’ll make you a great price!

It is time for truth from the public health authorities. The truth is that there never was a real pandemic. The truth is the vaccines are dangerous, unnecessary, un-safety tested and uninsurable. That is unacceptable.

And that is why we are pursuing our Stop the Shot Litigation.  You can help fund that critically important legal action here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189 by making two tax deductible recurring donations: the one that ends in the number “6” will be earmarked for our legal fund.  Donations ending in any other number provide support for our on-going health freedom work.  Both are most appreciated.

Action Item

No Forced Vaccines or Treatments

Take action once for each member of your household!


Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) President

General Bert’s Communiqué
Bringing Push Back Home for A
State by State Victory!

Soldiers fighting on their home territory are filled with vigor and determination which invaders lack.  In our struggle for Health Freedom we need to take the push back battle to your state, your job, your home territory.
The next battlefield waiting for a push back victory is where you live.  And Natural Solutions Founation is here to help you win that battle.

Click below to learn how we can help you in that victory in very practical terms:


Health Freedom: The Enduring Opposition to Forced Vaccination

Guest Essay

By Paul G. King, PhD

Never, never, never give up

– Sir Winston Churchill

Arrayed against today’s forced-vaccination mandates stands a small, but growing, group of hundreds of doctors, lawyers, nurses, researchers, scientists, teachers and other professionals who are affected by varius vaccine issues.

Behind this growing group stand hundreds of thousands of citizens who, at a minimum, have a possibly vaccine-damaged child, grandchild, niece, nephew, brother, sister, first, second, third or fourth cousin, other family member, or a friend or acquaintance who has one or more of these injured persons in their family.

Moreover, the public officials and other behind vaccination mandates, such as the ones in New Jersey, West Virginia and US Air Force daycare centers, have consciously….

Read more here,


Natural Solutions Foundation Has a Gift for Your State and Your Freedom:

Use Our Sophisticated Communication System for Free!  Create Your Own Page, Send Your Own Action Items!  Ready? We’ll Show You How. 

Organize Your State, Your Profession, Your Community: Push Back the Mandates!

New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, California, Air Force Schools, Health Care Workers, Teachers, Day Care Workers……

Organizing people to organize push back requires tools: in Stalin’s Soviet Union the tools were secret mimeograph machines and short wave radios.  People passed faded purple pages in secret – and often died for it. 

Our tools center around the internet, no doubt about it.  But when confronted with mandates, limitation, invasions, and creeping (or galloping) fascism, how do you combat them if you don’t have these internet tools?  Very hard to do.

Using our communication tools, Natural Solutions Foundation has developed the ability to reach out effectively and widely.  We are the largest and most effective netroots organization in health freedom.  We want to share that effectiveness with you if you want to

If your cause needs other people to make it effective, here’s our offer to social activists everywhere:

Decide what you want your social action message to say and whom you want to reach.  Write to us at dr.laibow@gmail.com with “SOCIAL ACTION” as the subject.  Decide whom you want to hear your message (State legislators?  Governors?  Parents in your school district? Other families with special needs kids?  Vaccine resisters?  You decide how to do it and we’ll help you get it done.  Two limitations: no commercial ventures need apply and no attacks, just productive action.  No cost, no kidding. And, as always, we never, never, never sell barter, share, rent or give away any personal information.  NEVER!

Our No Vaccine Mandate Push Back caused the Federal Government to back off its previously stated position of mandatory vaccinations for everyone in the US.  (See FDA and HHS Advisories of July 24, 25, 2007 respectively).  As they backed away from mandatory vaccination, various agencies and officials, including the President, stated that the States could, if they chose, initiate mandatory vaccination.

And that is where the next threat lies.

State governments around the US are racheting up the Health Freedom battle by enforcing the failed policy of mass vaccination with mandates… A clear majority of Americans oppose forced vaccinations and the people have voted by exercising their basic human right to refuse any supposed “medical treatment” that they don’t trust.

The Federal courts may not intervene in time to protect the population from the admitted risks of vaccination… risks that have been shown to be greater than any possible benefits. In state after state the unholy alliance of public health officials and big pharma supporters are seeking to force the people to use their dubious products.

We assert that all mass forced drugging is a violation basic human rights and we demand an immediate end to these barbarous practices.

Since the threat is now moving to the state level, we need to Push Back there as well… And we are! People are organizing to resist illegitimate government intrusions into their health care choices and we propose that our Health Freedom Mouse Warriors take the lead in that effort.

We’ve updated our Organizers eHandBook and are ready to support local organizers with an upgraded system of online Forums with free conference calling capacity and free access to our Action Item capacity!


So much news about how push back is working, from States suspending their flu vaccine mandates to bad bills being delayed by your “Mouse Warrior” actions! This is how we preserve our Health Freedom and Constitutional Rights!

S. 510, Food Facsim Bill,
Vote Put Off to 2010


Take Action Once for Each Member of Your Household


Send an unmistakable message to your
Senators and the White House


New York Health Care Workers!
Submit Your Comments Against
Renewed Flu Mandate:

Public comment is open until 12/28/09.

Check section 66-3 in the link below:

Where to send comments

New Jersey suspends its Kiddie Flu Vax Mandate!


AMA House of Delegates Rejects ALL Vaccine Mandates
for HealthCare Workers!


And… Speaking Truth to Power:

“Doctors in the Ukraine have signed an open letter alleging that the flu pandemic which has cost the lives of hundreds of people has been deliberately created …”


Monsanto Withdraws High Lysine
GM Maize
from Europe, Safety Concerns


This is a massively important victory: Biotech giant Monsanto withdrew its application for a multitrillion dollar market rather than allow safety tests to be conducted, soley because of persistent scientific and popular push back!

Monsanto Found Guilty
by French High Court of Lying About Roundup®


Ukrainian Pathologist Undercuts WHO Lies RE: Sudden Plague: Only 23 Deaths per 60K+ Hospitalizations!

And then there is the unravelling of the lies and deceptions of the WHO, FDA, CDC, UN and other globalist players. 

For example, an eminent Ukrainian pathologist makes it clear that the entire hyped pandemic plague is nonsense: 60,000+ hospitalizations and 23 deaths?  Plague?  Dr. Victor Bachinsky is pushing back, hard, against the absurd WHO position that those with strong immune systems will die from the neo plagues: Nonsense! he says, support your immune system – it is those who have weakened their immune systems with antibiotics or underlying problems are the ones who have died!  How to support you immune system?  Dr. Bachinsky says use garlic, herbs, nutrition, NOT drugs.  Now that’s pushing back, Dr. Bachinsky.  I say use Nano Silver, www.Nutronics/naturalsolutions, the safe, effective way to rid the body of the disease-causing entities that can overwhelm its capacity to defend itself, AND abundant doses of nutrients like Vitamin D3 2000 IU,


H1N1 Virus Weaponized: Contains Spanish Flu Gene Sequence


How did the gene sequence of the Spanish Flu, recreated in a lab supported by US tax dollars, “mysteriously” wound up in the H1N1 Pandemic virus?

Update on the Stop the Shot
Case in Federal Court

DoD, Air Force Civilian Employees
Urgently Needed Now

Your intrepid lawyers, healthcare experts and legal researchers continue to prepare to challenge the FDA’s approval of the uninsurable, un-safety tested 2009-H1N1-A “Swine Flu” influenza vaccines.

Our Citizens Petition remains “on the books” and the FDA is required by law to respond within 180 days of issuing the Docket No. on August 31st. Among the challenged vaccines are the “Swine Flu” vaccines the Federal Government bought for $6.4 billion and then approved and recommended and is now distributing across the country…

We win “Round Two”!


We still need Air Force families and DoD child care employees, who may be the only people left in the US with a flu vaccine mandate! Looking for mandated individuals who may have “standing” to seek Federal court intervention!

Before our Push Back efforts, attempts to mandate the vaccines were happening in several states and institutions… but Push Back seems to be eliminating the mandates, as we find them!

If you are among the remaining mandated persons, please email me at ralph.fucetola@usa.net with “Mandate” as the subject line.

Ralph Fucetola JD
Foundation Trustee and Counsel

Nano Silver: the Universal Antibiotic



Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Here


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Enjoy the holidays!  Be well, be healthy!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation



Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project



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Action Alert: Codex Attacks Nutrients; Vaccination Threats Continue

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

One, Two Punch: Codex Attacks Nutrition; Countering the Vax Threat

Keep Health Freedom Free! Donate: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189
Give Health Freedom’s Coffee to Personal and Corporate Lists:

November 11, 2009
Permalink to this Blast: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3975

Health Freedom Alert

Please Take these Actions NOW!

Health Keepers’ Oath: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=1614

If you are a health care worker of any type, make it clear that the Globlaists may not use you for their inhumane plans.

Mr. President, Repeal the Declaration of Emergency:  http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=1610

There is no health emergency, but you have created a very real freedom emergency.


Action Items
Praise for Natural Solutions!
NJ Parents Needed for Legal Challenge

Two of the Internet’s Major Voices Praise Natural Solutions Foundation’s Work
(listed alphabetically)

Alex Jones
Dr. Rima and General Bert appeared on the Alex Jones program, www.PrisonPlanet.com last Wednesday, November 4, from Dusseldorf, Germany, reporting on WHO’s genocidal 1-2 Punch, Codex and Vaccines. Alex asked them back for a follow-up which took place last night, November 10, 2009.  Why?  Here are some of Alex Jones’ comments about the Natural Solutions Foundation:

“You guys are the best!”

Referring to the Stop the Shot Lawsuit:  “You are taking effective action that could change the outcome.”

“It is easier for people getting involved in the [freedom] movement now: I have been documenting what the other side is doing in their own words, using their own documents, for years, and so have you guys [Natural Solutions Foundation].  That’s how we know what they are doing and what they will do next.”


“Folks, these people are not trying to take away your freedom.  It’s not Alex Jones or Natural Solutions Foundation that wants to limit what you can do, have or know.  It is the other side that does that!”

Thanks, Alex!

Jeff Rense

It is hard to imagine where we would be without the non-stop heroic efforts of Dr. Rima Laibow and the Natural Solutions Foundation in the fight for OUR health freedoms.  Her passion, and that of Gen Stubblebine, are enabling millions to truly understand the threat we face, and to PUSH BACK, HARD.  Time is short and I urge everyone to stand with the Natural Solutions Foundation and Dr. Laibow in this life and death struggle.

Thanks, Jeff

Note: Like both Jeff Rense and Alex Jones, the Natural Solutions Foundation is the continuing target of vicious disinformation campaigns, death threats and other horrendous behaviors because you have made us the largest health freedom organization and because we are effective, active and creative. In short, because you, the NetRoots, make a difference. 

And thank you, NetRoots!

If you want to support our on-going efforts, please take the actions in this Health Freedom Action eAlert, disseminate them as widely as you can and donate.  Your donations, large or small, are tax deductible and much appreciated.


Compassion –
the Polar Opposite of EuGenocide


You know that we are dealing with the genocidal intent of the Globalists, who have brazenly decided – and announced – that because of THEIR agenda, and THEIR beliefs, it is “necessary for 90% of the world’s population to be annihilated, either through Malthusian means (hunger and disease being right at the top of the list, see Codex) and/or through disease and infertility (see WHO and its bogus Pandemic scam) . We call what they want “eugenocide” – the culling of the human population by its rulers.

The Globalist Genocidalists want to be invisible, disappearing in the apparent uncontrolled flow of events, but actually controlling those events to bring about their desired end.  They are like the Painted Man below: present, awake but seeking invisibility.

Like the Painted Man above, they want to be seen and unseen at the same time so they tell us what comes next, while hiding their revelations.

Compassion is a capacity supposedly reserved to humans.  When I saw the video below I was so struck by the compassion of these creatures that it led me to ponder what, indeed, is truly human.  Are genocidalists, while they may show compassion for their friends and those they love, who are totally without compassion for the mass of humanity whom they so carelessly want to eliminate, still human?

Here is an update on the most well-known recent vaccine victim, Dese\iree Jennings – although she is hardly the only one:


Of course, after a conclusive diagnosis by several doctors, of vaccine-induced dystonia, she is now under significant attack for, well, for daring to get well and talk about it!


The FDA estimates that under the most positive circumstances, there will be about 30,000 Americans killed by the new UNADJUVANTED swine flu injections.  They do not seem to be bothered by this outcome.  Nor by the hundreds of thousands whom they estimate will be sickened, crippled or maimed by them.  And that is without the adjuvants.

Why is that acceptable?  It is not, to you and me.  Would you have given Desiree the flu shot if you knew it would cripple or even kill her?  I wouldn’t. And that is why I have taken the Health Keepers’ Oath, http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=1614, to let the decision makers, who may have given away their humanity, that I have not given mine away.

If you are a health care worker, administrator, doctor, nurse, health care system employee of any type, please join me in taking this Health Keepers’ Oath to make it clear that you will not be a party to the use of the medical system to create harm.

NJ Parents

NJ Parents of Kids 5 and Under: YOU can help Stop the Shot for everyone, of every age, in the entire USA!

YOUR children are subjected to the only state-wide flu vaccine mandate in the USA. Do you want to Stop the Shot? We need volunteers to join our litigation in Washington DC.

If vaccination with regular Flu shots AND H1N1 is NOT OK with you, we would like to invite you to become a Plaintiff in our Stop the Shot Law Suit in Federal Court.

Our Judge has asked us to resubmit the Stop the Shot Case with NJ parents of children 5 and under so that he can hear the case formatted that way.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us and we urge you to become a part of this opportunity.

Participating in the Stop the Shot Suit will not cost you any money nor do you need to go to Washington, DC, to testify in this case. 

Contact us here:

More about the Stop the Shot case:


Report from Codex
Stop the Shot Litigation
Action Items


The Theater of the Absurd: Dr. Laibow Reports on threats to Dietary Supplements from Codex: http://www.youtube.com/user/NaturalSolutions#p/u/0/P30Itrfhn8o

Report from the Lawyers: Stop the Shot Litigation – “Round One” – http://www.youtube.com/user/NaturalSolutions#p/u/1/QxdAdyptvJk

The Calling


And, while you are watching videos,
please check out

Dusseldorf Video Report No. 4:

Dusseldorf Video Report No. 3:

Dusseldorf Video Report No. 2:

Dusseldorf Video Report No. 1:

And watch our Counsel Ralph Fucetola JD –
One on One with the Vitamin Lawyer


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Codex “Nutrient Reference Value Upper Daily Intake Limits” are a threat to each of us and to our Constitutional form of Government.  Bills being prepared in the US Senate would require us to HARMonize with Codex standards and guidelines despite the existance of a 1997 law which prohibits exactly that.  The FDA and the US Congress are not much disturbed by those restrictions.  The only thing that will keep them within the guidelines set by the US Constitution is us – you and me.  In our next blast we will have a new Action Item that we are going to ask you to take viral, generating millions of emails – as only we can, to stop the Nutrient Reference Value Upper Daily Intake Limits from being first labeling requirements and then dietary limitations.  That is the plan and we are not going to let it happen.

We are giving you a ‘heads up’ right now to give you time to think about how YOU will disseminate and activate this information.

These Upper Intake Limits are so low that they are incapable of even preventing nutrient deficiencies, let alone promoting health for everyone over 36 months of age.

The nutrients which helped Desiree Jennings so tremendously would not, under this system, be available to you, with or without a prescription.

This information is contained in Para 3.4.4 of the PROPOSED DRAFT ADDITIONAL REVISED NUTRIENT REFERENCE VALUES FOR LABELING PURPOSES IN THE CODEX GUIDELINES OF NUTRITION Revised Nutrient Reference Values for Labelling Purposes in the Codex Guidelines of Nutrition Labelling at Step 3, Cx/NFSDU 09/31/4

My comments in red – REL
Protein (g) (50) [no new value proposed: category eliminated]
Vitamin A ug RE (800) 550 Minimum 10,000 for adults
Vitamin D (ug) 5 I personally take 10,000
Vitamin E (mg a-TE) 8.8 I take 1800 plus fish oil
Vitamin K (ug) 60 I take 1000
Vitamin C 45 I take 6,000
Thiamin (mg) (60) 45 I take 100
Riboflavin (mg) (1.6) 1.2 I take 50
Niacin (mg NE) (18) 15 I take 1000
Vitamin B6 (mg) (2) 1.3 I take 500
(Folic Acid ug 200) Folate (ugDFE) 400 I take 25,000
Vitamin B12 (ug) 2.4 I take 5000

Biotin (ug) 30 I take 8000
Calcium (mg) (800) 1000 I take 1200
Magnesium (mg) (300) 240 I take 1000
Iodine (ug) 150
 Iron (mg) % bioavailability 14.3/15%   18.0/12% I take none 21.6/10%  43.1/5%
 Zinc (mg) % bioavailability  3.6 (high)  6.0 (moderate)  11.9 (low)
I take 35
Selenium (Value to be Established) (ug) 30 I take 600
Phosphorus (mg) 700 I take 1000
Chlorine (g) 2.3 I take none
Copper (Value to be Established)(ug) 900
Fluoride (mg) 3.5 Tremendously dangerous – no biological requriement for any fluoride. All risk, no benefit
Manganese (mg) 2.1
I take 5
Chromium (ug) 30 I take 8000
Molybdenum (ug) 45 I take 70

We, together, are active, informed and ready to act.  We are the NetRoots of Health Freedom.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Stop the Shot Litigation Report

Three of Our Attorneys Discuss the
Stop the Shot Litigation

NJ Parents Needed!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxdAdyptvJk

I was in Washington on 11/05 for the Federal court hearing on standing for the Stop the Shot case, along with Dr. Paul G. King, Leslie Fourton, Esq. (Dr. Gary Null’s lawyer) and Jim Turner, Esq. (Foundation for Health Choice attorney).

Judge Reggie Walton did not allow the case to remain in the Federal court at this time. He said that once NY suspended the mandate there was no longer a “case or controversy” under the Federal constitution.

He urged us to participate in the administrative process started by NY to make the mandates permanent and told us we could come back to court if new mandates are enacted.

Further, he did not let us amend the complaint to include the NJ plaintiffs (NJ remains the only state with a flu vaccine mandate, for children under 5) and told us to re-file those claims as a separate case. We are working on that right now…

We are looking for NJ parents of kids under 5 who are willing to become plaintiffs in the case. Please contact me at ralph.fucetola@usa.net with “NJ Parent” in subject line if you can help, or go to this web page to access our online form:


Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Foundation Counsel and Trustee

More about the Stop the Shot Case:

Health Emergency Report

The videos below are so remarkable, and so important, that we are posting them again to allow you another chance to see them.  They are well worth your time.


There is, I am happy to say, no shortage of good information on the health absurdities we are being fed and expected to wallow in and gobble down.  By now the disinformation and misinformation about Swine Flu and the use of dangerous drugs (and, truth to tell, they are all dangerous) is everywhere.  The Articles and videos below give you valuable information not only for yourself, but for your circle of contact.  Please share widely.

Commonly used antibiotics pose danger for baby, shedding light on Flu Vaccine and Psyciatric Drugs:


Arrow Number 2 in the genocidal quiver is dangerous vaccines against us, not against any disease. This exceptional video series by a Spanish Nun (English Subtitles) who is also an MD and a PhD in Public Health is a clear, cogent presentation of the facts about the Swine Flu Deception. Each segment is about 9 minutes long and each is a “Must See”

Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0JqQyl09zQ
Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAmbOrVxMBo&feature=related
Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqOqo-Zo6Ao&NR=1
Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-Ea_yCuL34&feature=related
Part 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMgH27Jly7k&feature=related
Part 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9_A588mqH0&feature=related

Your Year-End Generosity Can Mean Health Freedom Next Year –
and Every Year


Natural Solutions Foundation belongs to you.  It is the Voice of Global Health Freedom(TM) because you want it to be there for you.  We are fighting the health freedom battle on a number of different fronts.  You want to Stop the Shot so we are suing the FDA to stop it. 


You want to disseminate the Pandemic lies and their real meaning, so we are doing that.  You want to know what is happening at Codex and how we can protect our food and our health from it, so we are there, reporting for you.

You want to know what the EPA is up to and help stop their assault on Nano Silver so we are staying on top of the silver struggle.

You want to reclaim your right to clean, unadulterated food so we are doing that for – and with – you.


Thank you for your past generous support.  Small donations add up and large donations are enormously important.  Large or small, they are all tax deductible.  Please make a monthly donation to help us continue our work on your behalf.  And if you are looking for a worthwhile place to bestow your end of year generosity upon, it would be hard to find a better place than the Natural Solutions Foundation. 


This year, please become a member of our Donor’s Club with your generous donation to help us reach our goal of $100,000 by December 31, 2009, the day that Codex hoped to be in full implementation.  They failed while we, through your generosity, are succeeding in generating the vital pushback that has, so far, kept the US from Mandatory Vaccination, helped get the NY State Mandated Vaccines for Health Care Workers rescinded, and a host of other forward steps for us and backward steps for the other side.  We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ll get there with your generous help.

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then place your order at www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions for this universal, non-toxic antibiotic!

Remember, Take These Urgent Action Items

1. NEW ACTION ITEM: Support Dr. Ron Paul’s Health Choice amendment by asking your US Senators to add it to any Health Care bill adopted by the Senate.

2. Tell President Obama to Rescind Dangerous, Unnecessary Health Emergency giving unprecedented powers to Secretary Sebelius to set us a medical internment system without appeal or protections.  Take this item once for every member of your household:

3. Take the Health Keeper’s Oath : http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3899

Now take it to prevent the Medical System from becoming a tool to imprison and kill as happened in Nazi Germany. Whether you are a Health Care Worker or not, forward this information to every Health Care Worker you can reach:


More Videos For Your Watching Pleasure

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Nano Silver


Nano Silver is a universal antibiotic.  The last thing Big Pharma wants is to loose the multi billion dollar antibiotic market for humans and animals.  And the last thing the genocidalists want is to provide the world with a safe, non-toxic universal anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-Morgellon’s and anti-mycoplasma substance that is cheap, lasts for practically ever and cannot be patented.  That is why both the National Organics Board AND the EPA are seeking to get rid of Nano Silver.

Order Nano Silver here: www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions
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Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project

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"the new format is much easier to read than the old version. Thank you for all of the work you are currently doing. I don't what we would do without you and General.

P.S. The two of you had a great interview on the Alex Jones program the other day!"

In Liberty, TC


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