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Email Newsletter from December 5, 2009

Health Freedom Heroes of 2009

2010 Supporter Survey:

Read this Health Freedom Action eAlert for Its Urgent Information That Will Impact You Deeply, But First, A Special…

Message from Santa!


Dr. Rima: “Thanks, Santa, for taking time from your Holiday preparations. We know you are busy!”

Santa: “Nothing is more important than health and freedom, you know! So I want to talk to each of your wonderful supporters.”

Hello, there.


I’m taking a little break to rest my weary reindeer
I know you feel the same, now that Christmas is near.

I see a lot of gifts, you know, most of them are, in actual
Fact, not even close to organic, not even natural!


I’ve watched with care while Valley of the Moon has raised
Organic quality coffee which coffee drinkers praised

– It’s smooth, it’s clean, toxin-free — no GMOs
While teaching other farmers how organic truly grows!


You know well the best gifts give again, and then give more —

This one gives in important ways four:

1 is for freedom from toxins,

2 is for coffee taste – you’ll see!

3‘s a tax-time “Thank you!”

4 is keeping Health Freedom Free!


So take it from me, give a gift that makes a real difference
Take food back from industrial indifference

Start with coffee from Valley of the Moon

Give gifts that are singing Freedom’s tune!”


Dr. Rima: “Thanks, Santa. Come back soon.”

Santa: “My pleasure. Dr. Rima! And to Natural Solutions Foundation, a Good Night!”

Valley of the Moon Coffee is now in the process of registration as a certified organic product! It is already Friendly Food Certified: Friendly to the Earth, to the Workers and to You, the Consumer!

Friendly Food Certificate

What a perfect gift for everyone on your gift list, and the 80% tax deduction, of course, is yours when you give this outstanding coffee which a leader of the Panamanian Organic Program recently proclaimed to be “Outstanding!”

Try some now. Give some now.
Supplies are strictly limited.

General Bert’s Communiqué

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.)
President, Natural Solutions Foundation

General Bert’s
Health Freedom Heroes

Heroes are not made when war is declared. Heroes are made in the long, hard slog necessary to win the war. Sun Tzu, who wrote The Art of War a couple of thousand years ago, said “There comes a time in every battle when both sides have been defeated. The side that preservers past that point is the victor.”

Persevering Past That Point

This year, the real heroes were the Natural Solutions Foundation’s loyal supporters.


You helped stop State, Federal and World forces from imposing an unjustified mandate for vaccination, and an unthinkable world government on the basis of that bogus “pandemic emergency”.

When we needed perseverance, you have been there.

When we needed a heroic rescue because of a company that raped our bank account to hide their own shortcomings during a well-organized Internet “bot” attack on our Health Freedom USA web site, there you were, making sure we could attend Codex despite that financial assault.

When we called upon you to rise up in your millions and refuse to accept mandatory vaccination or detention, calling instead for the right to stay safe at home while the madness swirled around you, if that is what the madmen had in mind, you did, with over 2.8 million emails to decision makers and the Federal Government abandoned that particular insane plan, at least for the moment.


When we needed health freedom heroes to step forward and become plaintiffs in our Federal Court Stop the Shot litigation, parents, workers, care workers came forward and said, “Here I am!

Lawyers came forward and said, “Here I am!

Scientists, immunologists, physicians, the team appeared, saying, “Here I am!” because heros go where they are needed, sensing the call of a duty larger than themselves.

So as the President of the Natural Solutions Foundation, I would like to notify YOU, our supporters, our participants, our disseminators, our net-roots champions, our “Mouse Warriors” are the real Heroes of the 2009 Health Freedom Year.

Millions of emails, vigorous dissemination, outstanding responses to our vitally important Action Items later, and the face of Health Freedom is quite different at the end of 2009 than it was at the beginning. How different? Take a look at your Accomplishments Page, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=195, to see how well we have done.


Is the war over? Are the battles all won? Are we home free? Not by a long shot. There are more than enough battles ahead of us!

~ There is S. 510, the mis-named Food “Safety” bill, which is really Food Fascism looming after Congress comes back from vacation. Click here:


to read how this vicious assault on your freedom and on small, organic and independent food producers will work. Then take the Action Item there to stop it.

~ There is Pandemic Panic and Vaccine Viciousness ahead of us. We may be done with another failed weaponized virus, but there will be more and the same panic and insanity will resume.

~ There is the threat of Codex Alimentarius swimming ashore like the dangerous foreign invader that it is and being pushed onto our dinner plates by the handmaidens of the industrial food supply and genocidalists behind them. Want more info on that? Watch “Nutricide” here, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5266884912495233634#, and read more here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=322 and for Dr. Rima’s most recent Codex videos, here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3942.

~ There is Obama Care looming which would be an “Obamanation”, balancing our health needs against someone’s idea of a budget and removing any semblance of Health Freedom in our choices while masquarading AS health freedom!

Much of this, of course, is thanks to the Industry-subservient FDA and other bought-and-paid-for Federal Agencies.

But there is also our cadre of Health Freedom Heroes. You, riding the Freedom Mouse with determination and perseverance, redirecting our emails to everyone you can reach. Creating local organizations so more people can be active together and generate exponential amounts of Push Back.

Making TWO tax deductible recurring donations: One, ending in the number “6” earmarked for our legal fund. The other, ending in any numeral except “6”, supports your health freedom.

Click here to set up your recurring donation, large or small. And Thanks for that!


So “Thank you, Heroes!” 2010 is full of unknowns. So was 2009 before we got past each of them.

Are we equal to the task? Of course we are.


Yours in health and freedom,
General Bert

Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.)

PS: Here’s what I’d like you to do right now: PLEASE TAKE THIS SURVEY which will help us guide the Health Freedom movement this coming year:

2010 Supporter Survey

Health Freedom:
The New Apple Pie

Everybody’s in Favor of Health Freedom… Right?

By Ralph Fucetola JD

Counsel and Trustee, Natural Solutions Foundation

Some personal thoughts about the past and future of the health freedom movement.

The Natural Solutions Foundation has created the awareness “Health Freedom IS Our First Freedom”* and it is now a rapidly growing movement, garnering attention around the world. In fact, this slogan has rapidly become a rallying cry for hundreds of thousands of deeply engaged supporters of the twin concepts of freedom in health choice and bodily autonomy…. Right not you can tell your US Senators to adopt the health freedom protection language Dr. Paul offered in the House as an amendment to the health care-takeover bill.

Take Action NOW once for each member of your household:


We created this Action Item, and have strongly urged people to take them for themselves and their family members, because we understand the powerful connection between declaring one’s support for “health freedom” and vigorously taking expressive association actions to make sure our “representatives” know that we demand respect and protection for our health freedoms. These expressive association actions, in the aggregate, create a dynamic for change which, because of the numbers involved, simply cannot be ignored. Sadly, not all who claim to be “health freedom” advocates, however, are willing, or able, to translate their claimed adherence to Health Freedom ideals into effective Push Back action.

And that truly concerns us deeply. Largely because of the stunning effectiveness of the Natural Solutions Foundation, which is the largest Health Freedom organization in the world, it has become very popular to say that you, or your group, are involved in the health freedom movement; that you oppose forced vaccinations, etc.

Health freedom has become Mom AND her apple pie! Everybody claims to be for health freedom! In fact, that is not at all the case…

Read the rest of Ralph’s blog here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4150

Year End Giving Time Is Here!

Your Generous Tax Deductible Donations Nurture Health Freedom

Make Your Tax Deductible Donation here before the end of 2009!


Uncle Sam gets in the way of freedom more and more but still supports your giving to registered charities like the Natural Solutions Foundation with tax-free money. Tax free money, of course, spends just like after tax dollars on our side, but offers a strong incentive to you to give now, before the end of the calendar year. Donations ending in “6” are earmarked for our vital health freedom legal initiatives. All others will support the full range of Health Freedom projects and activities the Natural Solutions Foundation depends on. We are 100% supporter supported. Your health freedom is our reason for existing. Your support is the only support we have so we answer only to you!

Please Give Generously


Featured Videos

Wonderful New World Order Animation! Honest!


Health Care Workers, Students and Allied Professionals
Take the Health Keepers Oath

Tyrannies always try to co-opt the medical system to do their dirty work. Health care workers and allied employees can say no, not “Jawohl Mein Fuhrer !” That is why we are asking everyone whose job actions touch the lives of patients to take this critically important Oath.

Please take the HealthKeepersOath now and pass it along to every health care worker and allied employee whom you can reach.


Ready to Organize your State for Health Freedom? We’ll Help You. For Free. For Real. For Freedom


The Only Answer to Cancer

By Dr. Leonard Coldwell


Nano Silver


Detox The Asian Way


Other Holiday Stocking Stuffers, Unique Personal and
Corporate Gifts!



Update on the Stop the Shot
Case in Federal Court

Ralph Fucetola JD
Foundation Trustee and Counsel

Folks, sometimes the less said the better; especially while the new complaint is being finalized. We’ve got a powerful strategy developing but it is premature to broadcast it for obvious reasons.

My latest update on the case is at:


And while you’re at it, please take our 2010 annual supporter survey:

Nano Silver: the Universal Antibiotic


Nano Silver is a universal antibiotic. The last thing Big Pharma wants is to loose the multi billion dollar antibiotic market for humans and animals. And the last thing the genocidalists want is to provide the world with a safe, non-toxic universal anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-Morgellon’s and anti-mycoplasma substance that is cheap, lasts for practically ever and cannot be patented. That is why both the National Organics Board AND the EPA are seeking to get rid of Nano Silver.

Order Your Nano Silver here:


Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Here

Enjoy the holidays! Give gifts that support what you believe in: health and freedom and get tax rebates for giving them! What a deal!



Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation


By educating decision makers through our Presidential Candidates Health Freedom Score Card, the Natural Solutions Foundation began the process of making health freedom and natural solutions an issue in the US elections.

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