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Email Newsletter from August 20, 2009

Open to Stop Untested, Mandatory Vaccines

Welcome! In This Issue:

Highlights of Health Freedom Action eAlert
Full eAlert Here:

Special Action eAlert:
We Urgently Need Your Help!

Gary Null, PhD, Leads Demand that FDA

Join Dr. Null Here:

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24 -7 Information Online…
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Health Freedom Leaders Join Forces to Stop FDA Approval of Swine Flu Vaccines Without ANY Safety Testing

Read Legal Call for Relief Here:


Take Action! Help Prevent FDA from Approving Pandemic Vaccines for Use on All of Us Absent ALL Safety Testing

1. Say "NO!" to Forced Vaccination


Join the New Citizens Petition! Stop FDA Approval for Untested Vaccines


At last! An effective and powerful legal action with the potential to stop the FDA’s planned approval of Swine Flu Vaccines without any, repeat ANY, safety testing. Three far sighted health freedom leaders have banded together to take action to protect us all and invite your help, and your organization’s help, too.

2. Join in: Demand FDA NOT Approve Vaccines Before Completion of Safety Testing


Remember: Take Actions 1 and 2 Once for Each Member of Your Household

3. Representatives of Organizations
Click Here:


Note: Take action 3 in addition to Actions 1 and 2 if you represent an organization

Not the signatory for your organization? Contact your organization’s leaders and urge them to participate in this democratic legal exercise. No charge, no downside – just benefits for all!

4. Mere Days Left to Save Health Freedom…
Right, our 3 Weeks Nearly over. Senate Reconvenes Sept. 7. We MUST Prevent Passage of HR 2749 Equivalent Bill


We, you and the Natural Solutions Foundation, ARE the net roots of health freedom. We can – and do! – produce literally millions of emails, raising our voices high enough to push back the madness. In fact, we’ve already sent more than 1.5 million emails demanding the right to say "No!" to pandemic vaccines. Well, it is time for more of same!

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339


Time for Health Freedom
Silly Season to End

Silly Season Science is the product of shameless intellectual prostitution in which science for hire pumps out whatever it is told to produce. A prime example from the supposedly reputable British paper, The Guardian:

"Healthy Eating Can be Sign of Serious
Psychological Disorder"


Health Freedom Silly Season has to end, now. You see, Health Freedom organizations are notorious for NOT working together. You know, this one says this, and the other one says that and pretty soon you don’t care "who struck John" and you are sick of all the gore!

That’s one of the classic disinformation techniques and juvenile people are easily stimulated to behave like tantrum-ing toddlers. You have noticed that the Natural Solutions Foundation does not waste its time, or yours, with that kind of sniping and in-fighting. Instead, we focus on the problems, find solutions and tell you what we think is going on, asking for your help.

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

Please contact the health freedom organizations of your choice to urge them in the strongest terms to get on board with this powerful initiative.

If they resist, ask them to explain, in writing, why they are not taking this opportunity to work for your health and freedom, and that of the other supporters/members of the group. Insist on real reasons for their inaction, not merely unsupported assertions and, if they cannot provide them, walk away. They are not on your side. They just proved it.

On the other hand, smart non-governmental organizations are happy to cooperate to make sure Health Freedom can survive. For example, we’ve just accepted DownSize DC’s invitation to join its coalition partners in www.ConsumerCenteredHealthcare.org to "Stop current efforts to expand government control of health care – Roll back existing government involvement and restore free market competition" No matter what healthcare system exists, we want it to a system that allows people the freedom to make their own choices… and a politician-and-bureaucrat dominated system cannot do that! Whoever pays for it, your health care choices should be, must be, determined solely by you.


Real Health Freedom Leaders:
Koren, Laibow, Null

Three leading health freedom advocate organizations banded together this week and, under the guidance of Ralph Fucetola, JD, Natural Solutions Foundation’s brilliant and skillful Counsel and Trustee, submitted a Citizens Petition (unlike an Internet Petition, a Citizens Petition is a powerful legal challenge which can have real impact on Policy) to the FDA demanding redress from the immanent harm posed by approval of attenuated and adjuvanted live virus vaccines for a trivial disease when not one of the vaccines have been tested for safety. You will recall that on July 23, 2009 the Fraud and Death Administration said that they will approve these vaccines in the absence of completed safety tests.

Remember, the pediatric tests of the vaccine now underway are to determine antibody response levels (dosage), NOT safety. And the vaccines being tested are NOT those with adjuvants.

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

Legal Legs

and Limps

Quite a number of legal actions have been filed in response to these dangers. Some are good, some are marginal and some make no sense at all. Click here,


for a look at the good, the bad and the just plain meaningless.

The Citizens Petition which we have filed with the FDA is, we believe, a highly effective way to exhaust our legal remedies so that we can rapidly and effectively move forward. We need your help, though. Your organizations and you (and your family, friends, contacts, etc.) all are invited to join the Petition and exercise your First Amendment Right for redress of grievances via a Petition to the Government.



Six for the Cemetery?

All 6 Swine Flu vaccines which the FDA has announced it will approve BEFORE the completion of any safety testing are unsafe. Some or all will have squalene-based adjuvants. Some or all will have live attenuated virus (LAIV) vaccines which have been shown to

  • Increase hospitalizations of children for all causes by 300%
  • Cause wheezing and asthma,
  • Communicate the vaccine disease to those with health problems and weak immune systems
  • Add new bits of other viruses in the warm, wet, nutrient rich environment of a cell


Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

Health Without Freedom?

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339


Freedom to Stay Alive?

Justice Antonin Scalia

"Innocence Is No Reason Not To Execute"

I will bet that you thought that the Constitution of These United States gave you the right to a fair trial along with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, didn’t you? And you thought that innocence was a defense before the bar, didn’t you.

Well, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia thinks differently – very differently. Justice Scalia recently wrote that that there is nothing inherently un-constitutional about executing an innocent person.

In his dissenting opinion in the appeal of convicted – but innocent – felon…

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339


Speaking of Rights, Does the US Have As Much Freedom of Speech as India? Apparently Not!

In the US, we like to think that our Constitutional system assures us of freedom of speech that we can rely upon, more than any other country.

In fact, however, the FDA imposes a profoundly un-American gag rule on what you can or cannot say – or learn – about the health benefits of food and food components and will put manufactures out of business if they tell you the truth about health freedom with legal methods or with their ax-wielding, gun-toting, dog-using goons called FDA Marshals.

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

But my friend in India, the noted Dr. Leo Rebello, notes that although doctors at Kasturba Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) maintain, falsely, that they don’t know why a baby born to a mother who supposedly had Swine Flu [although tests for Swine Flu are wrong 90% of the time, so how could they tell?- REL], they do, in fact, know why the baby died: it died because its mother was given Tamiflu!

He states, "The adverse or side-effects of Tamiflu are — delirium, hallucination, delusion, disturbances in consciousness, abnormal behavior and convulsions.

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

If I were to tell you, as I could in India, that Nano silver, www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions, is outstandingly effective in killing this virus (and all others against which it has been tested) and then point you to an article by Gordon Peterson, PH D, which states…

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

"Silver Sol… [Silver Solution, www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions – REL]

Silver Sol provides proven prevention and treatment against viral and bacterial infections, while there is nothing else with such broad spectrum benefits (19). In addition, Silver Sol can be safely taken every day for prevention where it has been shown to provide protection against the very dangerous Bird flu H5N1.

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339


…It is evident that the newly patented EPA certified and FDA approved Silver Sol technology provides tremendous treatment options for prevention and combination therapies. Silver Sol gel can help stop viral spread on the most contagious areas like hands, nose, mouth and skin. It is sufficiently documented and proven to be considered to be a first line of defense against Influenza and a significant companion to antiviral and antibacterial drug regimens topically and orally."

Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

If I said all that, I would be violating the FDA’s regulations which, in the US, have the strength of law.


Is this Your Kind of Democracy?
Not Mine, Either.

Happily, we’ve got Rep. Ron Paul, MD (Tx-R) on our side. He has introduced two bills to end this unconstitutional rule by edict by the Fraud and Death Administration.

We urge you to join the dozens of thousands of people who have already told their members of Congress that they co sponsor and support HR 3394 and HR 3395.
Please visit
http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27732 to lend your support (and do so once for every member of your Household) to real free speech, as defined in the Constitution of These United States.

For more information, please visit (and share!) our Three For Liberty Campaign

Two for One Update

Health freedom, your freedom, is facing enormous challenges right now. I cannot remember them coming so fast, or so furious. And the Natural Solutions Foundation is working on the most important ones of all:
1. Codex-i-fication of our Food Supply through really awful bills like HR 2749 which, if passed as a sister bill by the US Senate will be nothing short of a full blown disaster for health and freedom. You can take action by informing your Senator in person (use our talking points) and by email, http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26714 that this is NOT what you want.

You can visit our Three for Liberty Campaign,

for background information and talking points leaflets.
2. Free Health Speech being gagged
3. State and Federal mandated Swine Flu
You can imagine that keeping up with health freedom is an enormous job which requires diverse skills and talents. You can also imagine that we need hands, but not just any hands: hands that are connected minds, hearts and brains.

That is why we are asking for volunteers for the Natural Solutions Foundation and, at the same time, volunteers for our Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project, www.NaturalSolutionsFoundation.org, in Volcan, Panama.

Click here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3283, to read about our Volunteer program and see if you are cut out to help change the world!

If you are, please join us on our Yahoo! Forum, NSCC, at

http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3283 and on our weekly Wednesday night conference call (info in the "calendar" section of the Forum).
We have building projects, marketing and development ones, administrative, communication, and a host of other needs. If you are interested in either an Expense Paid Volunteer Position (Room and Board in Volcan, Panama) or in joining the roll of Health Freedom Volunteer Sponsors, please join the Forum and contact Ralph Fucetola at ralph.fucetola@usa.net or me at dr.laibow@gmail.com with "Volunteer" as the subject.

Oh, yes, Money

You know that this battle is expensive. You know that we are fighting for you. That means that we need your support.
Whether you can volunteer or not, health freedom also requires your on-going support. Click here,

to set up your recurring, tax deductible donation now.
Please visit our donations page and help us in any way you can; of course, recurring donations are the most important, since that allows us to plan ahead and be prepared for the Health Freedom battles to come!


Mark Your Calendar!

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell


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Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Board Certified NMD DNM PHD LCHC CNHP DIP.PHC is the leading authority for cancer and stress related illness and has the highest cure rate for terminal diseases in Europe. Dr. Coldwell is the most endorsed holistic doctor in America and 11 times bestselling author. His newest book, Instinct Based Medicine, www.instinctbasedmedicine.com, has just been released and is already in the second Edition. Dr. Coldwell’s most awaited book: The Only Answer to Cancer, will be available in September 09.

Don’t miss this chance to spend time with this renowned physician and activist.


3 Leaflets for the
3 Weeks to Save Health Freedom Campaign:


Must Read – Dr. Laibow’s Hard Hitting
Push Back and the Ministry of Lies

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Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339


Read more… http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=3339

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation


The Natural Solutions Foundation has been featured in full- and multi-page stories in major newspapers in Texas, Lagos, Nigeria, etc.

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"My senator's mailbox is FULL, LOL, it is working!! I will try to send this again every day until it gets through...keep up the GREAT WORK FOR HUMANITY, YOU ARE SAINTS FOR US ALL!!"



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