Health Freedom Threats: Codex, FDA, Vaccinations, GMOs

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Email Newsletter from December 24, 2008

NSF Attacked: the Truth is our Defense!

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The TRUTH is our Defense:

Confused About the Natural Solutions Foundation?
That’s Exactly What the Other Side Wants!

There is only one defense for libel or slander: the truth. Since the recent
Internet attacks against us contain no truth, they are, by definition, both
libel and slander. Why are they happening? It is really quite simple: Your
ill health is big business (the biggest) and the other side has all the money
it needs to buy disinformation and disinformation agents. So there are agents
provocateur, people who stir up division and trouble on demand, out there
trying to attack the Natural Solutions Foundation. We are the largest and far
and away the most successful health freedom organization in the world.

And then there are what Lenin called “useful idiots”, people who unwittingly
do the work of the tyrannizers. Sadly, health freedom has both in abundance.

Note: A negative can not be proven (I am NOT this, I have NOT done that), but
such accusations are made about us not because they are true, but because they
can be made to SOUND true, made to appear plausible through the Big Lie
techniques of disinformation.

We get attacked all the time, notably when we are RIGHT on target. This go
around is no exception.

If you haven’t encountered the latest attacks, good. Ignore this. If you
have encountered them, ignore the attacks. Here’s why:

Fact from Rima E. Laibow, MD: I am not now and have never been associated with
the CIA, Big Pharma, the US Government except as a tax payer and a citizen,
the New World Order or any of its faces, or any other force trying to control
you or me. I act as I see fit and say what I believe to be true based on the
best of my information and knowledge. Period. Natural Solutions Foundation is
so effective in our opposition to the Powers That Be that a serious attempt
was apparently made on my life a year ago. We have been met with guns at the
Codex meeting to keep us under guard and away from the other attendees and
delegates. We have been threatened by representatives of the industries and
agencies whose agendas we oppose. We have been attacked directly by the
Chairman of Codex from the Podium during a Codex meeting and Dr. Barbara
Schneeman, the US Codex Representative at a recent Codex meeting actually told
members of our pro-health nations’ delegates to stay away from us since we
“got things wrong” and that they, the developing world, should come to HER,
instead, for answers to their questions and concerns! The members of the
developing nations’ delegations came running to me roaring with laughter after
these conversations! I would say that we are pretty clearly UNcontrolled
opposition, and pretty good at it, too!

Fact from General Stubblebine: I am the Foundation’s President. I retired
from Active Duty in 1984. Before that, my operational commander was the
Deputy Director of the CIA and I held all clearances of which I was aware
although I now know that there were others that I did not hold. I continued
to work as a Defense Contractor until 1992 or so and retired from that
business. At that time, I allowed ALL my security clearances to lapse and
have no more access to classified, sensitive or other restricted data than you
do. Dr. Rima has no clearances of any kind and has neither applied for any
nor been given any.

Fact from the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation: We do not
individually or as an organization care if Keven Miller makes one or a
thousand films of any length. The film was commissioned to provide the center
of a public relations storm starting 6 weeks before the Codex meeting later
that year. That would have meant a release date of April 15, 2005. We were
compelled to sue him for failure to meet his contractual obligations because
the mother who mortgaged her house in order to pay for the film which the
Foundation commissioned opposing the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, slated for
ratification on July 4, 2005 requested a refund when the film was not
forthcoming as promised on April 15, 2005. Miller did not produce the film in
a timely fashion, releasing it on June 29, 2005, far too late to accomplish
its public relations goal and did not make the film for which he had been
contracted. We requested the donor’s money back. After a legal proceeding,
Miller agreed to a settlement in which he paid back the money under terms
which the settlement prevents either Miller or our side from disclosing.
Miller defaulted on those payments but the family chose not to pursue him at
this time since they felt it was throwing good money after bad.

Fact from the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation: The Natural
Solutions Foundation accept NO corporate sponsorship. One hundred percent of
its funding comes either from the money that General Stubblebine and Dr. Rima
put into it (our life savings and the proceeds from the sale of our lovely
home in Westchester, NY in 2007) or what private donors donate. We work for
free, take no salary, compensation, or other benefit from the Foundation and,
instead, pay for any expense shortfall with our dwindling resources. Council
Ralph Fucetola, JD devotes at least half time every month on the same basis.
Our other staff are similarly all volunteer. Where is the profit? Where is
the misuse of funds? Every penny goes into the work of the Foundation. We
provide the overhead, the office, the ink, the internet, the paper, the time
and the skill to run it. There are no salaries to drain the impact of your
donations. None.

Fact from General Stubblebine: I am NOT the illusory violent, abusive,
alcoholic, “CIA Agent” father of a multiply hospitalized paranoid
schizophrenic “activist” whose charges hit the Internet and then reverberate
to his glee and our undeserved discredit, despite the bizarre letters we, and
others have received to that effect. Nor have I ever stared a goat (or
anything else) to death, nor has he tried to do so. I did, while on active
duty, learn about the purported human capacity to do so and brought the idea
that it might be possible to Fort Bragg, home of the Special Forces, with
which I have no connection. I never heard what happened to the technology

Facts from General Stubblebine and Rima E. Laibow, MD:
General Stubblebine: I have never had any connection, part in, knowledge
about, or dealings with the Mind Control program. I believed, until he met
Dr. Rima in 1991, that the program had been stopped following the demand of
Congress that MK Ultra and other Mind Control programs cease immediately.
Anyone making these assertions has no idea how compartmentalization and
clearances work: the need to know determines what you know. I was in
Strategic Intelligence and had no need to know, so I was never “read into” any
Mind Control Program.

Fact from Rima E. Laibow, MD: I knew that the Mind Control programs had continued because as a
psychiatrist and social activist I had been introduced to a number of people
who claimed the same events/conditioning/torture had happened to each of them.
The similarity attracted my attention and I learned a great deal about the
Mind Control programs. In fact, long before I met General Stubblebine, a
Congressional Staffer friend brought data and people to me to evaluate whether
these people had, in fact, been subjected to Mind Control techniques and asked
me if I thought the subject was worth another round of Congressional Hearings.
I was able, through this documentation, to convince the highly skeptical
General Stubblebine in 1991-2 that this program had continued after Congress
ordered it disbanded.

Fact from Rima E. Laibow, MD : I have never administered, supervised or been
associated with electroshock or electroconvulsive (ECT) therapy in any form.
I turned down a fine position with a major University hospital because I would
have been forced to either administer or supervise ECT and I am unwilling to
do that for any reason. I have spent my entire career in psychiatry and
medicine using non-drug treatments rather than drug ones. For example, when I
was asked to take over an in patient psychiatric ward for children and
adolescents in Connecticut, I took every child and teen ager in the ward off
drugs. The administration of the hospital and the insurance companies
protested vigorously, but the children got better and the horrific behaviors
and side effects (read, “brain damage” caused by the drugs) diminished

Fact from General Stubblebine and Rima E. Laibow, MD: It makes no difference
whether General Stubblebine and I were lovers before his divorce! (DUH!) The
assertions of an angry spouse during divorce proceeding in 1994 are neither
accurate nor relevant. I would say our detractors are scraping all the way
through the bottom of the barrel and into the dirt below if this is what they
need to uses to damage us. Shame!

Fact from the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation : We are not using
high pressure tactics to separate people from their money, IRAs or 401s. The
government of the United States is about to do just that and we have a
legitimate and helpful humanitarian project in Panama which can accept these
funds. The Valley of the Moon Eco(TM) Demonstration Community project, part
of our International Decade of Nutrition, is a sustainable farm, farm school,
natural medical center, etc., offers people many reasons to become a part of
it. Those who are interested can learn more and decide whether or not it is
for them. Others can ignore it.

Fact from Council Ralph Fucetola, JD: I was asked by one of the attackers to
advise her in the medical board hearings which ultimately cost her medical
license in the same state in which Dr. Rima is licensed. Despite claims to
the contrary, I did not know her when she lost custody of her child. Nor did
I “abandon” her during the hearings. Once she was advised that to regain
her license she would have to seek psychiatric help she did not, to our
knowledge, retain me or another attorney to assist her and remains de-licensed
to this day.

The truth is that these detractors, whatever their mental status and their
motivation, would add much, much more to the battle for health freedom by
actually accomplishing something rather than attacking those who are
accomplishing it! If they can behave like adults, they are welcome to join
us. We have NEVER attacked anyone and will not. We will, however, take
whatever steps we need to in order to protect health freedom and our
well-deserved reputations, as we did when we sued Miller to get back the
donor’s money. These false statements and innuendos must cease and desist.

Had enough of this? Good. let’s move on. You can join with us by going to
www.HealthFreedomUSA.org and joining our Health Freedom Action eAlert mailing

If you really want more details about these detractors, just click here:

If you want to look at our accomplishments, however, see:

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We really need your support now more than ever:

This coming year we’ll need your help in Divesting the FDA of food regulatory power, forcing the FTC to prevent all vaccination advertising until vaccines are proven to be safe and effective, continuing to build the “Coalition of the Unwilling” to challenge Codex’ (and the FDA’s) “Weaponization of food”, preventing more children from neurologic damage through more mandatory vaccines, working for a ban on GMOs and a host of other urgent Health Freedom issues…

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation


The Natural Solutions Foundation lectured to lay and professional groups in the US and abroad and initiated the Health Freedom Rally series in cities like Dallas, Albuquerque and Tucson.

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"Dear Dr. Rima, I have been following you regarding Codex. It scares the hell out of me. It has been a while since I have checked the progress of the fight against it (I am embarrassed to say). Please keep up the fight for us all. I trust what you say, though I don't know you personally. Anyone who would take on Codex earns the right to be trusted."

Leslie N


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