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Email Newsletter from October 30, 2009

Stop the Shot Case Developments, Codex Meeting; Urgent Actions

Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine have arrived in Germany for a Codex Alimentarius (so-called, World Food Code) nutritional committee meeting in Germany. Stay tuned for reports, YouTube videos and tweets…


Stop the Shot Law Suit: We respond to the ‘Show Cause Order’ to Prove We Have a Right to Be in Court

Our Responding Papers (a memorandum of law and new Declaration from Dr. Laibow) are posted here:


There are many wrongs under the law, but not everyone has the right to contest them all. Law suits can require plaintiffs (that’s us – the people bringing the suit and making the formal complaint) to show that they have a reason to bring this suit, or, in legal terms, that we have “standing”. We believe that this Show Cause Order is a positive move that gets the issue of standing, which the other side will surely use to try to get the suit dismissed, out of the way before our November 5 hearing.

We’ve filed a strong responding brief and raise important issues of law and policy, which you can read here:


We are doing our part to Stop the Shot. What’s your part?

You know that good immune function requires large amounts of Vitamin D. Did you know that health freedom requires the Three Vitamin D’s of Activism?

To keep your health freedom intact, you need to take large doses of them. The Three D’s of Health Freedom are:




Do These Action Items:

1. Tell President Obama to Rescind Dangerous, Unnecessary Health Emergency giving unprecedented powers to Secretary Sebelius to set us a medical internment system without appeal or protections. Take this item once for every member of your household

2. If you are a Health Care Worker, student or in any allied profession, take the
Health Keeper’s Oath

now to prevent the Medical System from becoming a tool to imprison and kill as happened in Nazi Germany. Whether you are a Health Care Worker or not, forward this information to every Health Care Worker you can reach:

Disseminate This Information
Far and Wide

Our impact is enormous because our voices are raised in a chorus millions strong. Push Back is a numbers game: you have to be right AND have might. The other side has enormous resources and buys public policy. We have the courage, the information and the will to correct that dangerous public policy and to protect ourselves from its impact. But that means spreading the word and mobilizing people who still believe that we are too small to make REAL change we can survive with happen.

Send this email to everyone you know with a brief note telling them that this is vitally important to you, and to them, as well.
More about the Health Care Oath Keepers:


Health Freedom Money Bomb
Helps to Keep Health Freedom Free!

Watch the Money Bomb here:

Donate here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189

Our Money Bomb has given us the resources to go to Codex (we are leaving for the airport in just 6 hours as I write this) and we thank you. We’ll be there for you, observing, building alliances for health and reporting daily. Thank you.

We are not anywhere near the funding mark, however, to prosecute this case for you so that you do not have to face the threat of what these dangerous vaccines can do to you and your loved ones, or the threat of living in a society devastated by either a man-made plague or the devastation of medical gulags and a police state.

We need you continuing help, large or small. If you have already donated to help STOP THE SHOT, thank you. If not, do it now. The law suit is for us all. We all need to do our part.

All donations to the Natural Solutions Foundation are 100% tax deductible.
Thanks for taking the Triple Dose of Vitamin D

Giving Silver to Save Silver
Nano Silver is safe, effective and a profound threat to the massive antibiotic industry. Most antibiotics are fed to animals to keep them alive in factory “farm” conditions, creating superbugs and sick food for you and your family. Human antibiotics are over used and increasingly ineffective. Your donations will help us prepare comments for, attend, and, we hope, testify at the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Committee 3 day hearing. Their intent is to ban Nano Silver in the US. Ours is to preserve your right to use it if you so choose. Help us keep this part of your health freedom free.
Donate Here

Message from Nutronix
This is the latest message we received from our nano silver supplier:
From: Bob at Nutronix
To: Ralph

The call Tuesday night was absolutely fantastic! I think you should send the replay link in an email blast and implore everybody to please take the time to listen to the information our doctor shared about the Silver Solution. In case we do have a real pandemic they need to already have it on hand. Who knows if we would even be allowed to come to the office to process and ship an order if we are ever under some sort of crazy martial law quarantine.

The free webinar is archived at:


My regards to, and prayers for a safe trip to, Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine.

Important Article
Dr. Gary Null, one of the plaintiffs in the STOP THE SHOT lawsuit, and Richard Gale have written an important summary of why the Swine Flu vaccines are a scientific travesty, including the statement from Dr. Laver, who invented influenza vaccines, saying that they are worthless. It is a must read. Click here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3901.
And this from CBS: Govt Swine Flu Statistics are all wrong…

Thanks for your activism. Thanks for being able to handle tough facts and take action. Thanks for being the Voice of Global Health Freedom.
Oh, one more thing: Health Freedom’s Coffee. The holidays are coming – what better gift for yourself, your corporate clients, your friends and your family than Valley of the Moon Coffee, www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.org. It is the visible, drinkable evidence that the Natural Solutions Foundation is helping to reclaim the production of food.
We grow it without any toxic chemicals on our shade grown, GMO free, pesticide free magnificent coffee farm in the Highlands of Panama. It is Friendly Food Certified because it is friendly to the workers, the environment and you, the consumer.
Wake up to Health Freedom – Valley of the Moon Coffee. Every bag supports the Natural Solutions Foundation and is 80% tax deductible. It’s a little bit of heaven in a cup™ – www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.org.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation


The Natural Solutions Foundation published dozens of articles on health freedom threats and public health hazards in the United States on the internet in the US and abroad in leading thought-shaping print and electronic publications. These are generally available on this website (www.healthfreedomusa.org).

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"Although I have often wished that it were easier to find practitioners like you among the limited choices we have in this area, I have to believe that what you and Gen. Stubblebine are doing now is of paramount importance, and I thank you for it most every day."



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