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Dear Dr. Laibow, I heard last night at the Ron Paul Rally here in Missoula, MT that the Codex initiative was in the CAFTA agreement and has already been decided. Is this possible?

All international treaties between signatories of the WTO (which is just about everyone) contains boilerplate language which embodies many of the WTO agreements, including Codex. The issue is not whether Codex exists but what Codex is (1) and what steps the US or any other country takes to exempt itself without engendering WTO trade sanctions (2). To carry out No. 2 it is necessary to follow the Codex Two Step Process, a template for exemptions in any area of Codex activity, as exemplified in our Codex eBook, available on our site, www.HealthFreedomUSA.org.

So RP is right and he is wrong. The fact that Codex is there is a done deal as long as we are members of the WTO. What it contains is NOT a done deal and what it means to us is very much up for grabs.

Hope that helps,
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Thanks! I about came unglued when I thought of all the hard work you folks are doing, and that it might be for nothing. It wasn’t Ron Paul who said it, it was an attendee, just to keep the record straight. I tell everyone about Codex and all the other issues we are facing. Some listen, but many don’t. I guess they don’t believe that their government would actually do something to harm them. It does sound pretty out there, sometimes, but we all know it’s true. What a bummer!

Behind you all the way and thanks for all your efforts!


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"Dr. Rima, Your commitment and dedication to the health of our nation and our rights to make choices is amazing. I look forward to working with you and getting the word out so people really understand that our lifestyle is under attack and we must come together as a people if we are to save ourselves and our children. I love what you are doing."

Sue Minneapolis MN


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