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General Bert’s Statement to Occupy Wall Street about Health & Food Freedom & Justice for World Food Day

Friday, October 14th, 2011

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General Bert’s Emergency Message to
Occupy Wall Street
On the Occasion of World Food Day

Albert N. Stubblebine IIIOur friends and allies in the New York Vaccine Choice Movement are very active, as you may remember from the Stop the Shot efforts of several years ago. With increased pressure in recent months from official and semi-official agencies to again force health care workers to expose themselves and their patients to the uninsurable risks of vaccination, the New York group has increased its PUSH BACK as well. We salute them on those efforts!

Video version of the Message is below.

Planned for October 15, 2011, the NY advocates decided to bring the Health & Food Freedom & Justice message to those occupying Wall Street, #OWS. The Natural Solutions Foundation agreed to support the action to help educate decision makers about public opposition to forced vaccination. The trustees prepared a statement from the President of the Foundation, General Bert. The statement was to be read to the rally by Counsel Ralph, as he did for General Bert in 2008 at the End the Fed Rally, which was held near the scene of the current events. You can see our video of that here: http://youtu.be/R9PSETSdTgw

The Health & Food Freedom & Justice Rally has been delayed due to the possibility of a dangerous situation developing at OWS in the next few days, so we thought we’d share General Bert’s statement with you all by posting it here.

The Message is on the occasion of World Food Day, October 16, 2011 – http://www.worldfooddayusa.org/ –

“World Food Day… is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-around action to alleviate hunger.”

In this context we also note the WHO/FAO’s 2003 Statement on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases – http://www.fao.org/DOCREP/005/AC911E/AC911E00.HTM.

Media Release regarding Gen. Bert’s Message: http://tinyurl.com/GreedThreatensGlobe

Gen. Bert delivered the Message on October 16, 2011 via the Dr. Rima Reports Internet Radio Program and that discussion starts at about 65 minutes into the Program, which is archived at: www.HealthFreedomPortal.org.

The YouTube video version of the Message is here:

There can be no true reform, no Health & Food Freedom & Justice without addressing the central issue of the control of health and food choices by the crony corporatist elite and its minions in government bureaucracy.

Gen. Bert’s Emergency Message to Occupy Wall Street

Take this video viral!

General Bert’s #OWS Message
Planned for Delivery on 10.17.11 [Posted as of 10.15.11]
Tiny URL for this page: http://tinyurl.com/Bert2OWS

“War is not good for children or other living things…” said those who protested and resisted the Viet Nam war, at a time when I was commanding US Army intelligence units in the jungles of Viet Nam – and being doused with Agent Orange, because of which I subsequently developed three separate cancers, while my government denied they had harmed me – or the people of Viet Nam.

Today we are at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and, increasingly involved in expansive, and expensive, imperial entanglements around the world. But there is another war being waged against US, right here at home. “Trillions and trillions wasted…” as Dr. Ron Paul says.

There is another war being waged right now, right here in America and the rest of the world; it is not a war for territory or gold or oil: this is a war for EVERYTHING! This is a war fought by the corporate state for your minds and bodies: the combatants are you and I, facing the forces of greed and corruption, the linked state and corporatist forces that want you ill and, should they chose to make it so, dead. And they do chose those fates for you and your loved ones.

This war, conceived and conducted by agents of the worst of the crony companies like Monsanto and the rest of Big Ag, Big Biotech and Big Pharma, working with their buddies in Big Oil and Big Banking, and their minions in big, bigger, even biggern government, is rapidly transforming our beautiful world into a World Weaponized Against Humanity.

You can see our videos about the Weaponized World at www.HealthFreedomUSA.org

Today I want to talk to you about intentional, carefully planned “genomicide”, the alteration of our very DNA so that it cannot support reproduction, health or, indeed, life itself. There are three genomicidal technologies which have the capacity to damage or destroy the genome – the DNA – of all life on earth which are the principle weapons in this war.

These technologies are also heavily subsidized and supported by the bought and paid for political leadership; they are the crony technologies which are, in truth, the Weapons of Mass Destruction which you and I must fear, and must eliminate:

Nuclear Power, Vaccines and other environmental toxins and the GMOs or genetically modified organisms.

These are the Technologies of Genomicide and they are, daily, without the sound of bombs bursting in air, without the rockets’ red glare, weaponizing the world against humanity – against you, and me and our children’s children, if there are any.

The genomicidal Weapons of Mass Destruction represent unthinkable, and, in fact, uninsurable risks to our entire world. That they are dangerous to children and other living things should be obvious to all thinking people.

Vaccines are the first threat to our children – even before they are born, now that our insane public policy is to demand that pregnant women receive vaccines! Vaccines must, MUST, be rejected by any caring, knowledgeable parent. Propaganda to the contrary not withstanding, injecting toxins into living organisms, adult, juvenile, infant or fetus, is quite literally insane. It is that simple. Although not defined as such, the reality is that doing so is child abuse. And adult abuse. And elder abuse (and, for those who are thinking about their pets, animal abuse as well!)

Vaccines have NEVER prevented or cured a single disease except the dreaded PPD, Pharmaceutical Poverty Disease. Let’s be clear: vaccines are a hoax, just as the safety of mercury or of squalene is a hoax. The “science” upon which vaccines rest is as corrupt as any pseudoscience has ever been. The health care impact of this pseudoscience is enormous. The risk-free profits are enormous.

The battle is joined. Your life and mine are under attack. Our freedoms, our survival, are literally at stake.

We demand an end to all mandated vaccines.

We demand unambiguous freedom to chose, or reject vaccines in our schools, our workplaces, in our lives, for ourselves and for our children.

We demand that the US Government and its political class, people like Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, stop supporting the voodoo “science” of vaccination and allow the People to take total control of their own health care decisions. NO MORE FORCED VACCINES! NO FORCED DRUGGING! NOW!

Nuclear Power, another of the Genomicidal technologies, is another unthinkably dangerous and uninsurable threat to our children. We mourn with the parents of Japan, faced as they are with the escalating dangers of the reactors that continue to spew forth in Fukushima and elsewhere, spreading death everywhere throughout this world. We mourn with them as they watch their children sicken and die, while their government tells them all is well… and the radiation mounts that will kill them AND their beloved children.

While the FDA tries to make nutritional supplements as unavailable as they are in the EU, taking away yet more options from you for your own health and health choices, Natural Solutions Foundation is moving in exactly the opposite direction – we know nutrition is a powerful tool for wellness and are using that tool in Japan.

You see, the Natural Solutions Foundation has established its Lollipops of Life for the Children of Fukushima initiative, www.LollipopsofLife.com, working with Dr. Chris Busby’s Foundation in Japan and Dr. Michael Sigler’s Live Well Pharmacy in Panama to demonstrate the vital importance of nutritional protection from the dangers ionizing radiation.

Dr. Rima Laibow has formulated the protective pops with the help of other nutritional medicine experts and we will be distributing them free to the children of Fukushima.

Nuclear, or ionizing radiation, like the other genome-destroying technologies, destroys through free radical formation causing free radical cascades that damage the DNA, changing it forever, down through the generations, if there are generations to come.

Dr. Rima, Medical Director of the Foundation, has created an anti-oxidant and radioprotective formula that can be added to BeyondOrganic™ candy to ensure that the Children of Fukushima have a chance to survive and thrive in this weaponized world.

Why don’t children here in the US have the Lollipops of Life option to protect them from the escalating radiation contamination they face in their food water and air? Because the FDA has made it very clear that nutritional supplements in a formulation and presentation which children like is unacceptable to them. Dr. Rima jokingly suggested that perhaps if we made dirt-flavored radio-protective lollipops for American kids, the FDA might approve them.

Please support this important initiative at www.LollipopsofLife.org and share it as widely as you can with your friends and colleagues.

My message to you today is simple, and similar to the message I asked my Co-Trustee Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, who is speaking to you today on my behalf to deliver back in 2008 at the End the Fed rally that was held a short distance from Wall Street, at the Federal Reserve Building.

At that time the Natural Solutions Foundation joined Dr. Ron Paul in warning of a pending economic crisis. That crisis is now upon us. It is a crisis created by political greed and wrong-headed economic policies.

We joined Ron Paul then calling for an end to the Federal Reserve System and a return to Constitutional Money. Those important monetary reforms are more necessary now than ever before. I urge you to become educated about Dr. Paul’s Monetary Reform Bills HR 1094, 1098 and 2768 and to help educate decision makers about them.

Yes, there is a war for, no let me correct that, AGAINST your minds and bodies. You are the front line troops in that undeclared but ultimately lethal war. It is a war where the perpetrators, the US ruling class of political cronies, claim all they need is more power over our lives and they will “save” us from the disasters their power has carefully unleashed upon us.

We reject that centralizing tyranny over our bodies, choices and minds. We reject the notion that only more power in the hands of Federal authorities will save us from the harms caused by amalgamated Corporate/Federal power.

As Dr. Paul says of the FDA, giving that agency more power over our Health and Food is giving it more “power to abuse.”

We call for the end to the abuse of power!

We call for an end to the excessive political power exercised by Wall Street and its corporate cronies in Washington.

We demand the restoration of the Constitutional Republic.

We declare sovereignty over our bodies and our lives, as the Constitution of these United States documents that we already have. And we declare an end to forced vaccination and drugging.

Our lives, the lives of our children and the survival of all living things depend on it!

Please tell everyone in your social network about www.LollipopsofLife.org

Follow us on twitter.com/healthfreedomus and on facebook.

Ingredients_Healthy_FoodTomorrow, Sunday Ocotober 16, 2011 is World Food Day, when we pause and consider ending world hunger, mal- and under-nutrition. We will discuss the issue of Health & Food Freedom & Justice on tomorrow’s Dr. Rima Reports.

Please join us every Sunday morning from 10 AM to 1 PM for the Dr. Rima Reports at www.HealthFreedomPortal.org.

Thank you,
For Natural Solutions Foundation
General Bert

Food Freedom eJournal Annex – Greenhouse Images

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Natural Solutions Foundation
Your Voice of Global Health & Food Freedom™

Food Freedom eJournal Annex
Greenhouse & Farming Images


The Natural Solutions Foundation’s Food Freedom eJournal is an online publication of video and written materials regarding our discovery, development, demonstration, documentation and dissemination of natural solutions to the food freedom crisis. The Journal issues are published at www.FoodFreedomeJournal.org and this web page is an annex to the Journal where we are publishing some images of the greenhouses being built and used at the Natural Solutions Center, Volcan, Chiriqui Province, Panama (which is the headquarters of the Nutrient Clinical Trials Network, The Dr. Rima Institute and the BeyondOrganic™ Valley of the Moon Restaurant). We also include images of our All Natural BeyondOrganic™ Coffee Finca (farm). This extraordinary coffee is available through www.ValleyoftheMoonCoffee.com.

Most of the photos below were taken during 2011 at the two acre Headquarters Finca which includes the Natural Solutions Center building, the HQ building, a storage facility and the first two of four planned greenhouses. The first greenhouse, made from bamboo has been on the site since Spring, 2009. The second greenhouse is being completed as this page is being posted and the remaining two greenhouses will be documented here as they are built. The Foundation Trustees intend the greenhouses as demonstration facilities that will also provide BeyondOrganic produce to the Valley of the Moon Restaurant.

Original Greenhouse
Building the Metal Greenhouse
The Coffee Finca

View of Baru from the Restaurant Patio

View of Volcan Baru While Thatching the Restaurant Patio Roof

The New Greenhouses

The New Greenhouses

The Original Greenhouse

The bamboo greenhouse and shade

The original bamboo greenhouse and shade

View of the bamboo greenhouse structure

View of the bamboo greenhouse structure showing 12 - 15 foot tall tomato trees

Double entrance to the bamboo greenhouse

Double entrance to the bamboo greenhouse

Interior of bamboo greenhouse; close-up of large tomato tree

Interior of bamboo greenhouse; tomato tree


Building the Metal Greenhouse


Beginning to Build the Metal Greenhouse

Beginning to Build the Metal Greenhouse

Early stage of building the metal greenhouse

Early stage of building the metal greenhouse

Further building of the metal greenhouse

Further building of the metal greenhouse

Working on the metal greenhouse

Working on the metal greenhouse

Metal greenhouse structure

Metal greenhouse structure

Metal greenhouse structure, close up

Metal greenhouse structure, close up

Metal greenhouse roofing being installed

Metal greenhouse roofing being installed

Metal greenhouse framework

Metal greenhouse framework

Metal greenhouse siding

Metal greenhouse siding

The metal greenhousen nearly complete

The metal greenhousen nearly complete

Another view of the metal greenhouse

Another view of the metal greenhouse (Note Chicken Coop)

The New Greenhouses

The Two New Greenhouses


The Coffee Finca



VotM All Natural Coffee


Eco Tourist Officials View the Finca


The General and the Workers


The Land


Plantains Shading Coffee


Working on the Finca


An All Natural Coffee Bush


Ornamental Ginger Flower


Defending the FDA: Being the Devil’s Advocate

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Natural Solutions Foundation


Our Indictment of the FDA for Crimes Against Humanity is at: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=8073.

This note is from one of our Health Freedom Warriors: “In case you are having trouble getting lawyers to volunteer to defend the FDA, it’s not that hard, really, for a well-trained lawyer to set aside his or her feelings, thoughts and humanity to just express the client’s inner truth. Sort of like channeling… Their case is practically ready-made, they’d just need to fill in the details. Basically it boils down to the following, which came to me in a dream… where I thought I saw a 40-foot stone owl in some dark Grove somewhere, acting as the FDA’s counsel and intoning…”

Members of the Jury of our Peers,

1) You can understand that my client (the FDA) needed the money, and the only really good source of money happened to be the drug dealers. These drug dealers are not some kind of illegal street dealers selling deadly drugs on the street. Certainly not! We despise such people! No, they are highly respected pillars of business and civilization, selling deadly drugs in the medical system, where they are all legal, and recognized as advanced science. Fair warnings were given to the doctors and patients that these drugs would kill those who took them; it was never a secret to those who knew where to look for the information. My clients are, after all, legitimate businessmen and none of their fathers were charged at Nuremberg… well, hardly any of them.

2) Defendant Agency understands that the Earth today is way too crowded for the comfort of folks like us. Just ask any impartial source, such as, say, the Georgia Guide Stones, or any of the academics ensconced in their corporate-sponsored University Chairs. When you understand that even all our efforts during WWII and the Cold War, killing only about two hundred millions, barely slowed population growth (they just don’t die as young as they used to) you’ll understand that my client is actually performing an extraordinary public service by helping mother Earth escape from this crushing burden.

3) Doctors today are extremely tired (could it be their chronically poor nutrition — no, not possible, since we know scientifically that nutrition has nothing to do with health and well-being). So these duly licensed illness-care processors must be relieved of having to think so much. My client makes sure that doctors get to rest more, as under Obamacare we can now make all of their decisions for them. We run the national illness payment system. We give the docs the drugs they can use to stop every patient complaint. And if those symptoms get replaced with a more serious, more lucrative problem, well, aren’t you glad we’re there to help? Why study physiology and diagnosis when you can just read our suggested list of products and how to use them? You know, one product to suppress the symptoms of, say, heart disease brought about by a life of poor nutrition and little exercise, then another drug to cover-up the side-effects of the first drug, and on, and on, to our mutual profit. Ah! I get little tingles up my spine whenever I contemplate it… or are those mini strokes We have a drug for that too!

4) A few physicians don’t “get it” and insist on old-fashioned preventative medicine, avoiding toxic overload (as from vaccines and our other wonderful drugs) and eating wholesome food. The medical authorities usually take care of those malcontents. We make it easy for illness-care personnel. Now anyone can figure out which of those two paths is easier: work with us, or else… And if doctors are more rested, and less stressed by having to think all the time, they will feel better and prescribe even more drugs, which we know have been scientifically proven to not kill more than 150,000 American a year when properly prescribed in a hospital setting. Thus we are helping to raise the level of medical care one doctor at a time (well, actually one million doctors at a time, but you get the idea).

5) We have saved the nation millions of dollars by making it unnecessary to write the curriculum for medical schools. We offer this service in the spirit of humanitarianism, and we do it for free, showing young doctors how our drugs suppress any symptoms a patient may exhibit, so the doc doesn’t have to worry. Instead, the doc can prescribe more drugs to deal with side effects. You know, all drugs have effects on the body, distorting normal function, and those effects we are marketing are the “therapeutic effects” and those that we’d like to ignore are the “side effects” — you do see the logic in that, members of the Jury, don’t you?

6) We are helping young people to understand health at a far earlier age, by seeing drug ads every day on TV. In fact with improved access to drugs available for children of younger and younger ages, we are letting them actually experience the great enjoyment of being able to get rid of the confusion of growing-up without having to understand the cause. This can be the foundation of the wise life philosophy known as avoidance, which has saved millions of people countless hours of agonizing thinking and analysis, and replaced it with instant removal of any discomfort with pharmaceuticals and the deep satisfaction of unconsciousness. We do not endorse the use of illegal street drugs and deny that the culture of drug-taking, advertising for which we spend billions annually, has anything to do with the pandemic of drug use… and aren’t you relieved that there is no autism epidemic caused by vaccines and other toxins? The FDA has made that scientific finding which none may question. But don’t worry; we have plenty of drugs to keep those distracting autistic and otherwise neurologically damaged kids quiet!

7) My client has demonstrated an unswerving devotion to the greatest good for the greatest number of shareholders, by helping to eliminate those who will not be among that greatest number, in a way that is most humane to them, in spite of the fact that they are lower level life forms, compared to us, the initiated elite. If that is not compassion, let me know what is.

8) In short, my client, the FDA, should not only be acquitted of all charges, but should be recognized as the first ever US Agency recipient of the Nobel Prize for peace through euthanasia (albeit gradual in most cases). The agency is a glowing example of our Globalist Eugenicidal Agenda. This is obviously the most direct path to world peace.

And finally, my client reminds you to look for the wise bumper sticker (you may have seen it) that summarizes the most direct solution to our ecological problems. It says “Save the Planet. Kill yourself.” It was created specifically for members of the lower classes of humans (i.e. the 90% of whom we know are “useless eaters”). Such deep meaning, such eloquence! [Ah! Reminds me of when I was initiated into the Order… but that’s another matter.]

And, in case you, the little people, don’t have the guts to act on what that bumper sticker suggests, we, the elite, understand, and we’ll help you, through the actions of my client and its esteemed associated agencies and corporations, get it done.

Now if that’s not public service, there is no such thing. The Defense rests.”

Dr. Rima on the Globalist Eugenicidal Agenda

27 Days to Save Food Freedom: Start Talking!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Your Health & Food Freedom Portal: www.HealthFreedomPortal.org
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27 Days Until Election Day!
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October 6, 2010

Action eBlasts 3 Times Weekly Until the Election!
United Action Amplifies Our Push Back!
Please 1. Open Each eBlast
2. Take Action Items 3. Visit Candidates With Talking Points
4. Spread Information to Mobilize Others To Do The Same!

We Continue to Educate the Candidates
Last eBlast had the Food Freedom Talking Points
This Time We Take on GMO “Phony Phude”

Due to your strong Push Back opposition, the US Senate has not yet adopted the fake “food safety” bills, S.510 and S.3767, and our Food Freedom Talking Points in our last eBlast continues to educate candidates and representatives about these bad bills.

Visiting Candidates and Incumbents, Talking Points in hand, gets their attention and forces them to pay attention. But, in addition to this immediate Food Freedom threat, other Health and Food Freedom issues need to be addressed during this election period, too. Therefore, we are preparing a series of Talking Points for you to use to keep the pressure up! Members of Congress and hopefuls candidates will be crisscrossing your district… be ready for them!

We ask you to visit your candidates and incumbents (especially the US Senate) during this critical electioneering month. Go, if you can, with groups of people who all come armed with the following “Talking Points”. Remember to discuss them rationally, briefly and very, very directly. Print out one Talking Point copy for each member of your group and half a dozen for the Congressman or candidate and his/her staff. And mention that you are part of the Natural Solutions Foundation, the largest Health Freedom Organization in the world. As I write this, there are more than 305,000 supporters on our primary list alone! Each of them has contacts and is willing to share this information to preserve our health freedom.

Here, Then, Are

[1] GMO Talking Points

[2] Food Freedom Talking Points

Take the Above Talking Points to Your Congressional Candidates
NOW is the time to secure their commitment to Health & Food Freedom!

NOW is the time to promote the Food Freedom Amendment!
Please let us know what happens: email dr.laibow@gmail.com with “Talking” in the subject line with your report

Project “Expand Our Base”

We are posting the Talking Points on various social networking and citizens web sites and we invite you to go onto those web sites and post supporting comments. Here is where to go:

Our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49374475384

Campaign for Liberty: http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog.php?view=38726

Tea Party Patriots: http://teapartypatriots.ning.com/profiles/blogs/election-2010-health-amp-food

If you repost either of the Talking Points on other social media, please let us know so we can feature the links here; email dr.laibow@gmail.com with “Talking” in the subject line.

Click Below to Take Action! Stop S.510! Stop S.3767!

Senate: Don’t Rush S.3767 to the Senate Floor! Support the Food Freedom Amendment Instead! http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public /?action_KEY=4878


Please take a moment to read our current Valley of the Moon™ Restaurant and Cafe doings and see what Natural Solutions Foundation is up to at the “Boots on the Ground” Level with its Eco Demonstration Project reclaiming the production of clean food – and so much more! Be sure to check out our growing list of extraordinary Seminars and webinars!


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Thanks for your support.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
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Remember, at the upcoming Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses Meeting in November (Santiago, Chile), we’ll be reporting to you about the US efforts to replace the already absurdly low Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for nutrients with the even more insane Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) and make those not just suggestions, as they are now, but upper limits for nutrients.

We need your help to get us there. Click here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189, to send Natural Solutions Foundation to Codex next month.

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Guest This Sunday, October 10, Will be: Eileen Dannimann, Dead Babies and Flu Vaccines Part II
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Short Takes…

Headline Shouts:

“Research Stresses That Vaccinations Should Continue as Influenza Pandemics Epidemics Wane”

Translation from Dr. Rima:
“No disease? No Problem – Just keep vaccinating and there WILL be diseases –
lots and lots of them! This is the type of “Research” we call: Voodoo Science!”
And more…
75% of Deaths in Arusha, Tanzania (the Capital City) allegedly due to Aids “The Deaths have not only robbed the government of its human resources but also affected productivity in the public sector.” http://thecitizen.co.tz/news/-/4599-75pc-of-workers-deaths-linked-to-aids

ROTATEQ(R) (Rotavirus Vaccine, Live, Oral, Pentavalent) Awarded Prix Galien USA 2010 Top Honor

“Adverse events associated with the use of RotaTeq may include, but are not limited to, the following: * Diarrhea * Irritability * Otitis Media * Vomiting * Nasopharyngitis * Bronchospasm * Intesusseption

Valley of the Moon™ Report

Vaccine Science: Missing in Action…
Guest Blog by Paul G. King, PhD

Dr Rima Recommends


Webinar Archives

1. CAUTIONS FOR CAM PRACTITIONERS – Ralph Fucetola JD (1.5 hr – $99)
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If You are an Advanced Health Care “CAM” Practitioner You Need This Webinar!
“Do you have questions about your legal rights and limits … or need information about how best to run your health care business? Are you aware there are words you cannot use and statements, although true, you cannot safely say to clients? Hiring an attorney, one on one, to review these issues could cost you hundreds of dollars… making a mistake could cost you thousands. I invite you, instead, to learn from my Webinar, Cautions for CAM Wellness Practices” – Ralph Fucetola JD

2. Local Organizing Webinar posted (32 minutes – free)

3. How are Music, Color, Organs, Food and Qi Energy Related?
5 elements food

Come to the Valley of the Moon’s Natural Solutions Center and Find Out!

Starting with a Five Elements BeyondOrganic™ Welcome Dinner on January 9, 2011
we’ll spend 5 days focusing on each of the Five Elements, its food, color, strengths, weaknesses, characteristics, sounds and uses. Each day will include 3 outstanding meals and snacks (including food preparation in our teaching kitchen), lectures and participation, all in the lovely Valley of the Moon™ in temperate, tranquil, beautiful, bountiful Chiriqui, Panama.

With direct flights starting this December from the US to David, just 45 minutes away, getting there is easy. Being there is really easy: you’ll be in one of the most beautiful places in the world at the most beautiful time of year.

If you want a unique get-away or want to find out if the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Community is for you or just want to experience this intensive program to learn more about the Five Element system, then mark the week on your calendar.

Welcome Banquet January 9 to Final Breakfast on January 15, 2011. It’s a week you won’t forget.

Write to us at NaturalSolutionsCenter@gmail.com with 5 ELEMENTS as the subject line to make sure you are in line for this limited space program in Panama.

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Arte Cruz carving door

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Wood Carving III and Introduction to Sculpture and 3D Wood Carving

Wood Carving Classes begin with dinner on Friday night, then class from 7-10 PM. On Saturday morning, after a BeyondOrganic™breakfast, you will work with Arte from 9 AM to 12 noon. After a break for lunch, you’ll continue your class from 2 to 5 PM followed by dinner and evening entertainment. Sunday starts with a BeyondOrganic™breakfast and continues with class with Arte from 9 to 12 noon. Depart after lunch.

Contact us at NaturalSolutionsCenter@gmail.com for more information. Please indicate “WOODCARVING” in the subject line.

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Will You Let Clean Food Die This Week?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Natural Solutions Foundation

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September 9, 2010

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This Week: Dr. Rima Interviews Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus on The Long War Against Clean Food and Cancer Cures

September 19, 2010: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is our guest

September 26, 2010: John A. Crockett, Sr., a.k.a. Dr. “Mike Robe” on Soil Stewardship, Sanity and Survival

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Congress is prepared to pass S. 510, the shockingly mis-named “Food Safety Bill”

Stop S. 510 NOW!


Take Action now to make sure that YOUR Senators place a “HOLD” on this bill to insure that it is not passed by “Unanimous Congressional Consent”. One Senator, placing, and sustaining, a hold on the bill can force it to be delayed, despite the demands of Monsanto and their friends. HOLD it until December and it dies with the close of this Congress.

This just in: we have word that a Senator from an important western State opposes the bill and may be willing to face down Big Agribiz. Take this Action Item IF there is support from other Senators.

It is urgent that you take action now even if you have raised your voice on this topic before because massed protesting voices are OUR SIDE’s lobbyist!

Ban GMOs NOW! Once-And-For-All Before There Is No Going Back


Listen to the Elderly: They Have Seen It All, And They’ll Tell It Exactly ‘Like It Is’. Especially Maxine

Let me get this straight.

We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it but exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a president who also smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke.

What the hell could possibly go wrong?

Well, Vaccines Could Be Mandated. That Would Make Something Go Wrong: Your Health, Your Freedom and Your Survival, For Example
Global vaccination

Take These Action Items NOW and Then Pass Them On

Stop The Seasonal Flu/H1N1 Vaccine Madness


Support the Stop the Shot3 Vaccine Litigation


Stop the Slaughter: Demand Congress Investigate FDA’s Role in Autism and Other Vaccine Related Epidemics NOW!


Vaccines and vaccine mandates are very much in the wind, but not, alas, in the MMD, the Media of Mass Deception. Once the people of the US and most other countries of the world rejected, en mass, the absurd and dangerous H1N1 pandemic scam (including NY State and NJ both backing down on their vaccine mandates when the Natural Solutions Foundation and friends sued the State Health Departments in Federal Court), the Pholks at Big Pharma had some other tricks up their collective, and very dirty, sleeves. Recall as you read the rest of this article that there is not a single shred of evidence showing that ANY vaccine is either safe OR effective, let alone both, although such certainty is required by US law before any vaccine can be approved. Recall, too, that the US is the most vaccinated country in the world. And the sickest. And the most drugged. Recall that 1 American in 3 will die from cancer, a disease of under nutrition and environmental toxicity, including vaccine poisoning and chemicals in food (enter Codex!)

And recall that the US has:

1. Changed the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, part of the CDC which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS) Guidelines to recommend Seasonal Flu vaccination for everyone starting at 6 months and extending throughout the life span. What ACIP “recommends” generally becomes State, school and other agency mandates within a very short time.

“The 2010 ACIP guidelines emphasize the following:

* All persons at least 6 months old should receive annual vaccination for the 2010-2011 influenza season;
* During the 2010-2011 season, 2 doses of a 2010-2011 seasonal influenza vaccine should be given at a minimal interval of 4 weeks to children aged 6 months to 8 years with unknown vaccination status who have never received seasonal influenza vaccine before (or who received seasonal vaccine for the first time in 2009-2010 but received only 1 dose in their first year of vaccination), as well as to children who did not receive at least 1 dose of an influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccine regardless of previous influenza vaccine history…”


2. Included H1N1 vaccines in the “seasonal” flu shots for 2010-2011 flu season despite a total lack of medical requirement for such inclusion (or, indeed, for any vaccination, for that matter). People avoided the seasonal flu shots at the same time they avoided the H1N1 shots in 2009-2010 leading to the lightest flu season in memory. The correlation is excruciatingly clear: flu shots create disease. Disease is good business. Therefore we must have flu shots, says the global government.

3. Ignored totally the fact that Canada, Finland and Australia have taken the GSK flu vaccine off the market in those countries because of serious side effects. Side effects include an incurable neurological condition called “narcolepsy” or uncontrollable sleeping episodes, convulsions, miscarriages and death. Of course, the FDA holds that the tremendous increase in post vaccination miscarriages, among those side effects, is not worth worrying about.

4. Conveniently found a “professional organization” to call for mandatory vaccination of health care workers at peril of losing their jobs if they are unvaccinated. The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, http://www.shea-online.org/, has done just that.

Healthcare professionals, however, are neither amused nor persuaded. In a Medscape Poll, the results are pretty much the same as they were last year when mandates were proposed for H1N1 vaccination of health care workers:

Among all responding HealthCare Professionals, 28% strongly favored the mandatory vaccination while 58% strongly opposed it.

Among physicians, a generally strongly pro-vaccination group, the results are extremely interesting:

36% strongly agree with the mandates while 44% strongly oppose them.

For nurses, who tend to be closer to the adverse events associated with vaccination, those strongly agreeing with the need for a mandate, 26%, were strongly outnumbered by those opposing it, 59%.

Only 34% of pharmacists, who sell the vaccines, strongly endorsed the mandate while 46% strongly opposed it.

Not one group of polled health professionals in the US endorsed a mandate. Here, by the way, is the question which these health professionals were asked in this survey:

“The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) recently released a policy paper recommending that healthcare workers be required to get the seasonal flu vaccine or face losing their job and professional privileges. Do you favor or oppose SHEA’s recommendation on mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers?”


But Wait! There’s More [Vaccination]

The US Government, including FDA, CDC and ACIP cannot, apparently, get enough vaccines into the public. The Department of Defense (DOD) is not far behind since civilians working for the DoD Schools in Europe were notified on July 30, 2010 that their Swine Flu AND Seasonal vaccination was mandatory and that failure to receive this vaccination would result in dismissal from their jobs. Likewise, about 30,000 students are now required to receive the untested and unnecessary vaccines despite the fact that WHO has publicly rescinded their failed “Level 6 Pandemic” attempt.

Stars and Striped, a DoD publication, said,

“The immunization policy, mandated by U.S. European Command [EUCOM], covers both the seasonal and swine flu viruses and applies to teachers and employees at more than 80 Department of Defense Dependents Schools [DoDDS] in Europe, as well as 30,000 students. Children older than 6 months enrolled in base daycare centers and daycare center workers throughout Europe also are affected by the move.

“We fully support the EUCOM policy,” said DODDS-Europe spokeswoman Margaret Menzie”


So we Health Freedom advocates have to ask “Who owns the body of these teachers and their students?” Apparently, the Department of Defense does. And just who owns your body?

In October, 2009, GSK’s HPV vaccine, Cervavax, the first vaccine in the US to contain an oil in water adjuvant (similar to the dangerous compound squalene), was recommended for use in girls 10-25 years of age. Merck’s Gardasil is already approved for use for girls between 11 and 26. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/722855?src=mp&spon=34&uac=117629CN

Medical Insanity Alert – Fasten Your Intellectual Seat Belt!


Now, take a deep breath and look at these two headlines from today’s issue of Medscape Daily News, an electronic medical science newsletter which I receive each day:

Guidelines Updated for Use of 23-Valent Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine in Adults [A 23-valent vaccine is supposedly effective against 23 different types of disease causing organisms, in this case, bacteria – Dr. Rima]

September 8, 2010 “Invasive disease from Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) is a major cause of illness and death in the United States, with an estimated 43,500 cases and 5,000 deaths among persons of all ages in 2009,” write J. P. Nuorti, MD, DSc, and C. G. Whitney, MD, from the Division of Bacterial Diseases, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Pneumococcal Vaccines Working Group. “This report provides updated recommendations from the …ACIP for prevention of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) (i.e., bacteremia, meningitis, or infection of other normally sterile sites through use of the …PPSV23 among all adults aged ?65 years and those adults aged 19-64 years with underlying medical conditions that put them at greater risk for serious pneumococcal infection.”

Pneumococcal Vaccine Dosing Schedule Linked to Higher Risk of Acquiring Multiresistant Strain [This vaccine is only /supposedly/ effective against 7 types of disease causing bacteria – Dr. Rima]

September 7, 2010 “A 2 + 1 pneumococcal vaccine dosing schedule is linked to an increased risk of acquiring a multiresistant strain, according to the results of a study reported in the September 8 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“The rapid increase in multiresistant serotype 19A as a cause of invasive and respiratory pneumococcal disease has been associated in time with the widespread implementation of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination (PCV-7) in several countries,” write Elske J. M. van Gils, MD, from University Medical Center Utrecht in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and colleagues.”

What could be crazier? The vaccine we have approved causes resistant organisms to develop and leaves people more susceptible to infection with them. YES! NOW, let’s create not a 7 organism vaccine, but a 23 organism one and watch this one screw up people’s immune systems so that not even the most potent antibiotic will work.

Nano silver? Oh, let’s ban it the way we have in Europe since it IS the universal safe, effective and inexpensive antibiotic which makes all other antibiotics unnecessary. Gives the lie to vaccines, too, since with a good immune system and nano silver you loose even the pretext that they have any place in health or prevention.

We recommend www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions as a source of our favorite nano-silver.

And then there’s this:

Flu Shot No Better than Placebo in Preventing Asthma Attacks

Stockholm, Sweden, September 16, 2002.

A new Swedish study has found that flu vaccine is “possibly no better than placebo in preventing exacerbations in asthmatic children.” Reporter Cameron Johnston reports that “Asthmatic children and other groups are usually encouraged to receive the flu vaccine each year as winter approaches. However, according to one study, the flu vaccine may be no better than placebo for preventing influenza-induced asthma exacerbation among children.

and this:

Japan Abandons flu Shots for Children

Large scale studies of compulsory flu vaccination in Japan of school aged children showed the vaccine to be ineffective and conducive to lawsuits due to adverse side effects. Two large studies one in 1980 and the other in 1985, involving four cities with vaccination rates between 1% and 90% showed little difference in flu incidence. In 1987, the Japanese government changed the flu vaccine from compulsory to voluntary. By 1989, even though only 20% of the population took the flu vaccine, the incidence of influenza did not increase. http://www.whale.to/vaccines/flu7.html

and this:

“One of the most bizarre twists on the flu vaccine saga is the CDC recommendation of 2001 that all pregnant women receive the vaccine in their second or third trimester. This recommendation even has doctors confused, since the vaccine remains a category C drug (unknown risk for pregnancy). No adequate studies have been conducted to monitor safety of the vaccine for mother and fetus. The only studies of adverse effects in pregnancy were conducted in the 1970s (Heinonen et al., 1973; Sumaya & Gibbs, 1979). Some flu vaccines still contain mercury as a preservative, despite a 1998 FDA instruction to remove mercury from all drugs. According to the CDC, two groups are most vulnerable to methylmercury, the fetus and children ages 14 and younger. An article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1999 stated, “the greatest susceptibility to methylmercury neurotoxicity occurs during late gestation” (Grandjean et al., 1999). How did CDC committee members determine that flu vaccines were safe for pregnant women? They did not. The committee, despite its own recommendation, states, “additional data are needed to confirm the safety of vaccination during pregnancy” (CDC, 2001b).


and this:

Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, one of the world’s leading immunogeneticists, states the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease is 10 times higher if an individual has five consecutive shots than if they have one, two or no shots.

Source: transcribed notes of Dr. Fudenberg’s speech at the NVIC International Vaccine Conference, Arlington, VA September, 1997

and on and on and on and on. Yet the government insists vaccines are safe and effective just as if there were a shred of real evidence that they are either one.

This is simple madness. The craziness that is vaccination MUST stop at your body and your children’s. The choice is yours.

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