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Email Newsletter from November 29, 2009

OK. Holiday’s Over – Back to the Barricades!


CDC and WHO lying about Flu!

CDC and WHO are lying…
General Bert’s Communiqué – Bring Push Back Home
Dr. Paul G. King: Never, Never Give Up!

Push Back is Working – News Notes!
Stop the Shot Litigation Report: AF Plaintiffs Needed
Dr. Laibow on Our Gift to You For State Organizing

Health Care Workers, Students and Allied Professionals
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CDC and WHO are lying…
Wanna Buy a Bridge?

The World Health Organization and the US’s Centers for Disease Control appear to be “cooking the books” when it comes to alleged “Swine Flu” cases and deaths, and with regard to the “safety” and “efficacy” of the H1N1 Vaccines.

Read what they have to say here:

So, have 4,000 people died in the US from this “pandemic virus” or only 400 or… none? What do these numbers mean if the laboratory tests being used are 90% ineffective, giving false positive results? We are convinced the tests are not accurate, and besides, as the article says, “Most countries have now stopped counting every case…” They stopped counting, you will recall, because the CDC and WHO TOLD them to stop counting and simply label every respiratory death as “Swine Flu” in the absence of any statistics showing that H1N1 is involved in any way at all.

How About a Little French Dressing on Your Swine Flu Statistics Salad?

There are 65,073,482 people in France. There are 308,041,000 people in the United States. There are 4.73 times more people in the US than in France.

Now it is possible that the French may have been keeping better statistics: they claim 68 laboratory confirmed deaths, according to the article. Even if the lab were not inaccurate 90% of the time (!!!!!), and we accept their number, in a country where less than 1% of the population has been vaccinated against Swine Flu according to the French Minister of Health*, we have a problem that makes the US CDC’s numbers look a lot like TSS (Tobacco Science Statistics).

* http://www.theflucase.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1620%3Aless-than-01-of-french-population-has-taken-qswine-fluq-jab-so-far-admits-french-health-minister&catid=1%3Alatest-news&Itemid=64%E2%8C%A9=en

You see, statistically, if the French are being accurate, the USA “estimate” of 4,000 must be very inaccurate indeed… more like “cooking the books” than informing the public! If we multiply the French “Swine Flu” deaths by the factor to correct for the larger US population (4.7 times larger), we get a projected US death number of 322 expected deaths in the US.

Let’s assume that, due to the contaminated food allowed by the USDA and FDA and the atrocious state of our allopathic medical care we in the US are twice as sick as the French. We should then expect 642 deaths from Swine Flu. OK, let’s say we are 5 times as sick. We would then expect about 1,600 deaths. But 4000? That makes us 12.5 times as sick as the French – without laboratory tests to confirm the cause of death! Maybe we should change TSS to VSS, Vasccine Science Statistics!

And what about the alleged safety of the vaccines? A quick check of the Internet shows rumors of deaths, incapacitations and miscarriages… all, the authorities assure us, unconnected to the vaccines. Of course, the best way to make sure that they STAY unconnected to the vaccines is to refuse to check out the possiblity that they might be related to them.




Are those statistics being cooked too? Wanna buy that bridge? It’s right there in Brooklyn. I’ll make you a great price!

It is time for truth from the public health authorities. The truth is that there never was a real pandemic. The truth is the vaccines are dangerous, unnecessary, un-safety tested and uninsurable. That is unacceptable.

And that is why we are pursuing our Stop the Shot Litigation. You can help fund that critically important legal action here, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=189 by making two tax deductible recurring donations: the one that ends in the number “6” will be earmarked for our legal fund. Donations ending in any other number provide support for our on-going health freedom work. Both are most appreciated.

Action Item

No Forced Vaccines or Treatments

Take action once for each member of your household!


Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) President

General Bert’s Communiqué
Bringing Push Back Home for A
State by State Victory!

Soldiers fighting on their home territory are filled with vigor and determination which invaders lack. In our struggle for Health Freedom we need to take the push back battle to your state, your job, your home territory.

The next battlefield waiting for a push back victory is where you live. And Natural Solutions Founation is here to help you win that battle.

Click below to learn how we can help you in that victory in very practical terms:


Health Freedom: The Enduring Opposition to Forced Vaccination

Guest Essay

By Paul G. King, PhD

Never, never, never give up

– Sir Winston Churchill

Arrayed against today’s forced-vaccination mandates stands a small, but growing, group of hundreds of doctors, lawyers, nurses, researchers, scientists, teachers and other professionals who are affected by varius vaccine issues.

Behind this growing group stand hundreds of thousands of citizens who, at a minimum, have a possibly vaccine-damaged child, grandchild, niece, nephew, brother, sister, first, second, third or fourth cousin, other family member, or a friend or acquaintance who has one or more of these injured persons in their family.

Moreover, the public officials and other behind vaccination mandates, such as the ones in New Jersey, West Virginia and US Air Force daycare centers, have consciously….

Read more here,


Natural Solutions Foundation Has a Gift for Your State and Your Freedom:

Use Our Sophisticated Communication System for Free! Create Your Own Page, Send Your Own Action Items! Ready? We’ll Show You How.

Organize Your State, Your Profession, Your Community: Push Back the Mandates!

New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, California, Air Force Schools, Health Care Workers, Teachers, Day Care Workers……

Organizing people to organize push back requires tools: in Stalin’s Soviet Union the tools were secret mimeograph machines and short wave radios. People passed faded purple pages in secret – and often died for it.

Our tools center around the internet, no doubt about it. But when confronted with mandates, limitation, invasions, and creeping (or galloping) fascism, how do you combat them if you don’t have these internet tools? Very hard to do.

Using our communication tools, Natural Solutions Foundation has developed the ability to reach out effectively and widely. We are the largest and most effective netroots organization in health freedom. We want to share that effectiveness with you if you want to

If your cause needs other people to make it effective, here’s our offer to social activists everywhere:

Decide what you want your social action message to say and whom you want to reach. Write to us at dr.laibow@gmail.com with “SOCIAL ACTION” as the subject. Decide whom you want to hear your message (State legislators? Governors? Parents in your school district? Other families with special needs kids? Vaccine resisters? You decide how to do it and we’ll help you get it done. Two limitations: no commercial ventures need apply and no attacks, just productive action. No cost, no kidding. And, as always, we never, never, never sell barter, share, rent or give away any personal information. NEVER!

Our No Vaccine Mandate Push Back caused the Federal Government to back off its previously stated position of mandatory vaccinations for everyone in the US. (See FDA and HHS Advisories of July 24, 25, 2007 respectively). As they backed away from mandatory vaccination, various agencies and officials, including the President, stated that the States could, if they chose, initiate mandatory vaccination.

And that is where the next threat lies.

State governments around the US are racheting up the Health Freedom battle by enforcing the failed policy of mass vaccination with mandates… A clear majority of Americans oppose forced vaccinations and the people have voted by exercising their basic human right to refuse any supposed “medical treatment” that they don’t trust.

The Federal courts may not intervene in time to protect the population from the admitted risks of vaccination… risks that have been shown to be greater than any possible benefits. In state after state the unholy alliance of public health officials and big pharma supporters are seeking to force the people to use their dubious products.

We assert that all mass forced drugging is a violation basic human rights and we demand an immediate end to these barbarous practices.

Since the threat is now moving to the state level, we need to Push Back there as well… And we are! People are organizing to resist illegitimate government intrusions into their health care choices and we propose that our Health Freedom Mouse Warriors take the lead in that effort.

We’ve updated our Organizers eHandBook and are ready to support local organizers with an upgraded system of online Forums with free conference calling capacity and free access to our Action Item capacity!


So much news about how push back is working, from States suspending their flu vaccine mandates to bad bills being delayed by your “Mouse Warrior” actions! This is how we preserve our Health Freedom and Constitutional Rights!

S. 510, Food Facsim Bill,
Vote Put Off to 2010


Take Action Once for Each Member of Your Household


Send an unmistakable message to your
Senators and the White House


New York Health Care Workers!
Submit Your Comments Against
Renewed Flu Mandate:

Public comment is open until 12/28/09.

Check section 66-3 in the link below:

Where to send comments

New Jersey suspends its Kiddie Flu Vax Mandate!


AMA House of Delegates Rejects ALL Vaccine Mandates
for HealthCare Workers!


And… Speaking Truth to Power:

“Doctors in the Ukraine have signed an open letter alleging that the flu pandemic which has cost the lives of hundreds of people has been deliberately created …”


Monsanto Withdraws High Lysine
GM Maize
from Europe, Safety Concerns


This is a massively important victory: Biotech giant Monsanto withdrew its application for a multitrillion dollar market rather than allow safety tests to be conducted, soley because of persistent scientific and popular push back!

Monsanto Found Guilty
by French High Court of Lying About Roundup®


Ukrainian Pathologist Undercuts WHO Lies RE: Sudden Plague: Only 23 Deaths per 60K+ Hospitalizations!


And then there is the unravelling of the lies and deceptions of the WHO, FDA, CDC, UN and other globalist players.

For example, an eminent Ukrainian pathologist makes it clear that the entire hyped pandemic plague is nonsense: 60,000+ hospitalizations and 23 deaths? Plague? Dr. Victor Bachinsky is pushing back, hard, against the absurd WHO position that those with strong immune systems will die from the neo plagues: Nonsense! he says, support your immune system – it is those who have weakened their immune systems with antibiotics or underlying problems are the ones who have died! How to support you immune system? Dr. Bachinsky says use garlic, herbs, nutrition, NOT drugs. Now that’s pushing back, Dr. Bachinsky. I say use Nano Silver, www.Nutronics/naturalsolutions, the safe, effective way to rid the body of the disease-causing entities that can overwhelm its capacity to defend itself, AND abundant doses of nutrients like Vitamin D3 2000 IU,


H1N1 Virus Weaponized: Contains Spanish Flu Gene Sequence


How did the gene sequence of the Spanish Flu, recreated in a lab supported by US tax dollars, “mysteriously” wound up in the H1N1 Pandemic virus?

Update on the Stop the Shot
Case in Federal Court

DoD, Air Force Civilian Employees
Urgently Needed Now

Your intrepid lawyers, healthcare experts and legal researchers continue to prepare to challenge the FDA’s approval of the uninsurable, un-safety tested 2009-H1N1-A “Swine Flu” influenza vaccines.

Our Citizens Petition remains “on the books” and the FDA is required by law to respond within 180 days of issuing the Docket No. on August 31st. Among the challenged vaccines are the “Swine Flu” vaccines the Federal Government bought for $6.4 billion and then approved and recommended and is now distributing across the country…


We win “Round Two”!


We still need Air Force families and DoD child care employees, who may be the only people left in the US with a flu vaccine mandate! Looking for mandated individuals who may have “standing” to seek Federal court intervention!

Before our Push Back efforts, attempts to mandate the vaccines were happening in several states and institutions… but Push Back seems to be eliminating the mandates, as we find them!

If you are among the remaining mandated persons, please email me at ralph.fucetola@usa.net with “Mandate” as the subject line.

Ralph Fucetola JD
Foundation Trustee and Counsel

Nano Silver: the Universal Antibiotic



Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Here


Looking for another gift? Enjoy our carefully selected items and share them with your friends and colleagues.
Visit our virtual stores to support health freedom:
www.Organics4U.org and www.NaturalSolutionsMarketPlace.org. What could be better than giving unique and healthful gifts? Getting a tax rebate for your generosity!

Enjoy the holidays! Be well, be healthy!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation


The Natural Solutions Foundation inaugurated the International Decade of Nutrition in September 2006 to use what we currently know about nutrition and agriculture to eliminate world hunger and preventable disease and to demonstrate the massive impact and effect of nutrition on personal and national physical and health and overall economic well-being all over the world. Using simple strategies we can eliminate world hunger and promote optimal world health and health-promoting nutritional strategies while avoiding World Trade Organization (WTO) trade sanctions and correcting the dangers Codex could have imposed.

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"Dear Dr. Rima,
THANK YOU for your selfless work, which you fervently and tirelessly been perusing for years on our behalf. Larry and I have the greatest of respect for what you do. Were it not for you and Bert, we would not even remotely be as aware of the Codex and it's dangers. We thank both of you so very much!!!

I know I am repeating myself, but, my husband and I sooo value your work and again thank you for your tireless efforts to make the vast majority of people aware of what lies underneath. I come from a long line of surgeons. Stay well and happy ... 'till we talk or meet...may your work be richly rewarded and make a much needed difference not only on this continent but globally.

Love and blessings to you both,"

TR, Canada


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