Health Freedom Threats: Codex, FDA, Vaccinations, GMOs

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  • Preventive MedicineElite Health specializes in Preventive Medicine with membership that is focused on prevention.
  • Happy Face Yoga – Facial Exercises with the World’s Foremost Face Yoga Expert, Gary Sikorski, and his Wonderful Happy Face Yoga Facial Exercise Program.
  • Indigo Earth Gear – online shopping paradise for the spiritualist seeking enlightenment, ultralight backpacker, or outdoor enthusiast looking to build their library, gear supply, or knife collection.
  • HGH Supplements – Suggestions on effective HGH supplements available in the market today. Provides information on the nature, function and importance of Human Growth Hormones (HGH).
  • Anti Aging Super Foods – Antioxidants, Anti Aging Super Food Supplements Made
    From Whole Foods and Herbs can help you reach optimal health and help
    prevent disease.
  • Chipmunka Publishing – the Mental Health Publisher – Empowering survivors across the UK and across the world.
  • Seeds for Change Wellness – A grassroots organization providing education
    infomration, programs and holistic services focusing on wellness and
    the environment.
  • contact lenses – Lens.com offers a huge online inventory of brand name contact lenses with reasonably priced prices. Services include online order and shipping straight to you.
  • All Sites Directory
  • Carpal Tunnel Exercises
  • Young Living Essential Oils 4 U provides, based on the wisdom of ancient traditions and the best of modern science, therapeutic-grade A essential oils and oil-enhanced products produced by Young Living, the world largest oil supplier
  • StemEnhance, “Helping The Body Help Itself”
    Don & Connie Hereford – Toll Free 1-800-419-1903, Woodland, Washington – Full Service Independent StemTech Distributors.
  • Carao for Anemia – In spite of its health-giving properties, carao fruit (pronounced ca-rah-oh) is not a medicine, but rather a pure, whole, natural food that naturally builds the blood for long-lasting benefits.
  • Akaija, a jewel designed by inspiration. By strengthening one’s energy field it provides excellent protection against EMF, and besides that it is a message: We are One.
  • HerbsLay offers Nature’s Way, Source Naturals, Now
    Foods, Natra-Bio, Jarrow Formulas products.
  • Far Infrared Sauna Technology Unlike Any Other
    Far infrared saunas are not created equally. With the widest far infrared sauna heaters available, our “Sunlight in a Box” makes you sweat more and feel better. Release more toxins and increase circulation through our Solocarbon® Far-infrared heater technology.
  • Preventative Concept
    We provide health information and natural alternatives to assist with hormonal imbalance symptoms, prostate enlargement issues, nutritional health, and biofeedback energetic therapy to rectify body imbalances that lead to poor health.
  • Aloe Vera plant
    A complete guide to information on Aloe Vera and its different uses and benefits. Aloe Vera explained! All about Aloe Vera , its benefits and uses.
  • Natural Harmony
    Natural foods, supplements and personal care items are offered with convenient, secure, on-line ordering. Services offered are: nutritional consultations and bodywork (IET, IGM Acupressure, biosyntonie, kinesiology, etc.) at the Totowa, NJ office by appointment.
  • Herbs, Nutritional Supplements at iHerbStore.com
    iHerbStore Offers a complete range of wholesale herbal supplements including vitamins, enzymes, herbs, growth hormones, sexual health, weight loss and nutritional supplements.
  • Greens+
    Whole food supplements for effective colon cleansing.
  • The Vitamin Lady
    A personal service for the discriminating yet frugal vitamin buyer.
  • SmartBodyz
    Your Online Source for Nutritional Supplements and Related Research
  • Twyn Dragon Healing Arts
    Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, Lifestyle Counseling, Shamanic Healing.
  • Avia Discount Dental Plan
    Avia Dental Plan is a discount fee for service dental plan. We provideindividuals, groups, families, students, self-employed and even seniors with an affordable, quality dental insurance alternative.
  • Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies
    Bringing you the latest information on alternative medicine and health remedies as well as being a great source for all your alternative health needs.
  • Beauty Feast – Beauty and Makeup Tips
    Online resource for complete beauty solutions.
  • Medical Web Design

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"Dear Dr. Rima, I am so happy to see what you are doing there in Panama (and everywhere else). I may make it back to Panama one of these days, unfortunately I as there BEFORE you started the project. However, whether that happens or not, I want so much to see you flourish there. The work you are doing is important and effects us all. THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN."

With deep appreciation, AR


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